End of prostap injections

Hi girlies its been a while since iv been on here, hope your all well.

My prostap injection is due to ware off 4th march i no its a good few weeks away but things are so good at the moment im scared when it does ware off my life is going to be ruioned again. Iv recently got a new job and got my life back normal and iv been vertually pain free and not had to take any pain relief not even paracetamol, I cant remember the last time I felt this good.

So what im asking is..... What happens if my pain comes back after the prostap ware off, can you start another course? X

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I was on prostap last year and originally told I could only have 1 six month course then in December I was back at consultant as I was in agony anyway to cut a very long story short I was offered another course of prostap whilst I think about the next stage of treatment although this time it has not helped anywhere nearly as well so maybe this is why they only suggest one course

I hope this helps but remember we are all different so another course may work for you

Good luck xxxx


Hi Nikki,

Thanks for your reply, how long was your break inbetween courses x


As long as you are a) monitored closely and/or b) have breaks between courses, I don't think there is a limit to the number of times you can have a course of Prostap or Zoladex.

I usually have six months on and six months off.

Hope this helps

C x

Hi Chrissie,

Thanks for your reply, during your six month break from prostap did your pain come back worse and was you able to manage with it. Before I started prostap it felt like I had no life, I lost my job and I was constantly either in bed or on the couch in pain, really strong pain killers sometimes didnt even touch the sides and i struggled a lot to look after my children I'm just dreading this happening again. My new job is amazing, I love it and theres so much chance for promotion and bettering myself and skills and I dont want to loose out on this chance x

Well....the pain did come back, which was why I went straight back on to the Prostap. I'm 'lucky' because I don't work and don't have children so could just knock myself out on strong painkillers and go to bed when I needed to, but obviously you don't have that luxury.

If I were you, I'd see your GP now and get a pain plan in place. It could well be that the Prostap has dampened things down enough to give you a good few months away from any pain but it's better to be prepared for these things.

Alternatively, I have known ladies who have been on Prostap for 2 or 3 years continuously. This isn't normally recommended because you can end up with bone density and other problems, but if your health and personal circumstances allow it might be a possibility for you. It can't hurt to at least ask your GP, you'd probably have to be monitored but it can be done. And if you don't ask, you don't get! :)

Good luck

C x

Hi Katrina. I'm in the same boat my last injection will be 25th jan and I've been told I can't have any more prostap until I have a break and see what happens, it's the not knowing that causes anxiety, I have my law exams in June and I don't want to be ill all over that time. I've been told to go on the pill when I come off the injections so the endo keeps at bay.

Hope it goes well for you xx

when did u have your last prostap injection ? how do u know it is going to wear of on that date ? I had my last injection in november, feeling really good at the moment just on a very low dose butrans patch for pain relief finding it difficult to wean off it tho ! gott appt with gynae next week hoping he is going to put me on waiting list for hysterectomy.

Hi wendy my consultant told me each injection only lasts 4 weeks and then it starts to ware off, my last injection was 3 months worth on the 10th dec, its due to ware off the 4th march l, i go back and see my consultant at the end of april to see how I am getting on without prostap x

oh right i have been having monthly injections had my last one end of november still feel pretty good have appt next week think it goiong to be hysterectomy for me

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