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Hi. I am from Canada and am a 47 year old male with prediabetes. I hope I am welcome as I dont have type 1 or 2 yet but would really like to learn as to get out of the prediabetic range. My fasting glucose is 5.7 and 1Ac is 5.6. I have had a recent drop to these numbers due to exercise and kow carb diet. My 1Ac is stubborn and wont drop anymore. Thanks

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Hello, you are very welcome. There are many members who will share their experiences with you.

Do take a look at the resources on our website, the information leaflets can be downloaded and are in audio format.


Hi miehmer,

Welcome to the group. Please feel free to continue posting and commenting on the comments and/or postings that the other members have done, ask questions, attend the Monthly Meeting, take the polls on the Polls section and of course, meet the other members.

Everyone is very helpful and willing to answer questions anytime.

How long have you been on the LC diet? Are you adding more protein or fat?

Welcome Miehmer. Less carbs & more walking is what I would be doing my best to do. I have been T1 for 51yrs & would love to be given the chance to do something about my health. Please keep asking & we will do our best to try & help.


Welcome to the group. It is okay that you don't have diabetes and you can still learn a lot. Prevention is very important and when you see what others are going through, you can get the idea that although it can be managed, it can set you off course in the normal things that you do. By following a good healthy eating plan and mixing some exercise in you stand a good chance of reversing your situation by getting further away from having diabetes. Consider it a second chance. Modern science has been good lately in improving quality of life among diabetes sufferers. We aren't completely there yet, but things are improving. Aside from the healthy eating and exercise, the third most important thing is education/information. Best of luck in your endeavours of prevention.


Also, acknowledging my colleagues who have come before me. Keep doing what you are doing.

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