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Week #48: DEXCOM (Semana núm. 48: DEXCOM)

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a great Wednesday so far.  Sorry I hadn't had the chance today to do any posting until now, but I've been extremely busy this week.

¡Hola cada uno! Espero que tuviera un gran miércoles hasta ahora. Lamentable no había tenido la posibilidad hoy para hacer cualquier fijación hasta ahora, pero he estado muy ocupado esta semana.

This is week #48 for the DEXCOM and I'm very surprised about how today is so much different from yesterday.  Something doesn't seem to make much sense, but I'm trying to figure it out (still haven't gotten the answer).  All day long yesterday, my numbers on the DEXCOM said I was running extremely high.  In fact, they were so high, the DEXCOM kept going off and making music and vibrating in my pocket about 5 times while I was at my job for the Senior Center!  I don't know what this was all about since I ate all the same food for today and yesterday, but the numbers today were in the "normal" range for me.  I wish I knew what I had done differently, but I have no idea what that could've been.  Any ideas?  All ideas and comments are welcome!

Esto es la semana núm. 48 para el DEXCOM y muy me sorprendo sobre cómo hoy es tanto diferente de ayer. No parece que algo tiene mucho sentido, pero trato de entenderlo (todavía no han conseguido la respuesta). Todo el día ayer, mis números en el DEXCOM dijeron que corría muy alto. ¡De hecho, eran tan altos, el DEXCOM siguió marchándose y hacer la música y vibrar en mi bolsillo aproximadamente 5 veces mientras estaba en mi trabajo para el Centro Mayor! No sé lo que esto era todo sobre ya que comí todo igual la comida para hoy y ayer, pero los números hoy estaba en la variedad "normal" para mí. Lamento que no supiera lo que había hecho diferentemente, pero no tengo ni idea cual esto podría haber sido. ¿Alguna idea? ¡Todas las ideas y los comentarios son bienvenidos!

Dinner time!  More coming soon!

¡Hora de comer! ¡Más llegada pronto!

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Dear friend this is the most confusing part of type1. I stay scheduled to really the same meal plan every day for those exact reasons. I have found day will go by that I will high for several then it drops back to normal. Just happened and was thinking of texting you about it to see if you have gone through this. I'm at normal levels again after a period highs still some crashes from my insulin sensitivity. In my experience it seems to resolve itself. I attribute it to what is going on in my life, stress, illness touch of a bug, even weather changes, My husband traveling and leaving me alone fear I have a reaction plus a seizure from being a epileptic which we share. Those are a few hope that helps.

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Thanks!  I'm going to recheck my blood sugar later before going to bed and have another snack (I had a snack bar and juice earlier).  Lower tonight.  No idea why.


You have been very busy that could be a factor causing some stress. Maybe change up snack to cereal before bed, seems to hold me longer. Snack bar and juice spike and I fall fast. Just a small bowl of cereal if you are not going to inject.

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I do shots before bed and a snack at 9:30 pm each night.


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