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Request you kindly to please share the details of the availability of long wheat and the manner ti take it. I am 36 and recently (20 days back) got to know that the HB1AC is 10.3. Doc's recommended Lactus insulin at 10pm and medicines before morning and evening meal.

I would appreciate to try this for curing the disease in totallity.

Request your kind cooperation.


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  • Chandigarh

  • Hello ! I am 40 years detected with DM 2 in Jan 2015 with HbA1c of 10.8 !!! But now since 5th June I am off all medicines and having HbA1c of 5.7 when I checked in august. Now at times I do have sweets and it does not affect my levels which are always in normal range. So nothing to worry and panic . A proper diet is all that we need to follow. I don't even exercise . Diabetes keeps on progressing as we are not taught to address the root cause but only to treat the symptom of this disorder. There is very limited research on reversing diabetes as it is helping a huge industry to flourish and make millions. I have experienced that it is not progressive but can be controlled. Nobody talks and knows about cure so I cannot comment. But for me being without medicines and exercise and having the flexibility to eat at times as per my hearts desires makes me very very happy and pray that by my Almighty's grace I am able to maintain this.

  • Can u pls share ur contact number to discuss. Pls share the details of availability of long wheat in north India.

  • 9850766330 vithal Gangaram from pune. You can order long wheat from him. It is called khapli gehu in marathi. I follow a vegan diet along with LWMDR for breakfast and dinner. Now a days sometimes I do have non veg and sweets but by God's grace the levels are maintained. I will come to know about my status when I go for HbA1c later in this month.

  • People also have good results with lchf. But I am very comfortable with this as I have lots and lot's of flexibility with this diet. No limits for carbs. I can tweak my diet happily without any worries. There also is a hope of reversal which is not there in lchf as you are penalised for deviations. Yes the results may vary from person to person. But many on this forum who are following LWMDR have been hugely benefitted. You can go through the posts by shooter George on this.

  • Well, on LCHF we aren't restricted at all to eat boiled wheat for two meals of day and create artificial deprivation, so have a large variety on hand on LCHF diet. Carb counting is just a three week affair during the learning phase. Not life long. By then most know what to eat and how much to eat.

    It's a myth if someone thinks LCHF is restricted diet.

    Most importantly, drugs reduce by a huge percentage and yet sugar levels start falling in non diabetic range. On the other hand, still waiting for cure from LW quarters even after seven (or maybe nine) years of propaganda about CURE -- which will never happen :)

    If one claims cure and then finds blood sugar to spike to 200 after 60 minutes of eating 4 idlis, then that's surely not CURE. In such a case, all claims of CURE is nothing but HOGWASH. No non diabetic would ever shoot beyond 140 no matter what (s)he eats.

  • Well sir your post's are always enlightening and it's a great learning experience going through them. But I think each person is different and might be comfortable according to their individual preferences. I personally find it easier as I have experienced that variations in the diet now does not affect me unlike before and I am off any medication from 5th of June. Please keep posting about your experience as it helps in increasing our knowledge and awareness about this disorder . I never miss a single post from you.

  • If i eat 4 idlis and just sit doing nothing my sugar levels are 150. Looks like I am cured without following LW diet because my meter reads higher than lab. But, if I drink 2 cans of coke, I know I am diabetic. I start peeing sugar profusely.

  • Hi

    you have long wheat ??/

  • Sir, may i know what is LWMDR? I take two spoon of sugar fot my tea and coffee. Having HBA1C 6.3. Not following any medicine. Taking rice only for lunch and wheat or ragi for breakfast snd dinner. One time a day having green tea with lemon and honey. I want your suggestions please!

  • give up sugar altogether use stevia , your h1ac will go further down

  • One solution that has helped 500+ Indian diabetics -- LCHF diet. I started talking LCHF (based on experience) in Jan 2013 here and currently fifth year running on ZERO drugs. Check my profile:

    I am sure that in five years, all diabetics on the most horrible diet -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT -- must have doubled their dose of drugs. On LCHF, everyone reduced the drug dose by as much as 80% to 100% and yet attain non diabetic numbers.

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