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Accuracy of glucose monitor machines

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While an inpatient during my recent liver transplant (11th March 2015) The nurses took over my glucose monitoring ( I'm type 2 diabetic insulin dependent ) I decided to compare my machine with their properly calibrated glucose monitor with mine.  Using the same capillary blood sample I used mine and they used theirs.  The result was so different as to make mine useless and as I decide the insulin dose based on the reading positively dangerous.  The hospital gave me a new machine when I was discharged and when I got home I compared the two - once again the results were very different.  Has anybody else had this problem ? Any suggestions on how to ensure your readings are accurate ?  (ps my transplant was very successful and I'm now fit and well after just 5 weeks )  

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By the way - I've now transferred my diabetes care to the same hospital as the transplant as I will now be attending the transplant clinic for the rest of my life - so it made sense to have everything in one place

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to LAJ123

Which one did you have at home already with you?  Which monitor was from the hospital?  Sometimes, different monitors give different results and sometimes they are the same.

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LAJ123 in reply to Activity2004

The one I went in with was a Gluclab auto coding model.         IGM -0022 . The one the Royal Free sent me home with was a        BG STAR.

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LAJ123 in reply to LAJ123

I compared the two machines and there was a 4 mmol/l difference. 

At the hospital there was a 9 mmol/l difference between the Glucolab and their system.

get in touch with the meter companies and ask them to send you standard test solutions. Then follow the instructions and test the meters. Scrap them if they don't comply. I think normally meters have a 10% Accuracy. So comparing 2 meters both being 10% at opposite extremes could show 20% difference between them.

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