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Many might have already heard of this..I have experienced!! Since last 3Months I have practiced this lifestyle and have got rid of all my tablets. (Glycomet 500-2 tbs twice a day, Dimicron MR30 - 2 tbs twice a day, Volix0.3mg- 1 tab twice a day) . My sugar levels are extremely controlled without taking these tablets. PP -130-140 and fasting 95-105. If you are wondering what freedom from diabetes is then please visit the below link and follow Dr Pramod Tripathi and join the revolution called freedom from diabetes(FFD).


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  • Oh this is one commercial rehash of Neil Barnard's Vegan diet. I am a diabetic, drug free for 5th year running and I don't follow D Pramod Tripathi's commercial venture. I help diabetics without charging a single penny on my forum.

    Checkup my last four A1C on my profile:

    I can't waste 10K for knowing something which is available for free :)

  • Many of us on LCHF diet have achieved as good as non-diabetic nos. without drugs and without paying anything to anyone. :)

  • No one will object to such COMMERCE/Financial Gains oriented posts and if anyone posts links to it's viewed differently, though none of us are asking for even a penny there. Sniping start in no time.

  • We should report for spamming.

  • So looks like you CURED your diabetes, because I remember reading a comment recently from someone who said if one is maintaining A1C below 6 without drugs, he cannot be considered DIABETIC :)

  • Yes by merely looking at BS levels (FBS <90 and PPBS <120) I am cured :D (And without drugs)

  • But, we will still not make "tall" claims that we CURED Diabetes as we don't want LCHF to grow by dishing out false "Hopes".

  • Yes the claim is always for better management of diabetes and improvement in overall health.

  • All I want to do is be normal. I have accepted the fact that I need to eat a better diet and stop drinking beer. Try not to eat any carbs because it appears once I stop, I can't stop. Even dreamed about eating potato chips the other day. I was devastated the other day when someone remarked they had low blood sugar when their readings were from 74 to 147. I considered that normal for me. Don't understand. The medication I take for other conditions raise my blood sugar levels, but that's okay? Sorry, just a rant. Diane

  • Claiming CURE of Diabetes is biggest form of quackery because diabetes cannot be cured as of now. And, anyone supporting such line of thought -- cured diabetes -- is just also abetting the "real quackery".

  • Hey Ragivrao --

    Dr Stephen Barrett calls everyone who doesn't toe his line a quack.

    But look at his own credentials. :)

    In a Canadian lawsuit (see below) Barrett admitted to the following:

    "The sole purpose of the activities of Barrett & Baratz are to discredit and cause damage and harm to health care practitioners, businesses that make alternative health therapies or products available, and advocates of non-allopathic therapies and health freedom.

    Stephen Barrett testifies for money. He claims he's an "expert" in virtually everything. Those "expert witness" fees seem to be a significant part of Barrett's existence."

    So it is anyone's guess what he is. Not many take his certificates that he gives to others seriously. :)

    Do you seriously think giving certificates in insulting tone to others who are sharing their views without using insulting words for other members on this board really helps in getting your point across? I don't think it has succeeded any bit in achieving anything. How many have really managed their diabetes well following your advise? Any numbers please?

    We don't like commercialization of diet when it comes to helping diabetics manage their diabetes, and Tripathi is just doing that -- commercialization. We are doing it FREE, and FAR better I am sure!!!

    In fact, this posts sounds more like a Sales Pitch and an "As Seen On TV" commercial as it is linking to site where money changes hands. I am surprised you support such an activity :(

  • This is the usual laying the boobie-trap trick being played.

    Apparently some are looking for supporting just about anything -- including claims of CURE, commercial spam, some remote study on some fruit published in some regional edition of a newspaper etc -- just to counter the success of LCHF here.

    Best anti-dote, just avoid the "boobie-trap" because some are desperately wanting you off from this board. You know it better, and it's so evident. They are not interested in debates. For them LCHF is quackery but claims of cure is Science.

  • You are also advising him. :D

  • Hello Deepraj,

    You should always keep in your mind that as of now Diabetes "can't be CURED; it can only be controlled". Diabetes can be claimed as CURED only if you do following and do a test and confirm the numbers (Please don't try these as a diabetic, it will bring back your sugar levels up like hell. Don't blame me if you try and end up in trouble) -

    1) You should stop all the diabetic drugs/diets.

    2) You should start eating uncontrolled carbohydrates, unlimited sugar for atleast 2-3 days.

    3) Take OGTT test after having unlimited carbs for atleast 3 days.

    Then you should test for FBS/PPBS. I bet your blood sugar levels will be up. If they are normal like non-diabetic, then cheers!! You have been cured of diabetes!!

  • And, in OGTT just don't look t 2 hr level. get the 30,60,90,120 min readings. Then we will see who got cured of diabetes. If just looking at 2 hr reading, might as well not take the OGTT test. Word CURE is so easy to sell.

  • Deeprajji I too am following dr pramod tripathis programme with very good results. I am having perfectly normal BSL values. Unlike LCHF it does not affect the levels with A some deviation in the diet at this stage. I have come across many who have cleared GTT under the Dr's guidance. Moreover Carb counting is not involved. I have also found long wheat introduced by George sir effective.

  • This looks promising....

  • Just looking at 2 hr reading on OGTT is money wasted.

    Even I am cured long back by that standard, but peaks at 1 hr tell me I am diabetic for sure. So, I or anyone would never claim being cured on LCHF. Carb counting is a one time affair once the weekly menu is fixed by and large.

  • AnupJi and all LCHF follower please stop your energy wasting with commercial promise as we know after several years of eating Maggi we found its not good for us.

    In india Advertised products are more attractive than real healthy products and advice.

  • Basudev --

    No issues, we will keep talking what's good. Even if one in ten listen and switch to LCHF, it's a great victory. 9/10 can keep eating Maggi, none of our concern :)

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