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How to come out from diabetes 2


dear all,

just 1 day before I have joined this forum, I am also diabetic type 2,

just 3 months before , I came to know that I am suffering from diabetes,

Test Report on dt. 13/03/2018,

FBS : 126 mg/dl

PPBS : 194 mg/dl

HBA1C : 7.4

pls suggest,

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Consider following ketogeneic/LCHF diet along with exercise. Lose some weight if overweight. It should be possible to bring your HbA1c to non-diabetic range with proper diet and exercise. Also, lead a stress-free life. Monitor your blood glucose regularly at home.

What is your age, height and weight?

my age is 40 years, height 153 cm and weight 62 kg.

kindly advice if any change is required or any other advice.

and also suggest me place in Delhi (India) from where I can get long wheat.

Praveen55Moderator in reply to manojkashyap

Thanks manojkashyap for the information. In my opinion, you should lose about 7 kg of body weight. That will very likely improve your insulin sensitivity resulting in lower blood glucose number. It should be possible to achieve this gradually within two to three months following low carb diets. Low carb diet will particularly reduce the after-meal (PP) number and help you lose weight easily. I do not know if you are non-vegetarian in which case it would be rather easy to plan your meal. However, you can do it on vegetarian meals also. Several members in this group have done it. I suggest moderate amount of exercise should also be included in your lifestyle e.g. brisk walk for an hour which can be taken several times of smaller durations or equivalent exercise.

I will have to look for the availability of long wheat in Delhi. Meanwhile, you should also search our website for the information. It is available at Amazon but I am told it is more expensive than the local market. See the link below:

Spend some time learning about Diabetes and Diets. Ask questions on this forum if you need any information. We are here to assist you if we can.

thanx friend,

I really appreciate your effort n suggestion.

Brother don't worry and accept it, try to learn about diabetes second change lifestyle be active start diet of low carb don't rely to medicine ,first only try diet and exercise such as walking and running as I am doing. Control stress and keep in mind one day diabetes and non diabetes will die be happy every time.

start cooking food using earthern pots, have a fixed timings of food everday, never eat dinner after 7pm, reduce your quantity by half of what you were eating before, avoid tea and coffee totally. do this for three months and see changes

Hi Manoj

I know how it is like a punch in the face when you hear you are diabetic. I am 44 and diabetic since last 14 years. Though it is a progressive disease yet you can manage it well with some amount of discipline. Do visit your doctor regularly as the medicines need to change based on your current status. Sometimes certain medicines don't work any more.

Pay close attention to your diet and do portion control more than eliminating certain foods completely. Reduce fat intake. Exercise for 45 minutes every day. I walk as I am not a gym person. Be on the move and try to take a stroll after your major meals....even 10 minutes helps to reduce the spike. Most importantly please keep glucose with you might need it any time anywhere.

Follow doctor's advice and you should be able to live a normal life.

Hi it may use to everybody if there is change pls

Do 12 hours fasting every day.If you take breakfast at 8am , finish dinner by 8 pm.If you happen to take dinner by 10pm only , take next day breakfast at 10 am only-no food or drink in between,very strictly. This will clean toxins in your cells. Once toxins are removed from your cells you will escape from diabetes.Food restrictions beyond your capacity will lead to other complications.people who do fasting religiously are enjoying life happily. This will also improve your physical and mental health. Do not worry.You will escape from the complications of diabetes.

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