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Advice on Flexible Sigmoidoscopy please (starting to Panic!)

I am having a flexible sigmoidoscopy this Friday! I start the diet tomorrow (no fibre etc) Wednesday I can not eat anything after 2pm then in the evening I need to take 10 senna tablets within half an hour, then drink Picolax Thurs AM and PM. Thurs will be spent on the loo so I have been told!

My question is should I opt for the sedation or just entonox? Help - I dont know what to do. I am having this procedure following my lap op as amongst other things caused by endo, my womb is stuck to my bowl and adhesions could be felt by the consultant when he examined my back passage.

Help - any advice from someone who has experienced this please..........

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are u having a colonoscopy? camera back passage ?x


Hi, thanks for replying. I am booked in for a flexible sigmoidoscopy which is a flexible camera. The nurse I spoke to said they can sedate me for this procedure or use the gas and air. She was saying that normally discomfort is felt more than pain but that it depends on what the problem is. I am not really sure what to expect and dreading the next couple of days. She said my bowel needs to be really clean and empty and I am sure for everyone who has had this done understand how I am feeling. I hope it all sounds worse than it will be ! ?


You sound understandably nervous ,..... We suffer enough pain ... Go for sedation x


Go for sedation, if it is anything like the colonoscopy I had a few years ago it was a bit painful as they couldn't get scope past some constriction caused by adhesions. Take someone with you as you will be a bit 'out of it' when you come round. Hope it goes ok. I've got another colonoscopy soon so will soon be seeing a lot of the loo too!!!


Hi I've had colonopscopy i'd go for sedation you'll be better not knowing to you wake but don't worry its fine the preparation is the worse bit

Good Luck x


Hi, I had gas and air it did not cut it for me. I have tortious colon, adhesions, and endo please get sedated when I went in the nurse said she had one and it didn't really hurt her but she did not have the same issues as me. The gas an air did not do the job for me. But some women are ok , I can only say I found it really painful she did say because I had emer c section that there were bits all stuck together so maybe that's why I found it so hard, big hugs kx


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