Starting Week #59: DEXCOM(Comienzo de semana núm. 59: DEXCOM)

Well, this is the first day of week #59 for the DEXCOM. I had changed the sensors today before heading out to dinner tonight.

Bien, esto es el primer día de la semana núm. 59 para el DEXCOM. Había cambiado los sensores hoy antes de dirigirme a la comida esta noche.

I'm so happy! This is the first time in months since I've used the DEXCOM system that I DIDN'T have to call and/or change the sensor before the 7 days were up. It was a nice surprise when I realized that today was Saturday and the other sensor I had to get rid of was still working without any problems. I'm hoping this new one does the same since I've got plans next Saturday and I don't want anything to go wrong while I'm outside of the house.

¡Soy tan feliz! Esto es la primera vez en meses ya que he usado el sistema DEXCOM que no tuve que llamar y/o cambiar el sensor antes de que los 7 días aumentaran. Era una sorpresa agradable cuando realicé que hoy era el sábado y el otro sensor del cual me tuve que deshacer todavía trabajaba sin cualquier problema. Espero que este nuevo haga lo mismo ya que tengo proyectos el próximo sábado y no quiero que nada se equivoque mientras soy fuera de la casa.

With the old sensor that got thrown out this afternoon, I was surprised yesterday night before bed. The numbers after dinner kept going down, so I had a cup of juice from a cranberry juice bottle, two snack bars and yogurt that was greek. Usually, when I have so much snacking before bed like I had done, the numbers the next morning would be near the 300 mark. Odd thing, it wasn't today! It was in the middle to upper 200's when I woke up.

Con el viejo sensor que se tiró esta tarde, me sorprendí ayer por la noche antes de la cama. Los números después de la comida siguieron disminuyendo, por tanto tenía una taza del zumo de una botella de zumo del arándano, dos loncherías y yogur que era griego. Por lo general, cuando tengo tanto que serpentea antes de la cama como había hecho, los números la próxima mañana estarían cerca de 300 señales. ¡Cosa rara, no era hoy! Era en el medio al superior 200's cuando me desperté.

Well, this is all for right now. More news to come soon. Keep on reading! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Bien, esto es todo para ahora mismo. Más noticias para venir pronto. ¡Siga leyendo! ¡Disfrute del resto de su fin de semana!


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13 Replies

  • I'm looking forward to my new senor which should be be here early this coming week. I use to be able to wear my senor for nearly 2 weeks without a change. Thankfully since I'm so thin and the number seemed correct. As the this one aged things went different then one day a singal from DEXCOM came up and told me time to replace my senor or my readings would be off the life off the senor had ended. First time that had happened for me was told to call was simple and shipment will be fast. May go a day or two without senor until it arrive had to remove my last one last night was giving low readings which I am always and do not need false. Dexcom has improved customer service, thank you to them.

  • Okay. What time is the sensor coming and day?

  • Not sure my order was placed Thur. they said 3-4 days but then you have the weekend always comes UPS or Fed EX.

  • They usually tell me about 2-4 days, but it depends on if I say I want it overnighted and by ground FedEx delivered. That's only when the sensors fail. It takes about 5-7 business days if you get an order and you have to pay for it.

  • Did not have to pay for it. Maybe it was the weekend sure hope it comes soon I miss my DEXCOM. The other one was not giving good readings so going without. I was getting to many lows. Was waking us in the middle of the night going off even if I had snacked before bed. Hope the new senor works well the old one was due for replace by their records- not sure how many months that adds up to.

  • Are you talking about the transmitter? That lasts for 6 months.

  • Yes never had them contact for a new one, just used on old one. Strange, hum!

  • You should get in touch with the company and get a new transmitter every 6 months. The results may not be correct if you never changed the transmitter and the battery for it may be not working. I'm on my 2nd or 3rd transmitter from DEXCOM.

  • They notified me thought it might be something new they were doing to improve service.

  • Oh! No, they always notify me for refills of sensors and other items needed for the system, but if you haven't ever gotten a new transmitter, then you definitely should do it before the new sensor gets put in/on.

  • My husband talked with them and explained this was the first notification from them and his upset they are going to make very thing in the future go smoothly. He did not let them off the hook he was going to the top if needed.

  • The DEXCOM is a 4 part system to get better control of blood sugars. The system comes with sensors, transmitter, receiver and you have to go to the doctor to get a prescription for the system. Go to your wireless phone company and get an IPhone (IPhone works best for the user). Android phone can be used for the followers. You can have up to 5 followers to see your blood sugar reading. You have to calibrate two times a day and twice when you start a new sensor once a week. Sensors are changed after 7 days unless they fail before the 7th day.

  • No. No surgery required, but a doctor to say you can get a prescription for it and your medical insurance company to say that you can have it.

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