Update with DEXCOM: Week 43 (Actualización con DEXCOM: semana 43)

Update with DEXCOM:  Week 43 (Actualización con DEXCOM: semana 43)

Good morning everyone!  This is the update on what's been going on with the DEXCOM for Week 43.  If there are any questions, please let me know.

¡Buenos días cada uno! Esto es la actualización en lo que ha estado siguiendo con el DEXCOM durante la Semana 43. Si hay alguna pregunta, por favor avíseme.

Last night, I had gone to the Montgomery Mall's food court and gotten myself a Gluten Free waffle and then did some walking around with a friend.  Before the walking around, my number on the DEXCOM said I was 290 with the arrow going sideways.  We didn't do that much walking around, but the numbers on the DEXCOM were heading down at an angle after we sat back down at the table to retest myself for the calibration around 7 pm.  The number after calibration was 239 angling down.  Eventually, the arrow was going sideways, but that was when I had gone home and walked inside the house.

Anoche, había ido al tribunal de la comida de la Alameda de Montgomery y me había puesto un Gluten gofre Libre y luego hice un poco de andar alrededor con un amigo. Antes del andar alrededor, mi número en el DEXCOM dijo que era 290 con la flecha que va de lado. No hicimos tan mucho andar alrededor, pero los números en el DEXCOM se dirigía abajo en un ángulo después de que nos recostamos abajo a la mesa para probarme de nuevo para la calibración a eso de las 19:00. El número después de la calibración estaba 239 pesca con caña abajo. Finalmente, la flecha iba de lado, pero esto era cuando me había ido a casa y había andado dentro de la casa.

This morning (4:35 am), I was woken up by the DEXCOM with a warning that I was 80 mg/dl and below.  When I had woken up, the DEXCOM was at 80 and the arrow was going sideways.  I did a blood test to see if the DEXCOM was acurate and had some cranberry juice before heading back to bed.  My blood sugar on my Breeze2 monitor said I was 111 mg/dl, but I wanted to go back to bed, so I checked the DEXCOM to see what it had to say after the juice and it went to 91 and sideways for the arrow.  I recalibrated this morning around 7 am during my breakfast.  As you can see from the attached picture, my number is/was 204 and the arrow is going sideways.  After the picture was taken, my number on the DEXCOM is now 205.  That's pretty good for me since the number was a little higher before the 9 am hour.  Nice bring down!

Esta mañana (4:35), fui despertado por el DEXCOM con una advertencia que era 80 mg/dl y abajo. Cuando me había despertado, el DEXCOM estaba en 80 y la flecha iba de lado. Hice un análisis de sangre para ver si el DEXCOM era exacto y tenía un poco de zumo del arándano antes de dirigirse atrás para acostarse. Mi azúcar en la sangre en mi monitor de Breeze2 dijo que era 111 mg/dl, pero quise volver para acostarme, por tanto comprobé el DEXCOM para ver lo que tuvo que decir después de que el zumo y esto fueron a 91 y de lado para la flecha. Calibré de nuevo esta mañana a eso de las 7:00 durante mi desayuno. Como puede ver del cuadro adjunto, mi número 204 y la flecha va de lado. Después de que el cuadro se tomó, mi número en el DEXCOM es ahora 205. Esto es bastante bueno para mí ya que el número era un poco más alto antes de la hora de 9:00. ¡Agradable rebajan!

Well, this is all for right now.  Keep on reading and I'll check back in later before 2 pm.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Bien, esto es todo para ahora mismo. Siga leyendo y revisaré de nuevo en más tarde antes de las 14:00. ¡Disfrute del resto de su fin de semana!


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6 Replies

  • That WAS a very interesting update Activity and thanks for posting it.  You know whom I'm going to talk with about this and I know she will be as conscientious as you before long. X

  • Let me know how it goes!  I'm happy to know that the postings about the DEXCOM are helping.  Look for the next one coming next week.  It actually may be sooner depending on what happens.  I have to insert a new sensor on Tuesday coming this week.  If the sensor I have now doesn't keep working for some odd reason, I have to change it sooner than planned.

  • You reacted like me a high then a crashes at 4AM to 80 or below sometimes mine go down into the 40's, find myself crawling down the stairs for OJ. If my husband is not on the road for business the DEXCOM wakes him and he gets me my juices and glucose tabs. Some nights I can hold a steady 100's without dips or highs all depends. My body seems to like seafood and Dreamfield pasta with a like white sauce. Stir fry is good with those pasta noodles.  

  • How many carbs do you have for dinner with the pasta?

  • I eat so many carb's per day between pancake in the morning, sandwich at lunch, Dreamfield was produced to be carb resistance my endo. office introduced me to it when I first became Type 1. The market has now has removed them from labeling it that way but it helps my body not consume the carb load so much. Have experimented vs other brands. 

    I would have to say I near 150-200 carb's. I have gained over 10 lbs now at 103 shocking! My belly looks like I'm having a baby, insulin- having to shot more for the increased carb's.

  • Thanks for the information!😀

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