Please suggest Good diet for Diabetics


I am 38 Years Male 10th Jan 2017 i have checked my lipid profile and Sugar Level. please see the below details for my report

Blood Sugher FBS=150 & PPBS =343

Total Cholesterol=276

Triglyceride = 403



Please suggest me good diet and your valuable advise

last three days before i have started exercise Cycling 25 Mnts & Treadmill 30 mnts

and i am not started to take sugar medicine .

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  • i came to know Mahagoney trees seeds is very good for control sugar i have just started to eat this also in last 3 days

  • Welcome to forum cksuru

    Your sugar and lipid levels are alarming...

    I really do not have much information about Mahogany tree seeds... but experimenting with such unknown herb is bit risky...

    Sometime ago one forum member Cjuan was telling his experience about same..he experienced hypoglycemia after using Mahogany tree seeds...

    The best and safest way is to cut down carbs from your diet..

    There are many member around who got best results by cutting down carbs and now landing in non diabetic range of sugar level with no or very minimum medicines.

  • Nice to see you as an Administrator!Congratulations, cure (Sorry,Admin!) :)

  • thank you alwaysoptimistic it is all your love.... nothing else....

  • Congratulations and Welcome :)

  • Thank you @anup bhaiyya.... apka sath ho toh ye bhi jimmedari nibha lenge....

  • Congratulations



  • thank sir.....aap ke sahyog bina kutch nahi aapka sahyog ki apeksha hai sir....

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  • Congratulations cure for being an administrator in this forum

  • Thank you Shashikantiyengar Ji..

    Its is sue to love from all of you...

    hey got Hba1c reports today current Hba1c is 5.8

    TC 206: HDL 54: LDL123:TG:84

    I will upload JPG images soon

  • Cure

    HbA1c to come down further..

    Good lipid report

  • yes HBa1c need to come down....

    But can not go more carbless....cause TSH already crossed 7 points mark.....

    guess what??? my fasting was 95...but during last one month suddenly it has crossed 100....

    Don't know what could be the reason...

    Just did some search...and yes...winter has got big effect of IR....

    It is said during winter your insulin sensitivity decreases ...

  • cure

    Or you are eating more in winter 😄

  • Nahi bhai suramo ...

    I don't kno what is problem....

    Guess what??? today my meter showed me fasting sugar 123 :O and I was shocked....

    Went straight to lab...did both fasting and PP... fasting was 95 and pp was 119

    Ok same time (during PP time) i even checked the last drop from syringe on my meter.. it showed 132 ...while fasting i forgot to check with meter...

    My meter was working nicely earlier.... may be due to winter it is acting funny... or may be i got faulty stripes...

  • cure


    There is always a difference of 20 as my pathologist friend says between glucometer and lab readings. My fasting was 135 and the lab results after two hours were 101 last month.

  • thank you sir

  • Dear Sir,

    I dont like to start Sugar medicine now ..please help me

  • cure

    Congrats bro for becoming an administrator.

    "Sometime ago one forum member Cjuan was telling his experience about same..he experienced hypoglycemia after using Mahogany tree seeds..."If that is true means that medicine is working. We have to find the correct dosage, mode of action and any adverse effects.

  • Thank You bhai @suramo Hmmm suramo to me if person is experiencing hypo with any means the same is working as sulfonylurea ....

    I think it is not advisable....

    I think paneer dodi...paneer ka phool..the botanical name is withania coagulans also show same type of effect..

    you may read more here...

  • cure

    Yes. Beta cell whipping drugs should be avoided.

  • Is Sunflower Oil not good for us?

  • Please answer my question!

  • Sunflower oil is not good for anyone ..

  • Check your HbA1c

    Post your height and weight

    Avoid carbohydrate

  • Weight=72


    Glyco hemoglobin=7.2

    uric acid 3.8

    albumin 4.7


    total bilirubin=0.31

    Direct Bilirubin=0.11

    Indirect Bilirubin =.20

    RBC count=4.91

  • Could You please suggest which kind of food i need to take .. i am from south part of India (Kerala) Working in Qatar

  • Your sugar level is very high and as well as lipid profile is also....... please start medicine.

  • Nope; high protein is easily converted to glucose with harmful side products.

  • Dear Sir,

    Please find the below examination details (Gluco meter)

    10-01-2017- FBS =99 & PPBS =176

    25-01-2016-FBS=88 & PPBS =192

    I am not taken any medicine i have started exercise,( daily one hour Treadmill) & daily morning empty stomach one Mahaghoney seeds

    i am not eating Rice for lunch & dinner brown bread and some curries but breakfast 4 Idly.

    Please advise.


  • suresh, without eating medicine these sugar level is not great, i suggest skip rice and bread, reduce grains based food like rice and wheat strictly, eat more vegetables and meat like chikcne and mutton and egg, reduc estarchy food, walk atleast 10 minutes after eating [20 minutes after eating]

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