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Suffering in Diabetes

Hi I am new to this community. I want to share my experiences on diabetes during last six month. On 7th Feb 2016 I checked my BS fasting as 209 and HBA1c as 9.2. Doct advsed me galvus 500 For 90 day. Then I discussed the matter with my colleague. They advice you are only 39 year don't take medicines from now. Just you try to control it by diet contrl and exercise. Since lart 7 month I doing walking 30 minutes and Pranayam around 30 minutes every day morning. Taking fresh Korela+cucumber+Tomato juser half glass after exercise in empty stomac every day. Monitering the BS at home ever fortnightly.

Last 28the August I test my my FBS as 139 and HBA1c as 6.2 with out having any kind of medicine. Doctor has advised to look for another six week. As the FBS is on higher site however you have done fantastic Jon in redusing the average BS to 6.2 level from 9.2.

Plase any one advise me what can I do whethe wait for or start low power medicine.

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Less carbohydrate, more fat phcuk.org/wp-content/upload...

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There's no recorded physical addiction maybe Hidden, but following standard advice usually results in taking medication for life. It was only when people stopped following standard advice that they realised it is not an inevitability for type 2 to continue to deteriorate.

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"they realised it is not an inevitability for type 2 to continue to deteriorate."

I beg to differ. T2d deteriorates to the extent that has been written in the script of our genes.


As advised ny doctor wait for another six months. Do not start medicine, othetwise you wont be able to live without medicine


Don't worry friend.... you are on your way to be medcine free diabetic...

Just keep your dietas it is....

Do not change... just add some fenugreek seeds and cinnamon...

reduce weight...and check results after 6 moths...



You are absolutely correct Sir.

I am taking HEALTH 1 coconut oil raw one tbs everyday for the last almost 2 years as soon as I get up in the morning.

It has given a fantastic result .In addition to this I do my yog,yogic Exercises,Pranayam and regular walking for 45 minutes.I had been to YOGGRAM,Rishikesh also and again going there in November for 8 days.Avoiding Carbohydrate and taking more Protin diet with limited quantity.

Now Doctor had stopped all the medicines and given me only

one Janumet 500Mg. in the evening before Dinner .

I have taken it as a challenge sir and I am trying to see that

the so called borderline diabetes is reversed in my case.

Thanks for confirming about PRESSED VIRGIN COCONUT OIL.




Good job. Continue the present. Take a very small piece of Cinnamon and chew it twice. It will have great effect. Or you can make it powder and take small qty (1/4 spoon) with any food incldg tea. You also take Methi powder 1 to 2 spoons 20 mts before food twice. Your readings will further come town.


since u have shown good reduction in sugar levels....... continue your above strategies for 3 more months to have a pucca information on ur hb1ac. Perhaps u can increase ur walking etc slightly more. Always keep some biscuits with u to eat in case of feeling very tiresome.


Your FBS remains high, indicating you are eating too much carbohydrate phcuk.org/wp-content/upload... Aim for 120g carbohydrate or less per day.


go LCHF or if possible Keto


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