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Changed Sensor Last Night: DEXCOM (Sensor cambiado anoche: DEXCOM)

Wow! What a crazy night before heading to bed and needing to get up at 12 midnight. I can't believe that I'm not tired.

¡Wow! Qué noche tan loca antes de dirigirse para acostarse y teniendo que despertar en 12 medianoche. No puedo creer que no sea cansado.

After writing my other posting last night, my sensor that had been taken out started acting up, again, so I replaced it around 10 pm instead of wating until this morning. The numbers I had gotten on the DEXCOM were very odd. The numbers on the DEXCOM said that I was dropping below 80 even with a snack bar, two cups of juice and a yogurt at 9:15 pm last night. By the time I was heading to bed, the numbers weren't even there. This made things a lot easier to decide if it was time to switch the sensors, or not. The only thing I didn't want to do was wake up at 12 am and do the calibrations. Oh, well. You do what you have to do sometimes, I guess! So, I took a 2 hour nap and then got up to do the calibrations and went back to bed until about 6:30 am.

Después de escribir mi otra fijación anoche, mi sensor que se había sacado comenzó a estropearse, otra vez, por tanto lo sustituí a eso de las 22:00 en vez de wating hasta esta mañana. Los números había subido al DEXCOM eran muy raros. Los números en el DEXCOM dijeron que me caía abajo 80 hasta con una lonchería, dos tazas del zumo y un yogur a las 21:15 anoche. Cuando me dirigía para acostarme, los números no estaban hasta allí. Esto hizo cosas mucho más fáciles a decidir si era tiempo de cambiar los sensores, o no. La única cosa que no quise hacer aumentó la estela a las 12:00 y haga las calibraciones. Ah, bien. ¡Hace lo que tiene que hacer a veces, adivino! De este modo, tomé una siesta de 2 horas y luego me puse hasta hacen las calibraciones y volvió para acostarse aproximadamente hasta las 6:30.

This morning, after breakfast, I had called DEXCOM's Technical Support and they are going to send me a free new replacement sensor. It should be here by Tuesday next week.

Esta mañana, después del desayuno, había llamado el Apoyo técnico del DEXCOM y van a enviarme un nuevo sensor de reemplazo libre. Debería estar aquí antes del martes la próxima semana.

Well, better go for right now. Getting a little hungry. Will check in again soon. Keep on reading!

Bien, mejor vaya para ahora mismo. Poco dándose hambre. Se registrará otra vez pronto. ¡Siga leyendo!

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It's Spanish. I try to do the DEXCOM postings bilingual. Other postings are just in English. Sorry!


My new senor is acting up, my reading have been around 200's and I normally run very low. For example the other morning the DEXCOM read around 200 I did a blood check it was 97 first thing in the morning often a normal for myself. I'm going to move it and see if replacement make a change or will contact tech. support for a new one. My old one lasted for ever before giving different reading.


You can call Technical Support for help if the new sensor fails. Give the sensor sometime to get use to you and your body. You will be charged for a replacement if you change it while it's still working correctly.


Is working correctly off by 100, seems to be doing better Was running so high I ea very confused and adding more insulin to bring my numbers down. Went back to finger checks and soley have been going by those for insulin injections. I'm so insulin sensitive I drop like a bullet if I have to much, If I had gone by DEXCOM I would have shot far to much at meal time. I do not understand how they could charge you for a senor that is not reading correctly although we would pay, with the promise the next would not give the same problem.


There is no guarantee that the new sensor would be better than the one that got replaced.

I replaced the sensor on Friday and this one I'm using keeps going in and out/loss of numbers and/or arrows.


This one is driving us crazy, we kept the old one may go back to it if this one continues in this fashion, Something must be going on we can not be the only individuals that this is happening. Glad you made the next post hope we will get more response and find out if more are having similar problems.


They told me my old one expire and replaced it, was not really having to many problems was giving me some strange readings. This was has also not seeing that much off an improvement will give it time as you suggested.

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Sounds good!😀


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