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No pre-op appointment


Hi all,

I had an appointment today which I believed to be my pre op appointment before my laparoscopy. When I arrived my consultant told me today's appointment was a mistake and they hadn't booked me in for a pre-op, I was told the hospital will contact me this evening with a pre-op date.

I have recently had a phone call saying for a laparoscopy a pre-op is not needed and to just arrive on the day. Is this normal?!

I have so many questions I would like to ask so have been trying to contact the pre-op team but no luck yet.

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No that's not normal. I had a pre op appointment, they need to ask you and tell you things you need to know and do before, like take jewellery out before entering the hospital and leave at contact them and say you want one x

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That's what I thought! I have a list of questions and want answers beforehand. Thanks I think I will ask for one xx

Pre-op is usually a standard thing-at mine they measure you, ask some basic questions and took some blood. I also had a leaflet with all the FAQs and basic information about what to expect. If no pre-op you are usually seen on the day of the procedure by anaesthetist and surgeon and can ask any questions then

I agree, pre op is required. One of the things they will test is if you have MRSA, if you do you need to be treated for 5 days prior to op or they won't operate. I would insist for it, as last thing you need right now is turning up all psyched up for your lap to be turned away and start from the beginning again to get a new appointment xxxx

Pre-op is vital! Like Judan said testing for MRSA is important!

Never not had a pre op, i would call and get one. They go through lots of questions take mrsa swabs, blood pressure, blood tests, basically checking you are fit for surgery. It also allows you to ask questions.

Thanks everyone! I did call and now have a pre-op appointment 4 days before my op xx

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