Is this pain endo related or something else?

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing very well or at least copying very well. So I have been in excruciating on and off pain for since Thursday night. The pain ranges from deep stabbing sensations to a dull throb all over my pelvis but concentrating on my left side and round the back, the stabbing sensations are on both sides (left and right) where my ovaries are. I have endo and I also have adhesions on my left ovary, which is being pulled into my douglas's pouch, as well as micro cysts on my right ovary (although the doctor told me not to worry about those). The pain is really bad, like i haven't properly eaten because of it since Friday morning and I cry during the stabbing parts. I have taken, paracetamol, neurofen, ipubrofen and menefamic acid but nothing helps for long or even make the pain go away completely. I went to the a&e yesterday and was sent to the urgent care center, where a doctor felt up my belly and said he could feel an obstruction in my colon and sent me off with laxatives and painkillers even though i told him I have been going toilet regularly every day so i do not need laxatives. I am sticking to the pain killers and avoiding the laxatives until i see my GP on Wednesday to get a second opinion. Meanwhile I wanted to know if anyone else has felt this kind of pain and could it be endo related or does it sound like it is to do with my digestion? Any help would be very much appreciated. Keeping you all in my thoughts and sending you smiles. xoxo

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  • It sounds like it could be related to endo, I have back pain constantly and I get pain in my ovaries etc. I'd you've been going the toilet fine I don't think laxatives are going to help. Haven't you got a consultant you can try and see about it!? X

  • Thank you for your reply, no the hospital discharged me after they lasered away old endo and divided adhesions last year. My GP was supposed to refer me again about 2 months ago when my scan showed more adhesions but i decided to wait and see how i felt, and now she is on leave until wednesday, going to see her then. xx

  • Yep defo go in and see her see if you can be referred again, as endo can come back or maybe your other issues have changed its worth seeing the consultant again. Good luck. Xx

  • I agree you need to go and see your doctor and let them know exactly how you feel. I too get lots of pelvic pain and stabbing and gripping pains. I once told my doctor about the pain and she said,' the pains like a man having his testicle constantly squeezed, go home and grab your husband testicle squeeze it and say that is how it feels for me every single day dear! I thought that was great and I still have a laugh when I think about it. So the pain is bad as we know from when we see men drop like flies for 10 to 30 mins when they have bee hit in the nether region, and we have to deal with that pain all day every day! Any way good luck with your doctor and I hope you are feeling better soon X.

  • HAHAHA this really made me giggle! i am not married but when I am squeezing testicles will definitely be on my to do list :D xx

  • Glad I made you giggle! X

  • I have had the same problem went back to the go today and they have given me laxatives as they are saying its my bowel so upset as I have been backwards and forwards to the hospital and go and it feels like I'm getting the wrong treatment

  • I feel like sometimes doctor do not listen. I don't need laxatives, I go to the toilet everyday so I am pretty sure taking laxatives will just give me more problems. Go back and see a different doctor, worse come to worse I am gonna tell them I took the laxatives and I am still in pain. xx

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