This Week's Update: DEXCOM (La actualización de esta semana: DEXCOM)

Hello everyone. It's Wednesday evening and I had just removed the old sensor and inserted the new one.

Hola cada uno. Es la tarde del miércoles y acababa de quitar el viejo sensor y de insertar el nuevo.

The old sensor had a few hiccups, but they weren't as bad as the other one before this past one. This is a good thing. Not so many headaches and issues to deal with during the week.

El viejo sensor tenía unos hipos, pero no eran tan malos como el otro antes de este pasado. Esto es una cosa buena. No tantos dolores de cabeza y cuestiones para tratar con durante la semana.

A few mornings this week, I had been woken up by the DEXCOM's alarming. I had some Gatorade and a Greek yogurt before going to the kitchen a few days ago. In the kitchen, I had 2 hard boiled eggs as part of my breakfast. On the DEXCOM, I was under 80, but sideways for the arrow! On my Breeze2, I was 95! That's good for a wake up number before eating, but still not high enough to get from a walk-out basement bedroom and up the steps. There are about 12 steps and a hallway to go through before getting to the kitchen on the main floor of the house. By the way, this was all before 7 am!

Unas mañanas esta semana, había sido despertado por el DEXCOM's alarmante. Tenía algún Gatorade y un yogur griego antes de ir a la cocina hace unos días. En la cocina, tenía 2 huevos duros como la parte de mi desayuno. ¡En el DEXCOM, estaba bajo 80, pero de lado para la flecha! ¡En mi Breeze2, tenía 95 años! Esto es bueno para una estela el número antes de la comida, pero todavía no alto bastante para ponerse de un dormitorio del sótano de la huelga y los pasos. Hay aproximadamente 12 pasos y un vestíbulo para pasar antes de ponerse a la cocina en el piso principal de la casa. ¡A propósito, esto era todo antes de las 7:00!

In the evening hours, I've been needing extra food before going to bed lately. The numbers keep dropping after dinner. The odd part of that is, no matter how many carbs. I had for dinner, the numbers go under 150 and below with no explanation! When this happens, I have a Greek yogurt and a 30 gram protein bar. If the numbers are really low, I also have some Gatorade on the side. Everything usually does get in, but it tends to take some extra time. Not really sure why this is happening, but we'll have to see what happens later when I do the 2 calibrations before tonight to get the new sensor up and running before heading to bed. Should be very interesting!

En las horas de la tarde, he estado necesitando la comida suplementaria antes de acostarme últimamente. Los números siguen cayéndose después de la comida. La parte rara de es decir no importa cuantos carburadores. ¡Tenía para la comida, los números van bajo 150 y abajo sin la explicación! Cuando esto pasa, tengo un yogur griego y una barra de la proteína de 30 gramos. Si los números son realmente bajos, también tengo algún Gatorade en el lado. Todo por lo general entra, pero tiende a tomar alguna prórroga. No realmente seguro por qué esto pasa, pero tendremos que ver lo que pasa más tarde cuando hago las 2 calibraciones antes esta noche para despertar el nuevo sensor y corriendo antes de dirigirme para acostarme. ¡Debería ser muy interesante!


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10 Replies

  • Please take care Activity ! Life at times for a T1 is ------ HARD work ! I don't know if you have heard of Porridge over there but I have it nearly every morning. SLOW release of energy & is great at keeping you feel full for a long time. I don't need my lunch ? Good luck & that's an order !

  • Thank you, HOBIEONE! Is porridge like oatmeal?

  • Quaker Oats. 2mins in a microwave with milk. You can put bits of fruit in to your liking. My mate who is in his 70s & t1 has it now as well. Its good stuff !

  • Sounds good! Will see if I have time to do it for breakfast.

  • I drove form Keswick (40mile) Than climbed Scar-Fell (highest hillock in Britain) in my 50th year of T1 on 1 bowel of the stuff.

  • That’s fantastic!

  • I have had the day off today. Been to Newcastle Uni to a discussion about Protean. Was good listening to others thoughts on the subject. I eat fish for England.

  • Great! I’m off for today-Monday. Back to work Tuesday morning.

    What did you learn about the protein? How long was the lecture?

  • The talk was about 1 hour & we talked about lots of types of food. One member was veggie & gave us an insight into the need to find food that was protein based. Milk, Nuts & my favourite FISH. Red meat, yoghurt, chicken all have protein in them.

  • Yes! Greek yogurt is something that has between 11 and 13 grams of protein.

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