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How to bring down Hba1c level



I am 40 years old male with having Type 1 Diabetes for over 10 years now. I was originally diagnosed as Type 2 in year 2003 which later got converted to Type 1. I am very active in sports, do marathons and functional strength training for 6 days a week. I. A teetotaler, vegetarian, non-smoker. I take moderate quantity of food to keep my weight in check and in order to keep myself competitive in running.

Despite that i am unable to bring down my HbA1c level below 8. Last was 8.4 checked a week back.

Can someone help me in understanding where I am going wrong?

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Type 1 means you are insulin dependent.With sports and running marathons,you must be consuming energy drinks(I presume) loaded with easy carbs for instant energy.That could be causing higher HbA1c. Are you on insulin?Ponder over these issues and take advise from a doctor practicing sports medicine.


Please check your private messages on HU. I have sent a message to you. It’s okay.😀👍

Regularly you use himalayan rock salt

Guess you need to cut down on carbs and up your protein since you are an active person. All the best! Don't take stress:-)


What are the findings that you are saying you became type 1 Diabetic from type 2? Usually, type 2 Diabetics have some beta function left, so that there is always some insulin produced.

Nonetheless, if you take keto diet - carbs 20-30 mg/day, then you can reduce your insulin requirements and keep your A1c under control.

Please get your fasting insulin done and also along with ppbs without taking an insulin shot.

Good luck.

Just curious on how they diagnosed you as Type 2 first and then Type 1. Assuming it was at the age of 30. Are you on insulin and adjusting your carb intake accordingly? I have read and heard that controlling your carbs could help and also lot of them have benefited from Keto, but being a veg. it will be harder unless you opt for Millets with protein and veggies. Lots of research is out there on better control for type 1 and I would suggest that you please do and it will definitely help.

Try eating basen roti 3-4 times a day.

You will notice the difference in 3-4 days.

Basically low carbs high fat.

Do take ur Rxs as well.

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