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LCFH benefit shown on HbA1C within 3 months


I became member here about 4 months back when my FS was 140-150 and PP about 200. I was on New Triglucored Forte 3 times. HbA1C was 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 over last 2 years. LCFH diet started giving immediate benefit and I switched to Glycomet GP2 twice and Pioglit 15 once. Sugar came down to FS 100 and PP 130. The HbA1C done 3 weeks back showed 6.5 and 6.7 (two centers). I consider this a remarkable improvement. My target will be HbA1C to be 6.0. For this I think I need to do exercise seriously.I am specially worried about my pot belly which is not shrinking.

After the pioglit is banned I am on Glycomet GP2 , GP1 and then GP2 in night. Glipramide 5 mg total is little high but I needed this to keep FS to 110 and PP to 130-140. I feel I need to reduce my Weight (from 88 Kg) and so entered a Slimming Center. Lost 3 Kgs in last 2 months. My metabolism is still to be stabilized through timely meal and fruits + water. My extensive blood checking showed good counts for all parameters but my HsCRP is high, Cholestorol low and Triglycerine 200.

Thus my current target is a) Reduce weight through exercise/walking etc-meal is already in control. However may be Fat diet (Cheese and peanuts) made my weight loss slow.

b) Do Kegel for BHP.

c) Find some means to lower Triglyceride ( I do not smoke for last 15 years).

But still I am not sure what to do for DPN - numbness of feet - thigh etc in the morning. I take Alha Lipoic Acid 300 once in the morning.

Overall I am much better and LCFH is most important for me for the rest of my life - I am 64 now..

God bless us

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Please let us know ur diet. i am also on LCHF diet and reduced 7 kg wt in 2 month.I am eating only 120- 130 gm carbs.Your wt is very high try to reduce it to 74 kgs.once the wt is reduced i think your 5mg glimperide will come down to 2 mg.88 kg wt is too much.I am 5'10" height and my wt is 72 kg earlier it was 80 kg.

It seems that your carb intake is high reduce it to 120 gms max.

sudh in reply to rapo

what is your daily diet.

Keep your carbohydrate intake between 10 and 14 portions per day (1 portion = 10g carbohydrate), ideally 3 meals x 4 carb portions. Follow this link

Eat low GI carbs. Follow this link

Make up the balance of your meals with natural, additive-free, unprocessed protein and fat foods such as meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, cheese, coconut oil, palm oil (not hydrogenated), olive oil, butter, ghee, duck fat, goose fat, and lard.

This will help lower your triglycerides too; these fat molecules consist of three fatty acids bound by a carbohydrate (glyc-) backbone, control your carb intake and you control the amount of triglycerides that can be made.

I have achieved the A1C of 5.5 two months back by reducing the carb intake (mainly rice). I will again check in Sept end and expect to join 5% club.

Dear medfree...

I was on LCHF diet. After 3months I have under gone blood test on 30.08.2013 , My creatinine level is 1.7,My Hb1Ac is 5.9, Fasting BG is 80, Post BG is 92,My all other parameters concerning Lipid Profile are normal. Only Blood cholestrol is 202, and BUN is 30. Presently for diabetes I am taking 1mg Glimer in the morning and 1mg Glimer at night. Earliar I was taking 2mg Glimer + .2 mg Volibose in the morning and same at night. Please advice me with your experience.

aswini in reply to kkjng

what is your daily diet.Is it based on south indian veg. food

akb123 in reply to aswini

It is not based on south Indian veg food. I am also confused like many here about actual LCHF diet that can be followed. What I take is:

1. 8 AM: one/two small biscuits with tea. Also one apple or Guava.

2. 10 AM: 1/2 Chapati with lots of Sabji/1 bread toasts/small portion of chow mein. Often add one baked egg to it. Sometimes take one Paratha instead of Roti.

3. 3 PM: 1/2 Roti and sabjis, boiled ladies finger (vindi), some Karela and 100 gm curd. Sometimes one piece of fish too. Add peanuts.

4. 7 PM: One biscuit/Samosa without Alu with tea and peanuts.

5. 10 PM: 1/2 Roti etc.. similarr to sl 3 above

6. Somehow I take tea (no milk or sugar) six times a day. Hope this does not harm.

I know my Calorie intake is not same every day and it may be low. But I weigh 85 Kg at 173 CM height so low calorie intake will be good. For fat I depend on Peanuts, Cheese and some butter only. Probably adding Olive oil will be good.

Hope it helps you.. take care.

aswini in reply to akb123

Thank you verymuch.

Happy to inform that after eating one boiled egg + 200 gms papaya + half Kinnu my reading after breakfast reading was 122 after 110 Minutes. My Out of Bed level is normally in the range of 110 to 135. Incorporated boiled egg in regular breakfast and trying to reduce carbs intake and also taking ALA. Let us see how it improves by A1C which has reached to the alarming level of 7 step by step from 5.5.

Not exactly. But may be some liberal approach towards eating. As far as I remember I just added a glass of fresh orange juice in BF in my diet.

What about mixed vegetable juice of bitter gourd + Amla + turmeric + Ginger +Carrot + bottle gourd /lauki /doodhi. As I have also taken regularly during this period.

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