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Any help please, Type 2 diabetes and High Cholesterol.

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Hi all, I visited my GP yesterday to be told, my blood was 61 and I was a diabetic... He handed me Metformin 500mg x2 a day, no advice, only to return in 4 weeks for another test with diabetic nurse. Confused Also my Cholesterol is high and gave me Atorvastatin 10mg one a day. I again was given no advice. I am a big woman, I do exercise and am dieting. Help seriously needed. Please ask any questions. Thanks upfront. Lrain.

23 Replies
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I am on a lot of tablets as i am disabled so went for a review of my tablets and ended up coming out with more as well as being diabetic with high cholesterol. He may well have told me but i only remember him saying it should be between 25 and 40 and mine is 61. Then requested i come back and see the nurse end of May.

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brian636 in reply to lrain

Most cases of diabetes can be cured by diet. The paleo ketogenic diet is best.

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Yes sure, I have a spinal Injury due to a trauma, so use crutches to walk, also I have Fibromyalgia and Migraines. The medication I am on

Pizotifen 1.5mg Migraine prevention.

Mirtazopine 2omg Depression

Lyrica 300mg x 2 Pain relief fibromyalgia

Naproxen 500mg x 2 Anti inflammitory

Furosemide 20 mg Reduces fluid

Morphine Sulfate 10mg x 4 Pain relief

Topamax 200mg Migraine relief

omprazole 10mg x 2 reflux

Tramadol 25mg migraine as and when

Matrafen Patch 50 1 x 72 hrs Pain management

Salbutamol 200mg astma

Fluticasone propionate 100mg astma

Then Cholestrol Atorvastatin 10mg i got yesterday

Metformin 500mg x 2 diabetic I also go yesterday.

This is me

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What I would say is go back and ask why you need to take the tablets and get them to explain everything to you. A similar situation happened to me when I was first diagnosed and I think you are so shocked and confused you take it as gospel. Was first given Metformin and that was not good for me, when I when to see the diabetic nurse she could not understand why I was given medication. Since them was also given statins which were not good for me so am not taking those either. You need to be given piece of mind and I would suggest that you go back to the GP or ask if there is a specific GP or Nurse that you can talk to about your concerns. I currently have decided to go back to diet and exercise and am seeing how supplements will help.

Good Luck.

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lrain in reply to Titan50

Thanks Titan50, You are right i am dazed by it all, there was nothing no leaflet or explanation nothing. I'm at a loss.

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A high total cholesterol number in and of itself is nothing to worry about; it's the ratios that matter. For example, my last cholesterol test gave a total number of 6.4 but my triglyceride number was 0.6 (bottom of the range, and really very good indeed), the HDL/LDL ratio was ideal, and so was the LDL/triglyceride ratio. So never just accept the headline number, ask about the numbers that go to make up the total number and what the ratios are.

With regard to the 61, I'm pretty certain that would be your HbA1c. Have a look at this:

If you want some really rock-solid advice on how to get your blood sugars down then I strongly recommend you head over to the forums at - full of really good people who are living this on a daily basis.

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lrain in reply to hose1975

I will have a look thanks hose1975. As for my Cholesterol he just said it was at 7.. Didn't mean anything to me only that it was high. Which i guessed it would be due to all the weight I have banged on. The medication doesn't work though. lol. Thanks.

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I am a big lady due to many weeks at a time spent in hospital, then living a sedate life style. I have recently joined a gym to try and help me shift some weight, i've have never been a slim Jim but over the past 8 years since my trauma and all my ailments i've zoomed to 25stone. Not good at all and my meds don't help...

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Dimply in reply to lrain

Firstly I was like you. I never went to gym or trying to lose weight. I was 16half stones. When I got diabetics the weight just dropped off. Eat regularly and forget about dieting or gym. Just walk between meals.

I was like you. I am deaf. The doctor didn't explain. I was firmly very firm. I got her to call my daughter (i know my daughter who asked a lot of questions)fortunately she explained to me. It is your body and health not the doctor. Get the doctor to explain properly it is part of her job.

If you think about dieting you think more about food. I stop so thinking about food and get on what I was doing I was amazed I lost weight by it self I am sure it will work for you. I love food so much. Just walk more. Forget gym. I hate gym lol.

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First of all, don't panic! Go and have a look at which is the main UK charity for Diabetes. It has amazing help and advice and explains much of what your GP doesn't seem to have done.

You may find that the metformin gives you tummy problems, if so, go straight back and ask to go on the slow release version, its much better. Diet is important and you say you are losing wait which is great, but the thing to watch for is carbs. On the labels check the carb content of food (ignore the "of which sugars" because sugar is a carb and is what turns to glucose in our bodies and is what causes high blood glucose in those of us who are intolerant.

61 is around 7.9 on the old scale of measurement of blood glucose and it is not impossible to reduce it. I was around 7.9 when diagnosed 3.5 years ago and I'm now 6.4 and going down (hopefully at my next check in June it will have dropped again). I am trying to lose weight (slowly) and I'm exercising (not excessive), I've cut my carbs back a bit (not to very low) and I'm feeling good.

