How long did you have to wait?

Hi everyone. I had my pre op a assesment the 31st October 16. And they didn't have a surgery date for me. Can anyone tell me how long they had to wait after there pre op?? My gyneo said she put me on the urgent list but I have been waiting since September and I feel like I'm not getting anywere with it. Im in so much pain dr has given me all sorts of pain killers and nothing Is working. All I know is i have a 7cm cyst and suspected endo. Thank you for reading and comments x

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  • I waited 10 months for my surgery date to come through. I heard nothing all this time and then I Had my pre op come through for 3 days later and my op was 6 days later! I thought they could have given me more notice given I had waited 10months but never mind! I thought the Pre op had to be close to the op as they take bloods, weigh you and check your blood pressure so surely it can't be longer in case things change. xx

  • My mum kept phoning everyday after I was put on the list. My mum also asked could they put me on the cancellation list so if anyone cancelled I would go in quicker. Its worth mentioning it.

    And the more you badger them honestly they got annoyed and gave me a date lol. Good luck hun. Xx

  • I rang 98 times today and no one answered I was fuming. I have put my name down for cancellations I'll keep ringing thanks hun x

  • Hi

    I had my pre op on 25 Sept and no date given. There op is valid for 3 months. I am on the important list. after many call to waiting lists,I couldn't leave a message as the mail box was always full. I finally got though on first they said the way no date yet so I asked how much notice they five you before surgery . They said 4 -6 weeks bu if it's under 2 they phone you.they said I would hear in the new year.

    I then asked if I was still on the important list and under the surgeon I wanted. they confirmed this and said I was booked in for 20 December a letter would be sent to me in the next couple of weeks.

    I got an answer but had to go round the houses. Hope this helps. If you cat get hold of waiting lists try the enough secretary. The one in deal with s great at the bgse centre. x

  • I'm gonna keep ringing. See if I can get a rough idea of a date x

  • Good luck try the endo secretary if you don't get anywhere.x

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