Diabetic patient suffering from anxiety, sleeplessness etc,please suggest?

My Mother age 54 is suffering from diabetic since last 3 years, she is taking Glycomet GP, Galvus Met and Neomercazole . Recent lab test report shows Sugar fasting 90 mg/dl and PP 165 mg/dl, TSH 3mIU/L, HbA1c 2% and other reports too is normal.

The problem lying with her is from last 20 days she is having anxiety, sleeplessness, low appetite, lack of energy. We have checked with her random blood check up during excess anxiety which is approx 135 to 140 mg/dl. Now we unable to understand what problem is this? Please suggest.

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  • anxiety is a stress which causes sleeplessness and loss of apetite. Anxiety also causes increase in diabetic symptoms.The cause for anxiety should be investigated if it is due to insecurity,settlement of children in their life ,financial problems etc.,.if cause of anxiety is removed every other symptoms will gradually disappear.

  • perfect reply.

    but anxiety could be due to underlying body condition and a result of some drugs as well.

    consult some good general medicine doctor.

  • She must be suffering from hyperthyroidism that is why Neomercazole is prescribed. It is not mentioned since when she is taking this medicine. It is best that you stop this medicine and consult your physician immediately.

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