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My journey with diabetes from last 1 year

It all started with a routine health checkup camp at my office somewhere in October 2013. My BS reading was 140 mg/dL after 2-3 hrs of breakfast. The doctors didn't give any importance to the readings and so I also ignored it. But it was a warning sign of my body developing diabetes.

And in July 2014 I got full blown diabetes. I eventually found this blog and below is the link to my first blog - healthunlocked.com/diabetes...

July 2014 : FBS 180, PPBS 320, HbA1c 8.9

Jan 2015 : FBS 59, PPBS - 87, HbA1c 6.8 (metformin 500mg twice a day)

May 2015 : HbA1c 6.4 (just low carb diet, no medications)

Aug 2015 :FBS 96, PPBS - 121, HbA1c 5.5 (just low carb diet, no medications)

I learnt a lot about diabetes from this blog.

1) You have to first get educated about diabetes before you start managing.

2) There is 'borderline diabetes'. Once you are borderline, you have to treat yourselves as full diabetic and start your lifestyle modifications.

3) You can't get 'cured' of diabetes. You can just 'manage' it.

4) Taking normal diet and medicines will not control your diabetes in the long run.

5) With conventional diet and medications you will end up with insulin at some point of time (this my doctor only told me when I went to her for first time!!!)

6) I found below ways to satisfactorily manage diabetes from this blog -

i) Using Long Wheat in the diet.

ii) Adopting LCHF diet.

I am able to control my BS levels with Low Carb, eating only healthy foods (vegetables, fruits, etc..), not eating sugar, junk foods. I hope I can manage like this for a long time without medicines :)

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Congratulations and hope you will keep posting,please.I particularly liked your mention about the role of education in diabetes management.I admire your ability to take diabetes in the true spirit.You can and will manage it properly for all times to come.Only point I may mention is that diabetes is a progressive disease and it does become more and more demanding as you grow older.You must have already taken note of it,I am sure.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, I aware that diabetes will worsen over the years and I have to adjust my diet plan accordingly. I also know that at some point of my life I will have to rely on medicines.


Not true-- you can eat LCHF indefinitely and keep your symptoms under control. Provided you don't move into a T1D state, which most T2D don't achieve. Most T2D secrete too much insulin all their lives-- -so stick to your LCHF lifestyle and you could live fine all the days of your life.



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Thank you..

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Thanks for your reply.. I will follow your footsteps.. :)


Right!Experienced must be trusted!!

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I have an estimated 5.9 AIC due to ketogenic diet over the last 15 weeks. I'm not going to be happy until I'm in the 4% club.


I use LCHF ketogenic eating style and it's helped me eliminate over 750 shots of insulin in the last 15 weeks. Carbohydrates and sugars are the problem.

To reverse the symptoms without drugs one must lower insulin levels as well as high sugar levels and the best way to do that is to embrace is ketogenic eating lifestyle.

Prior to ketogenics I was taking insulin up to six times a day on top of 2000mg of metformin and blood sugars still ran between 55 to over 300 with a 60 day average of 155 to 170. After going on my ketogenic eating style within days I could see blood sugars improving. Thus far my range since starting this diet 15 weeks ago and not using any medications is in a range of 90 to 135 with a 60 day average of 115.

How the hell can anyone complain about that and the eating style is so easy and satisfying....


Thanks for your reply.. Ketogenic diet means you use more protein in addition to Fat?


Well no.

It's not high protein. It's high fat.

You have 3 macro sources for foods. They are FAT; PROTEIN; & CARBOHYDRATES.

Two of these three are essential to life. One isn't essential to life.

Fats & proteins are essential and carbohydrates are not. You can live a healthy life without eating a single carbohydrates for all the days of you life. But If you don't have or easy fat you're dead in 7 days. If you don't eat protein within 4 weeks your very sick or dead...

So ketogenic is typically 70-75% fat; 20% protein & 5% or less carbohydrates. But I'd say once a person is adapted to burning fat that 55-75% fat will keep you in ketosis ( a body fat burning state) provided you keep your carbohydrates under 30 to 50 grams max per day. I personally stay under 30g per day max.

So you can play greatly with fats in that 55 to75% range. If you eat less fat, you're going to eat a little more protein, but always kerp those carbohydrates low. It's hard to over eat protein and fats. It's easy to overeat carbohydrates so you need to watch carbohydrates like a hawk.

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Thanks for your reply..


Good Job !!! Keep Going :) do plenty of exercise


FBs 59, ppbs 87, HbA1c = 6.8, this result does not make every sense, it should be around 4.2, either the bs or the HbA1c is wrong


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