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Laparoscopy tomorrow - advice please!


Hi everyone,

I have suffered with symptoms of endometriosis for just over a year now, and tomorrow morning I am having the laparoscopy to confirm and hopefully help me.

Anyone who has had this surgery - do you have any advice or kind words of reassurance please??

I am a veterinary nurse yet have a huge fear of needles when on myself.. not looking forward to it!!

Thank you

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I've have had two laparoscopic surgeries and I honestly found neither to be as difficult as I would have expected.

I made a concerted effort to try to keep myself calm beforehand. When I went down to theatre I laid calmly with my eyes closed while the anaesthetic was being given to me. This helped me as I was less concentrated on what was going on around me and drifted off to sleep under the anaesthetic very calmly. I understand it's not always easy to be calm but it helped me to make a concerted effort to be.

The part I found most difficult afterwards was sitting from lying down because it pulled my tummy but make sure you have plenty of pillows to prop yourself up. If you turn onto your side and pull your knees up to your tummy it's easier to then use your arms to lift yourself up to sitting.

It may be TMI but it's normal to not go for a number 2 for a few days afterwards and you may bleed vaginally but not heavily. You are also likely to feel tired so take it easy and don't push yourself to recover quickly because it's important to give yourself time.

Ask any other questions you like! Good luck x

had one 29th august this year. i was scared at first. but it's just the unknown i think. the nurses are so nice talk you through everything. put the mask on took 3 breaths and i was gone. next thing woke up little bit of pain but was happy it had been done.

but i'm back in hospital having my second one done as my endo has come back. they're telling me to go on the zoladex injection. which i think i'm going to have to do.

good luck for you tomorrow. it will be fine. when healing do not rush anything. it will take time. and u will feel quite weak for a few days. do not do anything just rest take it easy! :) all the best let us know how u get one xxx

Hi there, I had my first lap last Tuesday . I was utterly petrified beforehand but am recovering very well and quickly even after having been taking in overnight as I also had some ovary treatment and a cystoscopy at the same time.

You see both anaesthetist and surgeon beforehand so write down any questions or worries before hand to ask them which can help reassure you.

Afterwards the nurses are very focused on making sure you are in minimal pain and look after you beautifully.

Do get some peppermint tea or peppermint oil rub in as the gas afterwards is a bit painful for the first day or two. I've only needed paracetamol though since I got home.

Twinings Liquorice tea can help with the constipation or if all else fails a gentle liquid laxative called lactalose.

Food rich in vit A and C are good for recovery like carrots, broccoli and sweet potatoes.

Make sure you move about regularly which helps shift the gas and give yourself lots of rest.

Good luck let us know how you go x

Thank you all so much for your helpful replies! On my way to the hospital now, fingers crossed!! X

Hope all goes well😀 X

How did your lap go how are you feeling x

hi everyone,

They said I had quite a lot of endometriosis on the ligaments of my uterus and also in the pouch of Douglas which is near by bowel - hence the ibs symptoms as well. But they said my cervix, ovaries and uterus itself look normal now and they managed to ligate all of the cells away!!! Quite a long surgery than expected, took an hour rather than 15 mins, in lots of pain but on codeine for 3 days now.

Very pleased with the success of the surgery and the great outcome, and I also finally feel like it hasn't all been in my head!! Xx

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