DEXCOM: Doing Great! (DEXCOM: ¡hacer grande!)

Wow! What another great sensor that had been changed today. There were just a few hiccups, but not enough to say I had to call the Tech Support and get another free sensor sent out to me.

¡Wow! Lo que otro gran sensor que se había cambiado hoy. Había sólo unos hipos, pero no bastante decir que tuve que llamar el Apoyo de la Tecnología y conseguir otro sensor libre enviado a mí.

The sensor that got removed kept working for the 7 days with a few missing minutes here and there, but not for hours on end. If it was for a while, it would be near 10 minutes at the most.

El sensor que se hizo quitado siguió trabajando durante los 7 días con unos minutos ausentes aquí y allí, pero no durante horas durante el final. Si fuera un rato, estaría cerca de 10 minutos a lo más.

When the new sensor was inserted, it didn't take that long for the system to start working with the pie chart for the 2 hour warm up. When I had gotten to the Senior Center, I did the 2 calibrations that needed to be done at 10:30. For some odd reason, my numbers were in the 300's. Not sure what was going on with that, but they finally had gone down after all the walking around and a few other activities that I ended up doing during the busy day.

Cuando el nuevo sensor se insertó, no tomó esto mucho tiempo para el sistema para comenzar a trabajar con la carta de la tarta para el de 2 horas calienta. Cuando me había puesto al Centro Mayor, hice las 2 calibraciones que se tenían que hacer en 10:30. Por algunos motivos raros, mis números estaban en el 300's. No seguro lo que seguía con esto, pero finalmente habían bajado después de todo el andar alrededor y unas otras actividades que terminé por hacer durante el día ocupado.

Speaking of blood sugars, the DEXCOM says that I'm 170 and the arrow is going sideways. I'm going to go soon and do a test to see if that's actually correct. Hopefully, it is! I'm getting a little hungry.

Hablando de azúcares en la sangre, el DEXCOM dice que tengo 170 años y la flecha va de lado. Voy a ir pronto y hacer una prueba para ver si esto realmente es correcto. Esperamos que ¡es! Me doy poco hambre.


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13 Replies

  • Activity2004

    How correct are the dexcom readings as compared to the glucometer and lab reports ?

  • The numbers have to be in a 20% range. If not I will calibrate more times than usual that day.

  • Activity2004

    Would you please explain further ? No. My question was how much is the difference in the readings amongst dexcom, glucometer and lab reports. I have found that results with glucometer is quite higher than lab reports. A difference of about 20 mg %😁😁

  • The lab results would be higher compared to the DEXCOM system since the lab does a 3-4 month testing for the A1c. The glucometer would be best compared to the DEXCOM since those are the two that gets used on a daily basis. The percents are hard to figure if you were to go to a lab and tried to compare the three, I think. Next time I go get a test done at Lab Corps, I'll see what I can do to get the difference figured out.... There's a few Lab Techs I can talk to about this question. Maybe, one of the five can let me know.

  • Activity2004

    The readings from glucometer at home tests capillary bs. That is before the sugar is dispensed to the tissues. The reference figures are from lab reports i.e. venous blood. Dexcom uses tissue fluid bs levels.

    A1c is a different entity. Average of 3 months.

  • That's right, but it changes every so often. This is because of how my numbers keep bouncing around sometimes.

  • Activity2004

    I don't think i understood. I have an impression that type 1 can control bs easily because it's a pure mathematics between the food intake and insulin dosages. Our lifestyle remains more or less the same.

    I don't think t1d patients are using any such device like dexcom.

  • Some type 1 diabetics do use CGMs, but other type 1s may not. Some CGMs have insulin pumps to go along with the CGM device and can use the same sensor for both machines. DEXCOM is trying to get approved for such a device by the FDA. Once that happens, I plan to look into getting an insulin pump and start doing my doses that way instead of just getting insulin pens and screw on needles for each shot time. This will be the next step.

  • Activity2004

    Is there any possibility of pancreas transplant ? Are your doctors contemplating on it ?

  • Not yet. If that idea does come up, I will let everyone know.

  • Activity2004

    I have heard of pancreatic transplant. But look for some hematologist who can develop beta cells and or a piece of pancreas in a lab and put these islets at a suitable place in your body. Not quite impossible. Some should take initiative.

    Good luck

  • I'll let you know what happens, suramo. Thanks!

  • Wow! That's good news.

    TT x

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