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Liver transplant and diabetes disappearing

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Has anybody experienced the following;

I was diagnosed as diabetic type 2 in August of last year.  I had "End Stage Liver Disease and was very ill.  The diabetes was "brittle" very difficult to manage with extreme high and low glucose levels, insulin 4 times daily.

On March the 11th this year I was fortunate enough to have  a liver transplant after just two weeks on the list for a transplant. My recovery is amazing and I'm rapidly returning to full health.  Since discharge on the 29th of March I've only required maybe two injections.

I'm hoping its not a false dawn.

My HbA1c is now 32mmol/l which falls within the non-diabetic range.

Any thoughts ?

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Ps - this is not Lucy - but Jim.

what ever it us you must be really happy. Good luck going forward.

I really hope you continue to feel well and wish you luck for the future..

Your speedy recovery sounds just great. I hope you don't have to face the diabetes again!

I'm so happy for you that the transplant went well for you! It must of been a scary time for you.i wish you all the very best for your future,there's always hope if you keep positive. Cas.

Thank you all for your kind comments. On Tuesday I'll ask the transplant team to repeat the bloods.

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