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LCHF diet vs. BP and Cholesterol

I am 53 years Male 68Kg . was diagnosed T2 diabetes in June-16 and on Glucophage 850 once+Galvusmet 50mg morning and evening. Effective Oct-16 Quit medicine and switched to 100% LCHF diet. Now My FBS and PBS range is 80-90.Lost some weight also. In the process, my LIPID- LDL level hit very high 220. Doctor put me on Crestor 10mg. every day and Omega 3 supplement. My good cholesterol never improved. I use only Olive oil, coconut oil and Butter and parmesan cheese. I am also a having BP since 7 years. As my BP gone down due LCHF diet, I have stopped concor 5mg. Within 2 days, my BP shoot up with high palpitation. ECG and Blood test reveals all normal. Now I am in a fix. Should I continue LCHF or ...?

Would appreciate assistance on this.

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Additional information - My HBa1c dropped from 6.58% to 5.54% - Ram


Dear Anup, Thanks for your comment. Because I had palpitation and BP shot up; I was advised to revert BP medicines. However, I am free from Diabetic medication.

Yes, LIPIDS are taken when I am on LCHF for 5 weeks when I had palpitation. Weight dropped from 70 kg to 65 kg and now stabilising @ 66.7 kg.

I am pure vegetarian and my fat source is only Butter, Ghee and cheese,

I am confused, because whether palpitation is due fat intake or BP issue?



Dear Anup,


I have gone through your article about cholesterol. Very useful.

It is very unfortunate that Dr.s are misguiding the patients.

I happened to read the below article on MCT.


Some conflicting statement about MCT. Can you throw some light on this?

By the way - My ECG and other blood tests are normal.


Ram Shankar


Dear Anup, Greetings,

I am now stepping into the 10th week of 100%LCHF diect.

During the first 4 weeks; I have fully adjusted to the diet.

But what I experience is feeling very light, less energy.

As my HBA1c dropped from 6.6 to 5.5 and sugar reading are hitting 70's and 60's i have added curd and 50g (Low GI rice in my diet. Though Allopathic Dr.s not in favour of LCHF; one of the Dr. says; you can continue the diet; but do not shed any more weight. Muscle loss is not good. I am always thin, not well built, but tall 70Kg to 66 Kg now.

My typical diet is as below"-

Morning: Tomato soup with fresh cream and Salad with Cheese, olive oil smeared

Lunch: Any home made subji's with Salad and cheese

Dinner: Salad, 50g carb, home made subji, Cheese etc.

Weekly thrice Greens and Dal will be there

I use Olive oil. Butter, Ghee, Coconut oil

In addition, I add in my diet Raw Coconut pieces, Walnuts,

badam, pista, Black Tea with Butter.

Fruits; One pear or Kiwi or few pieces of Papaya

During the LCHF diet, I break my fast after 12 hours of Dinner. However, I do consume liquids and Black tea in between.Please advise whether it is correct?

Also review my intake and advise if I have to improve any thing?

Also clarify adding Egg in the menu will be beneficial?

My whole objective is not to lose further weight and keep up my energy levels and BS at check.

Note: As I told earlier, I am on BP medication only.

BTW I live in Dubai.

Awaiting your feedback.



During weight loss lipids will get deranged initially

Don't worry

It will, come down subsequently



It's normal for LDL to go up as you burn body fat and nothing to worry about as the fraction will be large fluffy rather than small, dense easily oxidised. The answer is not statins and it will take time for things to stabilise. Your numbers were going in the right direction, just carry on and try to relax.

Have a look here for some encouragement, (and l'd advise watching the other video's in the series):

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Thanks Mike, your comments are encouraging.

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I have stopped concor 5mg. Within 2 days, my BP shoot up with high palpitation.

Never stop BP medicines suddenly. It has to be stopped by lowering dose gradually after consultation with the doctor.

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