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In pain ....what meds should i ask for?

Off to the docs this morning to find out how my referral is going to the hospital and request some new pain relief medication. It has been suggested by an emergency doctor that i have endometriosis .... i have been in pain for the last 20 years and was told it was in my head due to a period of bad mental health :(

I am currently taking 2x30/500mgs of co-codomol and they are not touching the pain.......what does everyone else take? Just want to have a little relief AND i am on my period so is particularly painful today :(

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Hi there. Sorry to hear you have been suffereing for so long with this pain. Have you ever had a laproscopy to find out what is going on? In my earlier stages of endo i found an old drug named Mefenamic Acid ( Ponstan) that worked wonders for me. Its an antinflammatory which helps with pelivic pain. You can research online. Everyone is different though. What works for some may not work for others. I find that Codiene makes me constipated and actually makes things worse. Best thing I could say is find out what for sure is causing the pain if you can. Good luck at the doctors. Not sure if that drug is available where you are. I am in Canada. Take care and feel better :)

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Thank you so much for your reply :)

I did have a laproscopy approx 3 years ago after my last pregnancy as when my periods returned the were so heavy it almost left me housebound as the were so heavy i would flood everywhere :( During that procedure the lazered the lining of my womb and this done the trick. Since my last pregnancy the pain during my period has become unbearable and as i have had 3 c-sections i just assumed my scar had adhesions but after going to an on call doctor after running out of pain relief and talking through my menstrual history he suggested that i be referred back to the hospital for further investigation. Since that conversation 2 weeks ago i have been researching endometriosis (what he suggested i may have) and it just sounds like everything i have been through!!

I just feel like i deserve a little rest from the pain after all these years, being told my mind was inventing it and making me feel like a fake. After reading alot on this site i now realise that i am not alone and that so many ladies have a big struggle to be understood and for medical professionals to put 2 and 2 together before the correct diagnosis is given :/

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question and really hope your endo journey is settled and as pain free as you can get <3 xx

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I find naproxen can be careful combined with co codomol oral morph also for when pain is really bad. Another one is diazepam they only give a small number of tablets for this as it can be addictive but I went through a stage where I was wasn't sleeping at all because of the pain one of these tablets at night allowede to sleep because it relaxes all the muscles stopping the cramping pain xx

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Thanks Cummins6 for your reply....i have managed to get a script for tramadol and took 2 capsules this morning. After getting over the initial wooziness, sicky feeling and a little shakes, i have managed to have an hour pain free.......pure bliss as it is the school holidays and am looking after 4 children!!

For some reason the GP WASN'T going to refer me to the hospital as his opinion was that it wasn't endometriosis!!! but i insisted ....i don't really mind what it is, be it scar adhesion from c-sections, endo or anything else for that matter i just would like a reason for why i am in pain and to be offered a better solution than just being sent home in pain all the time.

Good luck on your own journey with endometriosis and i wish you many pain free days xxx


Upoupo, Im really sorry to hear you're in pain. I was in agony both before and after my lap and have used mefanamic acid, cocodamol and diclofenic. These all worked at different times but not every time. I saw a locum GP who suggested that rather than waiting for the pain to start and then taking painkillers I should start the day before my period and take some form of pain relief every 4 hours. This will stop any inflammation rather than trying to attack it when its too late. I did get upset at the thought of having to pop 8 pills a day for 7/8 days but I did it last month and it did make a massive difference. The pain, when it hit occasionally, was more of an ache than my normal excruciating cramps that leave me bed bound! Hope it may help you. Xx

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Thank you for your advice Clarence80, i think use that strategy the next time i get my period.

I think just like many woman in my position that have no diagnosis, feel a bit confused and lonely ....as when you dont know what is causing your pain you question if it is real or even that bad?!! Of course i can feel the pain and know it exists but without a reason makes it very difficult to understand. BUT i have just received a letter from the NHS and i have just booked an appointment at my local hospital for the 17th of October so hopefully by the end of the year i should be nearer to knowing what is going on with me :)

Thank you for taking the time to answer my comment and i hope you have many pain free days on your endometriosis journey xxxxxx


Well it took 2 months to see a consultant but today i was told after looking through my notes and discussing my issues that i have Endo.....its just that the hospital FORGOT to tell me that they found it 2 YEARS AGO!!!!!!

I have been offered a lap to look at the endo and laser it way and check my previous c section scars and check the have no adhesions.

Should this procedure not take away the severe pain i have been suffering with for the last five years than i am able to have a hysterectomy even though i am only 34 :(

I am currently taking Tramodol and even that is unable to offer any comfort from the pain so the consultant has agreed that i can self medicate using Tramdol and co-codomal depending on my level of pain thoughout the monthly cycle.

I am so happy with this outcome although a little sad that after 20 years of menstrual issues and 5 years of severe pain it has taken so long to reach a diagnosis. However i am very very fortunate to have a wonderful Husband, 4 beautiful children that were naturally conceived and a strong family support network that love and support me dearly as i know there are many others out there that struggle through their own issues with out this.

I wish you all much love and good health through your own personal journeys xxxxxxxxx


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