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Sensor Acting Up (Again!) (Sensor estropearse (¡otra vez!))

Okay, since it's raining outside as I'm typing this, it will have to be much shorter than I had first planned before sitting down this evening. Sorry about that! The next posting will be a little longer.

Bien, ya que llueve fuera ya que escribo a máquina esto, tendrá que ser mucho más corto que había planeado primero antes de sentarme esta tarde. ¡Lamentable sobre esto! La siguiente fijación será un poco más larga.

I spent all day at my Nephew's house since I didn't have to be at the Senior Center today (actually, I don't have to be in the building all this week except on Friday). It's a good thing I don't have to be there until this Friday because of the massive explosion that took place across the street from where I work last Wednesday night. All the victims are living in the Senior Center and the Red Cross is trying to help everybody that is now homeless or hurt. This is as my boss calls it, "a fluid issue and keeps changing every hour of the day".

Gasté todo el día en la casa de mi Sobrino ya que no tuve que estar en el Centro Mayor hoy (realmente, no tengo que estar en el edificio toda esta semana excepto el viernes). Es una cosa buena que no tengo que estar allí hasta este viernes debido a la explosión masiva que ocurrió a través de la calle de donde trabajo el miércoles pasado por la noche. Todas las víctimas viven en el Centro Mayor y la Cruz Roja trata de ayudar a cada uno que es sin hogar ahora o daño. Esto es como mi jefe lo llama, "una cuestión fluida y sigue cambiando cada hora del día".

In an odd way, I'm glad I didn't have to go to the center. First, today, the sensor I had put in on Thursday last week before heading to bed that night, has been acting very oddly all day and keeps having 'sleeping' episodes. The arrows and the numbers keep disappearing. Right now, I see numbers and an arrow going sideways, but that could change before bed tonight. It can be bothersome, but I'm dealing with it the best I know how. I never give up on anything or anyone!

De un modo raro, me alegro de que no tuve que ir al centro. En primer lugar, hoy, el sensor había puesto en el jueves la semana pasada antes de dirigirme para acostarme esa noche, he estado actuando de una manera muy rara todo el día y sigo teniendo episodios 'durmientes'. Las flechas y los números siguen desapareciendo. Ahora mismo, veo números y una flecha que va de lado, pero esto podría cambiar antes de la cama esta noche. Puede ser fastidioso, pero trato con ello el mejor que sé. ¡Nunca desisto nada o a cualquiera!

Well, it's almost time for me to do my shot, snack and test. I'll try to do another posting on the DEXCOM in a few days if nothing else comes up. If something does happen before next Thursday, I'm going to write something before then. Keep on reading.

Bien, es casi el tiempo para mí para hacer mi tiro, bocado y prueba. Trataré de hacer otra fijación en el DEXCOM en unos días si nada más sube. Si algo realmente pasa antes del próximo jueves, voy a escribir algo antes entonces. Siga leyendo.

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Best wishes to you and hope the DECOM adjust itself before Thursday. Very nice you will not have to be at work although my prayers are with the injured and homeless. I understand they must be in good care from your adjoining center. I've also had issues with my sensor. I'm thinking some of it maybe because of the weather. I like to walk and change in temp. from outside to inside and my body temp. changing may have issues. It's just a thought I to keep on going with mine and double check my numbers with a finger calculation.

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It is very smart to keep testing with the monitor and finger sticks since you have to do that twice a day for calibration, anyway. I do a few extra tests now and then depending on what the DEXCOM says it thinks I am running and how I feel (if I'm hungry and it's not time for a meal). This usually works, but sometimes, it also doesn't!

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