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Last Thursday and Friday at Work: DEXCOM (El jueves pasado y el viernes en trabajo: DEXCOM)

I know this is much later than normal for me to be posting about the DEXCOM, but last Thursday and Friday had been extremely busy and hectic. It was more like severe stress multiplied by 200%! The stress was from the Senior Center where I work. I try to stay out of everything that doesn't involve me-- or Activities, but somehow, the Director put me in the middle, anyway.

Sé que esto es mucho más tarde que normal para mí para fijar sobre el DEXCOM, pero el jueves pasado y el viernes había estado muy ocupado y agitado. ¡Era más bien la tensión severa multiplicada por el 200%! La tensión era del Centro Mayor donde trabajo. Trato de quedarme fuera de todo que no me implica - o Actividades, pero de alguna manera, el Director me puso en el medio, de todos modos.

While at the center, I was busy with everything that I had/hadn't been told to do for those two days. While I was working, I checked on my DEXCOM's receiver to see what my numbers had been at certain times. Due to the severe stress level that was going on for the two days, I noticed that the numbers were going gradually up even when I hadn't had anything to eat at the time. I thought this was an odd thing to have happen since the numbers don't usually go up that much before 12 noon unless they started out higher in the morning hours before breakfast and then I would correct the numbers with a little extra insulin for the morning dose. Sometimes it works and other times, not at all.

Mientras en el centro, estaba ocupado de todo que hube/tuve sido contó para hacer durante aquellos dos días. Mientras trabajaba, verifiqué el receptor de mi DEXCOM para ver lo que mis números habían sido en ciertos tiempos. Debido al nivel de la tensión severo que continuaba durante los dos días, noté que los números iban gradualmente aun cuando no había tenido nada para comer entonces. Creía que esto era una cosa rara de tener pasan ya que los números no suben por lo general tan mucho antes de 12 mediodía a menos que comenzaran más alto por la mañana horas antes del desayuno y luego corregiría los números con una pequeña insulina suplementaria para la dosis de mañana. A veces trabaja y otros tiempos, en absoluto no.

The DEXCOM had a little hiccup yesterday evening. Not a terrible hiccup, but a hiccup. I had tested myself around 7 pm after getting home last night from dinner out with my parents. I did the calibration and the number was in the 300's at the time. Not good, but better than we all thought it would be, but that wasn't the main problem at the time. After calibrating, I ended up doing another calibration at 8 pm because the DEXCOM said to do it. Not really sure why it did that since it took my other calibration at 7 pm with no problem. Now, if it had been my number being over 400 mg/dl, then that would make sense. The DEXCOM won't report numbers above 400. It will say HIGH if it's above 400.

El DEXCOM tenía poco hipo ayer por la tarde. No un hipo terrible, pero un hipo. Me había probado a eso de las 19:00 después de llegar a casa anoche de la comida con mis padres. Hice la calibración y el número estaba en el 300's entonces. No bien, pero mejor que creíamos que sería, pero esto no era el problema principal entonces. Después de la calibración, terminé por hacer otra calibración a las 20:00 porque el DEXCOM dijo hacerlo. No realmente seguro por qué hizo esto ya que tomó mi otra calibración a las 19:00 sin el problema. Ahora, si había sido mi número que es más de 400 mg/dl, entonces esto tendría sentido. El DEXCOM no relatará números encima 400. Dirá ALTO si está encima 400.

I'm going to replace this sensor on Thursday if everything goes well for the next few days. If it fails on its own, then I'll end up replacing it sooner and let you all know.

Voy a sustituir este sensor el jueves si todo va bien durante los próximos días. Si falla solo, entonces terminaré por sustituirlo más pronto y dejaré a todos ustedes saber.

Well, this is all for right now. More to come later.

Bien, esto es todo para ahora mismo. Más venir más tarde.

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I bring my own lunch Monday-Friday. It's usually a Think Thin Bar and an orange on the side. I also walk around the building and do attendance of all activities for the Senior Programs.

Stress at the Senior Center is the kitchen Staff fighting with each other and not working as a team. No one wants to listen to each other and I ended up doing their job Friday morning.


No. It's a Recreation/Senior Center. There's two floors. Seniors get the top floor for most of the activities except on weekends. Center is closed then. We serve lunch at 1 pm Monday-Friday for low income Seniors.


Being an administrator you are very well of diet we need fall. I would go with the stress when I have gone off my normal meals or it's holidays. Last holiday fell ill from stress then thought I could hide it, got sicker and was in the hospital for a month. Two weeks in a coma. Do not let them run circles around you, if it's not your job assign it to someone else that will get in trouble. You have other duties to handle within those areas. Then you are covered and the other person will feel special for a day, Hope this helps.

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Thank you for saying that! Hopefully, we'll have enough Staff to have what you suggested to be done this week.


Your welcome, just keep giving duties to others. That is one of your jobs you hold. I do hope for your stress and DEXCOM it's getting better. My husband is going to try and gives me tell evidence. I keep all my food records and numbers even if they do match my DEXCOM and my print out. I had some unusual behavior prior to my last event. Thought I was doing to much yard work again and pushing myself.

Remember we are fragile hummingbirds.

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