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Newly t1d

Hello i am 27 years old male , recently got diagnosed with t1d my hba1c was 11.4 .

Doctor prescribed me 3 shots of novorapid 6 units each before meals and 10 units trebisa at night . I just started taking insulin 2 days back but from yesterday after taking 1st shot of insulin in the morning before breakfast my BG was normal the whole day , the readings were like

Fasting BG - 138

Took 6 units of insulin

BG before lunch - 92

BG before dinner - 83

And today this morning after 3 kms running my fasting BG is 90

So I am confused if I take insulin as prescribed by my endo or can i skip it if my bg is normal ???

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As I am also taking ayurvedic medicine ime9 from last 20 days .


Ayur medicine will NOT help in normalizing Blood Sugar and associated problems

Because they are not made of Original & Pure herbs and ingredient, its my experience of last 30 years.Do not go for Highly advertise ayur med such as

Right Sugar & IME9 all are spurious & fake ,Thereby using name of ministry of Ayus

Any one can buy formula from Ayus by paying certain fee and also get associated

with NRDC by paying membership fee.

No doubt Ayurveda medicines are best when they are properly made from

Original and Pure herbs & other ingrediants.




Dear Type1dee,First of all try to be stress free.Please go through following link:


Are you sure that you are a type I diabetic?If yes then probably you need to take medication on the regular basis.Ask your doctor to decide doses of insulin as per your conditions.

Diet has key role in diabetes management.Also physical exercises are good for diabetes as well as overall health.

Wait for more replies from knowledgeable people in the forum.

In order to enhance your knowledge about diabetes management read old post related to type I and on the other topics.

You may also visit to and sign in dlife.in

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Yes I am sure its type1 , my endo confirmed me that plus i exercise a lot and i run around 1.5 miles daily in the morning and 45 minutes walk at night.

And above all I'm following a strict diet chart also taking fenugreek seeds .


Thank you for the replies .



Read Dr Bernstein's "Diabetes solution" book without fail.


Ayurveda has reduced itself to quackery. I have known many diabetics who have tried Ayurveda "doctors" and failed. Consulting a good endo, a strict schedule of diet control, medication and exercise including yoga, offer a tried and tested way out. Diabetes is not curable, but manageable.

This is my 35th year as a diabetic.




I am sorry to say my endo failed miserably ......and most of diabetic here are here due to same.... they followed advise given by those doctors...and could not control sugar levels in spit of ever increasing medicines and complications....

But still I don't call them quack.... :)

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Why not try LWMDR? It is a support therapy, initially. It gave me tangible improvement in reasonable time.


What's LWMDR ?

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LWMDR is the acronym for Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen.


I just got my test reports my c peptide is 1.96 and hba1c is 10 and IGA ttg is 0.1 and all thyroid tests are normal.


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