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Tuesday Sensor Changing: DEXCOM (El martes cambio del sensor: DEXCOM)

So, last Tuesday I had ended up changing the sensor around 10:20 pm because it was not reporting the numbers like it was suppose to for the 3 hour waiting period. I called the Tech. Support and asked them to please send me another free sensor for the one that had just stopped working. Oddly, that old sensor that was removed was on and off throughout the day. It even had the hour glass icon that I really don't like because it makes me think I'm not going to be able to get the entire 7 days out of the sensor. Well, I guess I was right. I wish I hadn't been, but what can a person do about the past??

De este modo, el martes pasado había terminado por cambiar el sensor a eso de las 22:20 porque no relataba que los números como él eran suponen a para el período de espera de 3 horas. Llamé la Tecnología. El apoyo y pidió que ellos me enviaran otro sensor libre al que que acababa de dejar de trabajar. De una manera rara, ese viejo sensor que se quitó era conectado y desconectado a lo largo del día. Hasta tenía el icono de cristal de la hora que realmente no me gusta porque me hace creer que no voy a ser capaz de conseguir los 7 viajes de un día enteros del sensor. Bien, adivino que tenía razón. ¿Lamento que hubiera sido, pero qué puede una persona hacer sobre el pasado??

Since I had changed the sensor, I had to take a mini nap before recalibrating because I was going to be up after 12 midnight. This was a headache because i was so tired when I had to go to work that same day (Wednesday morning).

Ya que había cambiado el sensor, tuve que tomar una siesta mini antes de calibrar de nuevo porque iba a levantarme después de 12 medianoche. Esto era un dolor de cabeza porque era tan cansado cuando tuve que ir al trabajo que mismo día (el miércoles por la mañana).

Well, I will try to do another posting tomorrow after i put the new sensor in depending on what time it is during the day/evening.

Bien, trataré de hacer otra fijación mañana después de que puse el nuevo sensor en según a que hora es durante el día/tarde.

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What do you use to clean your skin before placing the sensor? I use hydrogen peroxide. After washing the site with soap and water then the H&P and clean water to rinse- then insert. This works for me.


Alcohol swabs for the site and the transmitter. That is the main suggested item to use.


Alcohol made my senors go crazy. Have never asked you this question next time try the hydrogen peroxide same cleaning factor and my senor has not failed since I have gone to using this principle. My skin feels better at the site also less reaction under the tape. It is true DEXCOM suggest that use failed in my mind to think another = cleaners would not work. Used in hospitals very day and my for cuts.


Would you mind elaborating "sensor" and purpose of using it?

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A sensor is a filament/tiny flexible needle inserted under the skin. It can read interstitial fluids.


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