Sensors Update: DEXCOM (Actualización de sensores: DEXCOM)

Wow! Last week was fantastic with the DEXCOM and the sensor that I taken off on Saturday. The one that got removed actually lasted the entire 7 days with some glitches here and there, but not like when I used other sensors. This old sensor actually worked and didn't have to be reported to DEXCOM about over the phone. The newest sensor I inserted Saturday morning is working quite nicely, as well. It has its own issues, but they aren't as bad as the other sensors. It had a hiccup this afternoon before I had to leave my Senior Center, but it straightened itself out on the way down the steps. Pretty good so far.

¡Wow! La semana pasada era fantástica con el DEXCOM y el sensor que yo quitado el sábado. El que que se quitó realmente duró los 7 días enteros con algunos problemas técnicos aquí y allí, pero no como cuando usé otros sensores. Este viejo sensor realmente trabajó y no se tuvo que relatar a DEXCOM sobre sobre el teléfono. El sensor más nuevo que inserté el sábado por la mañana trabaja completamente amablemente, también. Tiene sus propias cuestiones, pero no son tan malos como los otros sensores. Tenía un hipo esta tarde antes de que tuviera que dejar mi Centro Mayor, pero se arregló por el camino abajo los pasos. Bastante bien hasta ahora.

During the lecture that had been done at the Senior Center on October 18th, the DEXCOM Represenative came and she had me show the Seniors how the DEXCOM system actually works on a person that can't feel when the person is dropping. This taught the Seniors a little more about me and how my medical life happens to be living with the DEXCOM. They were so impressed by how things were done during the lecture and at the end of it, they all want me to do another one some time in the near future. It might be a once a year type of event, but I'll have to think about it since I had so much to do to get ready all on my own from the Center's Senior Recreation Department's Staff.

Durante la conferencia que se había hecho en el Centro Mayor el 18 de octubre, el DEXCOM Represenative vino y me hacía mostrar a los Mayores cómo el sistema DEXCOM realmente trabaja en una persona que no puede sentir cuando la persona se cae. Esto enseñó a los Mayores un poco más sobre mí y cómo mi vida médica resulta vivir con el DEXCOM. Tan se impresionaron por cómo las cosas se hicieron durante la conferencia y al final de ello, todos ellos quieren que yo haga el otro algún tiempo en el futuro próximo. Podría ser un una vez al año el tipo del acontecimiento, pero tendré que pensar en ello ya que tenía tanto para hacer para prepararme todos solo del Personal del Departamento de la Reconstrucción Mayor del Centro.

While I'm typing this, the DEXCOM says that i'm right now 142 sideways. This is after having a mini snack since the number on the Breeze2 was 135 mg/dL and it's not time to go to bed, yet. Another snack will be done at 9:30 pm with maybe a yogurt and my bed time shot, but that depends on the number at the time.

Mientras escribo a máquina esto, el DEXCOM dice que tengo ahora mismo 142 años de lado. Esto tiene después un bocado mini ya que el número en el Breeze2 era 135 mg/dL y no es el tiempo para acostarse, aún. Otro bocado se hará a las 21:30 con tal vez un yogur y mi tiro del tiempo de la cama, pero esto depende del número entonces.

Keep on reading! I'll check back in later this week. Enjoy the day/evening!

¡Siga leyendo! Revisaré de nuevo en más tarde esta semana. ¡Disfrute del día/tarde!

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  • So happy for your DEXCOM report. Wonderful news! The presentation by DEXCOM sounded very informative to the seniors. Keep up the great work. You inspire so many people.

  • Wow! At last the Dexcom sensors are starting to work. I wonder, perhaps they keep making faulty sensors?! Hence, your problems.

    Congratulations on your conference. It's hard work standing up in front of a lot of people, so nerve racking! Once a year sounds good to me so that you can prepare and rehearse and grow in confidence using the Dexcom.

    TT x

  • Thank you for saying that! I really appreciate it very much!😀

  • You are a positive role model and your help has really helped me greatly. Keep up the good work.

    H x

  • Thank you for saying this! You have made my day!

  • You're welcome. Your positive outlook is very refreshing and I loved watching your video about the Dexcom. I'd like to have something similar but you cannot get it on the NHS and it's too expensive to buy. It's over £150.00 for the starter kit and then over £50.00 for a fortnightly sensor replacement. I don't work so cannot afford this on top of having to buy my cancer medication from the US.

  • Can you get something like the DEXCOM, but cheaper?

  • Yep, but it's not cheap. It's the one noted above but, I'm not sure if there are others.

  • See what Google has listed for CGMs.

  • Done! It found your Dexcom but no others.

  • What about the Abott Libre? See if that one comes up.

    I have ordered another free sensor just now for the one that just came out on its own. DEXCOM will send it in the next few days. Look for my newest posting in the next few minutes. I'm going to do the posting this afternoon.

  • Hi it's called the Freestyle Libre over here and it's by Abbott. It's the one I found before and it is rather expensive at £159.00 for the starter kit and then nearly £50 every fortnight for the new sensors. This isn't cost effective for me because I cannot work, having lost my job to cancer 3 years ago, so I'll have to pass for the time being.

  • Oh. Okay. When you're ready, let me know what you decide. I'll be here.

  • Thank you.

    I think I'll stick with my current testing meter and strips. My 4 year old grandson is getting right into testing my blood for me. He likes to use the lancet pen on me and watch the meter bleeping and displaying my sugar readings. He's now started telling me to not have a cuppaccino because it makes my blood sugar go up. He's going to be the best barometer of my diabetes health, and maybe one day he'll be a doctor.

  • Sounds like what my Nephew may end up becoming since he's with me for a good portion of the time during the weekdays.

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