Pre-op appointment and how long after is the surgery usually?

So after my mum and I both phoning the surgeons secretary on a daily basis. We've been told roughly when I could be waiting till. Originally 6 months now possibly 2-3, I've had my pre-op appointment confirmed for 7th September. Am I right in thinking that the actual surgery shouldn't be too much longer after that? A couple of weeks maybe?

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I think it varies, between my pre-op and surgery it'll be 6 weeks. My surgery is the 8th of September. Hopefully you won't have a long wait, I thought 6 weeks was quite reasonable for myself.

Normally surgery will be 1 -2 months after pre -op! Just know that if they've called you for the pre op then the surgery is imminent!

Good luck!

My pre op was the middle of June & I'm scheduled around October - no cancellations have came up for me yet

Hi I had my pre-op in April, still no surgery date confirmed after numerous phone calls, may need another pre-op at this rate as they only last 6 months, I have severe endo and adenomyosis, plus I may need to have stents due to the damage that was noted on my last op, have been told it is a very complex case and will need the 3 surgeons plus the work being carried out they are using the Da Vinci robot ... good luck with your wait, as I'm at the end of my tether xx

God that is terrible, there will be 4 surgeons when I have my next operation. That and because they only do 1 day a month for my surgery that the wait can be so long. That's dreadful I remember reading somewhere on here that they have to give you an appointment within 6 months it's written into the guidelines. Perhaps google it and see if you can find anything. I hope you get your date soon x

I had a suprise letter, my pre op been put forward to 7th sept.Surgery letter come at same time 13th sept.

Hope you get sorted soon.

Oh wow that's great :) good luck x

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