Worried about glucose in urine

I'm just wondering if someone could please just settle my mind or something. Today I went to my gp as all weekend I have been getting terrible burning sensation when I urinate, terrible pain in my back just all the symptoms of a kidney infection so I went to my gp where he took a urine sample and said some glucose showed up in my urine and he has booked me in for a fasting blood test in a few days, now I am so worried that I have diabetes and I'm only 21! Do you know of any other reasons glucose would show up in my urine?

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  • Have you been told that you might have protein in the urine? Did your doctor suggest this as a possibility?

  • All he said was there was a small amount of glucose showing in my urine he never mentioned anything about protein.

  • Hi,

    Your symptoms sound like a kidney infection to me. Did you have something sugary before you went to the doctor? Your kidneys might just be trying to get rid of the sugar because of the infection.


  • All I had was 3 ginger nut biscuits to stop me feeling so sick :( I had them about an hour before I went to the doctors

  • There might be a lot of sugar and carbs in the biscuits. Plus if you haven't eaten in a while your body would have digested them quickly. He said there was a tiny bit of sugar so he's just being cautious. Make sure you don't eat for about 12 hours before your morning fasting blood sugar test.

  • Bread turns to sugar right away in the mouth as you eat it.

  • Your getting great advice listen to the group, fast before the test, and they had some good reason for your small low levels. In the event you need us we are here to support you best wishes.

  • Hi Aquadoll12, there could be so many variables or reasons for having some traces of glucose in your urine. I think the best thing to do, as our other friends on here have mentioned, is, don't panic, follow your GP's advice and go for the fasting blood-glucose test. This will show what the issue is, if there is one. It might be that the sugar from the ginger cookies was still present , what you ate the day / night before, what you drank the day / night before, exercise, hot weather and so on. Let us know how you get on. Good luck :-)

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