Be positive, don't let the diabetes control you, you control it and ask questions. Make sure that if you don't understand what the doctor has said that you go and make an appointment with the diabetic nurse and ask her everything, no matter how stupid you think it sounds, no question is irrelevant when its your health. Just one point, you're supposed to start Metformin in a slow way, upping the dose over the course of a week or two - make sure that you have the right instructions.

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My journey started four years ago to reduce both blood glucose and cholesterol, as I did not want to take medication I went on a life style change and food intake control.

This is helping me to keep the numbers under control.

I use cinnamon powder, Fenugreek powder on breakfast porridge.

Boil cinnamon stick, one cup of water, take 1/2 cup in the evening warm, the other 1/2 cold in the morning.

Methi, a green veg, grown from Fenugreek, cook is butter or just steam it, can help.

The above three slowly can reduce blood glucose and the cholesterol can also come down. The other thing to watch is hidden sugar in food, need to read label for cab and sugar and also food portion, to start with use a smaller plate!!!

I go for regular walk and gym for exercise.

Please give it a try.

After three years I wrote a page for NHS Health community to help others, this can be done. I go for twice a year blood test, once a year eye check and once a year foot check, this is to make sure all are under control.

Good luck.

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lrain in reply to sandybrown

I love porridge and cinnamon not so sure what fenugreek is but im willing to give anything a try to help myself, I really don't want to be a prisioner to my ailments, I believe in being positive and upbeat and getting it done. Please could you tell me where would I find the Fenugrek powder and Methl. Thanks.

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sandybrown in reply to lrain

you can buy Fenugreek powder in Sainsbury's and other super market.

Fenugreek greens, Methi, I buy fresh one from Asda or Indian veg shop. Frozen Methi from Asda as well.

Sri Lankan cinnamon stick is good as well.

Good luck.

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sandybrown in reply to lrain

Please ask for an eye test referral.

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Thanks Ceejayblue, I take Metformin 500mg in the morning with breakfast and again with my evening meal. So far I just have a lot of wind, I was wondering if I should get anything to measure my blood sugars. I have always struggled getting my head around carbs but I will teach myself to read the labels better now, Wow..

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I think what the doctor has done is give you these 2 drugs and ask you to come back to see how they have reacted and also to see if they have made an impact on your numbers. This is what happened to me. Only difference i was given a lot of advice and literature to read.

The metformin and the statins have caused me no problems and with exercise and diet i have got my weight down from 18st to 12st. and all my figure from being through the roof to completely under control. Yes the drugs work for me. I take no supplements.

There is a lot of advice thrown around on forums some is good some is based on science some is hoo doo. Be careful you could be taking all sort of stuff drug wise and also supposed natural remedies which have never been proved or tested.

Read as much as possible. especially

Read between the lines and take your road from what you believe is right.

Dont panic but diabetes is a serious disease and needs to be respected, take it seriously. If you change your diet for diabetes and exercise which i think is essential to weight loss and control then you will also bring down you cholesterol numbers.

Make a written list of questions for you visit to the nurse and write down the answers given so you remember. And get referred to a diabetes course that are free and will put you with others in the same boat as you. you will learn a lot in the next few months.

Beware of the Hoo Doo.

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Thanks Andyman.. I will read into everything. Especially the website everyone keeps telling me this is a good site to look at. My weight is a big issue I have ballooned to 25stone. Tried dieting and going to the gym but nothing is working. So lets hope I am as sucessful as you.. I will read everything before I do anything. I will ask about a diabetes course thanks I didnt know they excisted, also I never thought of taking notes. Great Idea. Thanks

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Please take a look at all the resources on the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation website. The leaflets are available as free hard copies or as PDF downloads.

We also offer Diabetes Wellness Events. The next one is in Southampton on 27th June which you would find extremely useful.

There's lots of useful information on the website as well as details of all our other events.

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Hi Irain. Do just simple thing just buy a raw pumpkin, peel 100g of it and chop it into pieces. Place them in a blender and then add a bit of water in it to make a smoothie. Drink it 15-20 minutes before your breakfast and consume it each week for a period of 1 month. Good luck.

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Healthy food and regular workout is really helpful to our body conditions. But you must avoid the junk food. Because cholesterol is linked with diabetes.

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I understood that 2 HbA1c blood test had to be carried out before a diagnosis of diabetes and that there should be 3 months between 1st and 2nd test. During that time between the 1st and 2nd HbA1c test adjust diet ie the diabetic plate, half vegetables, quarter protein quarter carbs.

Perhaps have a chat with the helpline.

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Keeping active is good! Good luck with walking & swimming etc..

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Try more harder exercise it usually always sends me very low glucose. I believe that people who work physically hard in their working life put their pancreas on hold because their hard work burns off their sugar. But, when they retire or stop work for some reason, then their pancreas cannot recover to full working order properly and therefore you are then diabetic. Making a hard effort helps dramatically - gardening is good- building work anything that makes you breathe harder will burn off the sugar. BUT you need to test more often to prevent hypos.

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