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Blood results - no values given - advice please!


Hi All, so I've had my yearly blood test with full blood counts, fasting glucose, HBA1C and TSH. To get my results my GP practice doctor calls us and goes through the results; of which he only mentioned TSH, not all results so I had to ask for the fasting glucose and HBA1C. He seemed reluctant to discuss those so I had to push, anyway he just said "you're diabetic so you'll need to call the GP and arrange to see a nurse for advice and medication" that was it. No discussion of what it means, what the impact is or what my results actually were. I've written to formally request to view my results and will post them on here when I have them.

I have had a borderline pre-diabetic HBA1C two years ago which they said is generally inconclusive so repeated in 3 months and it was well back into the normal hence no repeats. I upped my exercise classes / sports from 3 hours a week to 5 and added in cycle commutes two times a week which has helped. I already eat healthy; reduced processed sugars, higher protein, low simple carbs, low gluten and dairy (my endometriosis flares up with gluten and dairy), no caffeine or sugary drinks. During lockdown gyms and classes have slowed and working from home means no cycle commute. I of course still exercise. I tried to mention this to the GP when he called but he just said "you're diabetic and need medication". Is it possible that sometimes it can be "reversed" just by upping metabolism? Do I have to go on medication right away? Whom should I talk to so I can discuss my results? From what I've read it should be a case by case and monitored; "Eat healthy"; We'll I already do that being into food and how it affects our bodies / immune system / energy / digestive system / existing conditions!

I've also read that the patient isn't considered diabetic until a repeat blood test of the same kind has a result in the same range. There's been no repeat, or one mentioned. I have no symptoms whatsoever. I'm concerned about my GP practice way of work; shouldn't they have called to discuss the glucose results, and actually mention what they are? I only know because I asked them, and haven't had any contact apart from my TSH!

I have a blood glucose testing at home (after the last pre diabetes testing) and the only time I find a peak in blood sugar is first thing in the morning, all other times it manages and maintains it within the healthy range. So I feel it's simply my exercise levels coupled with it getting cooler / unsettled weather so less exercise in the garden. I don't have much space in the house so would usually pick up more sports classes at this time of the year. The ones which I usually go to but are on hold: pole fitness, aerial silks and core training.

What would be my next steps?

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I cannot believe what you have said, how awful for you. Can you not phone again and ask for your HBA1C result via receptionist. You are able to get blood tests printed out for you, its your right, so if receptionist wont give you result ask for it to be sent to you. My GP or receptionist always gives me my results when i ask. I think the situation you are in is an absolute disgrace. Keep pushing and take care

farahziya in reply to Suzie42

Hey, thanks so much for your reply 🙂

I have managed to request my results although I did have to formally request it as they wouldn't just tell me - frustrating.

My HBA1C was as of 1st December 54 mmol/mol, I have done a Thriva blood test on the 6th January and it's down to 49 so I'm on the right path. I've no idea why it was that high apart from being unable to do as much exercise - diet is relatively healthy.

I think this is going to be linked to my Endometriosis so will monitor for the moment, if I can get it down to the safe range of below 42 then all will be fine. I have no symptoms relating to diabetes.

Suzie42 in reply to farahziya

Yes keep going the way you are. I had no signs of diabetes when i was tested. Hba1c was 77 I got it down to 38 in 6 months from cutting out sugar etc. Alas for me it only lasted 6 months and i gradually increased. Im 50 at moment, so too high.

I’m sorry I missed this post when I was first made. Seems like you made some progress bringing down your hba1c so well done.

I relate to your story as last year I had hospital appointment about my thyroid (hyper) and the specialist said to me my blood sugar is a serious problem, when was I diagnosed? I was a little shocked as I hadn’t been, he said see GP for medication & dietitian. The GP said result was so mild not worth medicating he refused a dietitian referral and said just “reduce carbs” and we can repeat in a few months.

Usually diagnosis is confirmed after 2 results above Hb1ac 48, usually a few months apart. As my result had been duplicated In the system they recorded it as confirmed diagnosis even though I kept making it clear it was a duplicate result they were strangely keen to record me as T 2 diabetic....

I haven’t had to make a formal request for my test results, sounds like they are being unnecessarily obstructive. Previously I would contact reception, request a print out and collect a few day later. I would never trust verbal or handwritten results (too much room for error). Particularly for the thyroid results as ranges vary between labs so you need an accurate copy with the full information.

Now I have now arranged online access to GP records which is extremely useful as I can view all my test results and referral correspondence without involving staff or needing to wait.

It can take a little while to set up but if your practice offers online access (many UK areas should) sign up ASAP. A further step is required to enable full access which has to be requested and processed within a calendar month by the practice.

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