Monday Night: DEXCOM (El lunes por la noche: DEXCOM)

Wow! Monday night was very interesting and tiresome. I had to call DEXCOM because the sensor that I had inserted on Saturday stopped working completely! I couldn't believe it and I told the DEXCOM Rep. that the one that got removed was the same lot number as the one that also was from the Tuesday's sensor batch. This really got me depressed. Two days is the shortest time I have ever used a sensor. I'm not going to hold my breath because I have a weird feeling that this new sensor from last night may have some issues coming soon....

¡Wow! La noche del lunes era muy interesante y pesada. ¡Tuve que llamar DEXCOM porque el sensor que había insertado el sábado dejó de trabajar completamente! No lo podía creer y dije al Representante DEXCOM que el que que se quitó era el mismo número de la parte que el que que también era de la hornada del sensor del martes. Esto realmente me deprimió. Dos días son el tiempo más corto he usado alguna vez un sensor. No voy a sostener mi aliento porque tengo un sentimiento extraño que este nuevo sensor a partir de la noche pasada puede tener algunas cuestiones que vienen pronto....

While the sensor from Saturday hadn't been working last night, the icons for the queston marks and hour glass kept showing up. I really don't like the hour glass icon. That gets me really concerned because you never know if things will come back, or not.

Mientras el sensor a partir del sábado no había estado trabajando anoche, los iconos por las señales de pregunta y cristal de la hora siguieron revelándose. Realmente no me gusta el icono de cristal de la hora. Esto me concierne realmente porque nunca sabe si las cosas volverán, o no.

When I had talked with the Rep. from DEXCOM, he had said they'd send a free sensor to me and that he asked me a very interesting question that none of the other Reps. had asked me before. He asked about the insulin pump (I don't have one, yet). I told the Rep. that once DEXCOM makes a system to have both items together in one system, I'd look into getting one and see if it would help. Until then, I'm just using insulin pens and the needles that screw on to the pens for a one time use only.

Cuando había hablado con el Representante de DEXCOM, había dicho que me enviarían un sensor libre y que me preguntó una pregunta muy interesante que ninguno de los otros Representantes. me había preguntado antes. Preguntó sobre la bomba de la insulina (no tengo un, aún). Dije al Representante que una vez que DEXCOM hace un sistema para tener ambos artículos juntos en un sistema, examinaría la adquisición de la que y vería si ayudaría. Hasta entonces, uso sólo plumas de la insulina y las agujas que se atornillan en las plumas para un uso del tiempo sólo.

Well, besides being up until 11:30 pm USA time last night, I feel great. Not tired. Keep on reading!

Bien, además de ser hasta las 23:30 hora de EE. UU anoche, me siento grande. No cansado. ¡Siga leyendo!

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  • Hiya,

    Do you think that it's a faulty batch of sensors? It looks suspiciously like that to me. I bet you're getting fed up of these sensors not working very long and the hassle and anxiety it causes you is not very good. Try to keep your chin up and not worry too much. I know it's very hard to do so when your a diabetic because before you know it you're having a hypo and need to be treated quick to prevent further complications. I've been having hypos since I've started taking night time insulin and I'm thinking that I should be taken off Metformin and just having insulin all the time so I can keep my bloods under better control.

    Chin up chuck!

    TT x

  • You can talk to your doctor about the medication change. Please let me know what they say to do.

  • Hi,

    My GP has left the practice and so I'm realiant on seeing the Diabetes nurse instead. She's very nice but cannot do anything about my Metformin and won't refer to an endocrinologist Ideally, I believe I should have the genetic testing to check and see if I'm T1 and then I'll probably get better treatment but, this is unlikely to happen.

    TT x

  • I'm going to send you a PM soon. Look for it.

  • Do the sensors go bad so frequently?

  • Depends on the lot and if the system is working correctly (no missing data/dots), anup.

  • Activity, my sister now is starting with DEXCOM. She's going to keep me updated and I told her about all your posts. I hope she joins HealthUnlocked to gain more insights by reading your experiences with it.

  • Good to here it! Hope to see her on DRWF soon!

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