Flexible sigmoidoscopy

Hello everyone

I'm due to have this procedure on Sunday 5th February, has anyone experienced a felexible sigmoidoscopy recently, I have been told by someone I work with it's fine and then another person said it's painful I'm dreading it I know it needs to be done to see how far the endometriosis has spread in my bowel ☹️

I have this bowel preparation to do as well never used or seen this cleen Enema they sent me

Thanks Paula

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  • Hi, i had one a couple of weeks ago and for me it was fine, there were a couple of times i got a slight pain but nothing too bad it was over in less than five minutes. Also had the enema, found it a bit awkward to do but got there eventually!

  • Hi

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post,

    Read the leaflet about the enema should be fun 😂

    Thanks Paula

  • Hi, I had this, but I am sensitive to pain and suffered so much anxiety in the bowel surgeon consult that we agreed for me to have it under general anaesthetic. I am glad I did. I found the enema stressfull but the nurse was lovely and it was quick so that bit wasn't as painful as I feared. I had a bit of lower abdomen pain post for a few days. I expect that the procedure irritated the tissue from my recent laparoscopy.

  • Hello

    Thank you for your comment I also get anxious about any thing I'm unsure about I think I need to practice my breathing technique otherwise I will be a bundle of nerves the staff at the hospital have been very good so far as I had to have a bowel resection in 2015. And I have now been told it has spread to other parts of the bowel how far I will fine out Sunday and maybe have a more positive outcome.

    Regards Paula

  • I had this done about 4 weeks ago, the enema was unpleasant but not unbareable. I chose sedation for the proceedure due to having a colonoscopy before and finding it painful. My stomach was tender for a few days but its not the worst thing. Good luck, I had mine for the same reason to see if my endo was in my bowel ahead of my hysterectomy x

  • Hello thank you for your comment the letter doesn't mention sedation I think I will take it if offered as I'm a bit nervous, hopefully I will get my results the same day to put my mind at rest x

  • Yes, it will help relax you if you are anxious but does mean someone has to drive you home. I got the results before i left the hospital x

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