Last hope of long wheat if available in kolkata

This is for Mr George, sir already suffered for 20 years of diabetes with insulin as I am intolerant to oral metformin. Myself 64 years and med taking are: istavel100 before bf. Telma 40 after bf. Storvas 10 and Zabesta 5 mg after dinner. Insulin humalog lispro 8 units each before bf,lunch and dinner. Insulin tresiba flex touch 40 units at bed time. Apart from all these taking diabetplus ayurvedic tabs 2 in the morning and 2 at night. My fbs bet 130 and 160. Pp bs bet 140 and 170. Hba1c 6.9. Need your help if possible. Also want to try long wheat. At kolkata it is not available as far as I know.Sir will u help me?

my best regards.

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  • Madam, seems to have deleted his profile.Search for his ID appears as 'hidden'.

  • Dear Madam,

    You will not get Long Wheat at Kolkata. Please contact the following persons/agencies:

    1) Moytreya Agro, Pune: M-07304570432

    2) Vithal Gangaram, Pune: M-09850766330

    3) Bhaskar Sindhe: Ahmednagar: M-09822670872

  • Thanks a tonn.

  • Hi kkj_50 my heartfelt thanks to u.I will definitely enquire and try the med religiously.

  • Hi arunima -

    Any specific reason why you are taking tresiba flex long acting insulin? I know of a diabetic having wide swings of blood sugar as and he too takes tresiba? From what I know, tresiba is not a fixed time dosing insulin as its impact lasts upto 42 hrs so can give wide swings. So why not lantus or levemir? Any specific reasons for opting for tresiba?

  • As prescribed by Dr. After so many years of intolerance to metformin, finally taking 3 times lispro and tresiba at bed time. Anyway I am so glad to feel good that u all r helping me. Thanks from my heart.

  • Hi arunima,

    Next time when you visit your doctor might as well ask him/her why not lantus or levemir instead of tresiba? There should be specific explanation given by the doctor explaining pro's and con's between different brands and reason for preferring tresiba over the others. Being a new brand, it must be relatively more expensive too.

  • Yes Anup it is becaz of hypoglycemia. Nowadays almost no hypo for me. But during lantus regime I used to get very often. Actually I don't want any kind of insulin to prick. And that's the reason asking for long wheat. Thanks.

  • In case there's difficulty in finding long wheat (as barely 2% of wheat cultivation is of that quality), then try hulled barley, non-broken non-pulverized and see how that impacts you.

    Getting hold of diabetes is all about controlling digestible carbs intake. Diabetes even with history of decades have reduced insulin doses by close to 50% by drastically cutting down on carbs and replacing them with healthy fats. I had recently even posted about one 80 year old gentleman's case:

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