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Using 4 types of diabetic medicines. How to reduce?

I am type 2 diabetic for last 10 years. Age 54 years and present weight 74kgs. The present medication is Victoza 0.6mg (Liraglutide) once in a day, Tresiba 12 units (degludec) once in a day, Metaformin 1000mg SR twice in day and glimperide 1mg twice in a day.  My present FBS is 105 and PPS is around 150. My HbA1C is 7.2.  My TSH is 5.9 and T3 is 99 and T4 is 6.6.   

My HbA1C was 8.2 in 2005 and my weight was 80 kgs during june 205.  I was prescribed with Victoza in the place Januvia 100 (Sitagliptin).  Now  6 kg weight is reduced. For the last 10 months I am on the above medication. 

I want to know from our community, what is my stage?  Too much medicines? High glucose levels? whether it can be controlled with lesser number of salts? (instead of 4 different medicines).

Further I am using Rosuvas 5mg and Ramipril 85 mg daily.

please advice me

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Your situation is broadly similar to one I replied to earlier, here is what I answered:

That is an awful lot of medication to not control what your condition is.

No one here should advise what medication you should experiment with.

I suspect you are on a traditional diet - the diet that made you diabetic and hasn't changed. You've been relying on medication to control your T2 (I assume) but it isn't working. Perhaps changing what you eat WILL deliver what you are seeking:


Apply Occam's Razor and you will be fine.

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What's occam's razor?


It means where there are many avenues to go down in any given situation, choose the simplest that fits the bill.


Though I m not a doctor but I would like to mention here that you are taking too much medicines. I am also a diabetic and as per my experience I would like to suggest you that 1st of all you start 20 minutes brisk walk in morning  and evening before dinner. 2ndly you take 2 tablets of BGR34 before half an hour of lunch. Take your medicines as before. After 3rd day you will find great  difference in FBS & PPS and you will himself

reduce your regular medicines. 


Latest trend is,Reversal of diabetics by eliminating insulin,medicines,purely by dietary means.no carbo,dairy products,fasting intermittent etc,I am 36 yrs.old Dia.managing my sugar purely by dietary management,

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i am 59 diabetic for 15 years. I have not had much  spikes in my sugar but it is there. I do regular Yoga, walk for minimum 10kms every week and have at this age learnt swimming . I am good at it but do breast stroke about twice a week of about 30 miniutes. I take Amarly 1mg before breakfast and dinner and Janumet 50/500 after lunch. My diet is normal for break fast and lunch (take lots of fruits) but for dinner it soup and salad mainly


You already have very good advices here.

If and when you like having a change, reach my posts here or web-article at Appropedia.

It may be of help to you then.


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