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heart and lchf diet

Study in mice regarding lchf diet.

This is something I found to be of some importance.



The present study provides important information for

clinicians to consider before prescribing a LCHF diet to

adolescents or adults. As previously discussed, glycogen

availability is extremely important for both developing and

stressed hearts. By decreasing cardiac glycogen stores with a

LCHF diet, individuals are at risk for not being able to meet

metabolic demands during events of cardiac stress,

increasing the likelihood of myocardial ischemia.


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Couldn't ind anything better?

Leptin injections worked beautifully on mice and eyes gleamed at the prospect of a trillion dollar industry. However, it failed on Humans :)

George Kuttickal is a diabetic on the othe side of 70's with ischemic heart disease and deteriorating eye sight, horrible blood sugar control despite insulin and drugs, neuropathy. He was one of the first few to switch to LCHF, while Anup was here, despite that and his experience has been to the contrary to the lab mice. He eats eggs, butter etc and follows LCHF :)

To make the job of going though easier, here's his posts


I can see where you are coming from :)


The subject is glycogen stores and it's effect on heart.Please try to keep spamming to the minimum.


No the subject cannot be looked into in ISOLATION. If you want your rules to be followed then start your own forum and manage it. First get to know the meaning of spamming. This is not a VET forum. MICE and HUMAN trials don't replicate in many cases. So this was a weak attempt at attacking LCHF. It won;t work for sure.

You will quote MICE, I will quote real diabetics on LCHF.

BTW, subject (title) is -- heart and lchf diet. So everything posted is relevant.


" no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD or CVD"

That is good to know but not very much relevant to the thread.


Lchf proponents,Please post info relevant to this thread from Authentic sources instead of spamming unrelated content from blogs.


You at least post something about yourself, whether you are diabetic or not. And if diabetic then how are you managing your diabetes.


I am not diabetic. My elderly family member is.On advice from a doctor relative we are managing with spaced out diet (replaced rice with Urad dal kudum).I have to see how long it holds.


Quote __________glycogen availability is extremely important for both developing and

stressed hearts. By decreasing cardiac glycogen stores with a LCHF diet. _____________

Heart muscle's preferred fuel is fat.

Unlike skeletal muscle, heart muscle functions almost exclusively aerobically, as evidenced by the density of mitochondria in heart muscle. Moreover, the heart has virtually no glycogen reserves. Fatty acids are the heart's main source of fuel, although ketone bodies as well as lactate can serve as fuel for heart muscle. In fact, heart muscle consumes acetoacetate in preference to glucose.

Ref. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK2...


This is about the ncbI link provided above.

Nice. did it say something about cardiac stress. I am trying to find Authentic material regarding glycogen need during cardiac stress.


I read that link.The doctor is skeptical about bypass surgeries.I don't have enough knowledge to counter what he wrote. But, I know a elderly relative who had undergone one bypass surgery and one stent later on. He is in good health and actively engage in his profession for the last 25 years after he had bypass surgery and a stent later on.

Anyhow The thread is not about what causes heart attack.

It is about glycogen stores not being enough(In people following lchf diet ) when cardiac muscles were stressed.


Ok, i read about glycogen thing In that link.

He writes


directs the myocardial cells to break

down glucose using aerobic glycolysis

(remember, no change in blood flow

as measured by the pO2 in the cells

has occurred). This development

redirects the metabolism of the

heart away from its preferred and

most efficient fuel source, which

is ketones and fatty acids. This

explains why heart patients often feel

tired before their events. This also

explains why a high-fat, low-glucose

diet is crucial for heart health.

From what I read (From other sources)

during cardiac stress the fat metabolism cannot supply adequate energy (Even though it is efficient) and hence glycogen stores are used.

Anyhow more sources are needed to ascertain that fact.


But that is not going to help diabetics. :)


They can't do anything more than that. :D


They ?. You got me.

I am part of anti lchf network with funds supporting US.The more posts I make the more I will be paid.

Now,The conspiracy angle out of the way Let us get back to the subject at hand.


Who creates conspiracy? for that you have to read last 2-3 years posts. Who is attacking whom.


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