Gestational diabetes

Hi,my fasting blood sugar is 110 pp115before lunch its 76 after lunch its 133 before dinner its 80 & after its 160 m on insulin 2unit regular insulin before lunch 3 units before dinner &long acting insulin 4 unit after dinner .can anybody tell is there any harm in taking insulin to the feotus..& if doze increases can it harm .are the level of sugar tooo bad.plz tell me.


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10 Replies

  • You need to consult with a health professional.

  • Insulin does not cross placental barrier, so don't worry about insulin affecting the foetus.

  • High insulin levels from gestational diabetes can cause over-size babies that are susceptible to obesity, metabolic problems and associated ill-health.

  • Actually it is high levels of maternal blood glucose which crosses into foetus, burdening its pancreas to produce more insulin which leads to development of over sized baby. This happens only when gestational diabetes is not managed properly.

    Tanupriya has not mentioned if it is her first child or it is repeat pregnancy.

  • Its my first child &gdm diagnosed at 34 weeks

  • I fail to understand why diagnosis was made so late ? Forget it. Every thing is going on perfectly, so no worries,except perhaps you have to undergo CS.

  • My hba1clevelis5.3%.

  • You must be in 37th week (per you old posts) now. So why these queries at this stage when the baby is almost due anytime now. Is there any complication? Are you obese?

  • My weight is 67kg height is 5 feet .my hba1c is 5.3%.yup m in 37 growth is appropriate for gestation

  • All looks good. So not to worry.

    My wife (non diabetic - 5' 1") was 67kg when my son (only child) was born in 1993. Just a few days before ETA the gyna (with whom we have been since day 1) was trying to force a c-section (for money) and I switched the doctor at that stage, not an easy thing to do. Everything was told to be normal till then in all regular checkups. So, i thought that there's something fishy going on.

    The other gyna heard me and my wife and then decided to wait for 10 more days. Delivery was forcep delivery at 1/10th the cost that the c-section gna was wanting to bill back then.

    The husband of the first gyna is in jail now in the all famous VYAPAM case:

    So looks like money making has always been the prime objective of this husband-wife doctor duo and in hindsight I find it was a good decision that I took back then to switch doctors at the last moment.

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