Diabatic for about 37 years peripheral nuropathy pain in foots & taking insulin

Medicines taken: Landus insulin 8 units morning before breakfast and Trigabandin 300 2 times after food, Nefrosave , Nebicard 2.5, Ecosprin 150, one time after food. Mega-3 three times after food and Hydrea 500 after dinner and also taking fenugreek seeds/3times/ 25gms just before food Walking 45 min.in the morning

Food: Breakfast - boiled egg white-1, Chappathi/Dosai-1 and veg.salad. Lunch-50 gms rice with 2 vegetables 100 grms, curd. Dinner Oats 4tsp and 2 chappathi. 3 coffee/tea per day, Blood result Fasting 90 - 120 and PP 110 - 180. Can I avoid medicine other than insulin

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  • my friend who is working a medicine company given guarented treat this deseas by stem cell technic. you can contact me on 09649501924 or8107021704

  • Thanks a lot for your suggestive reply. My Lipid profile Total cholesterol 144, HDL 42 LDL86, Triglycerides[fasting] 70 and Total cholestrol/HDL cholestrol Ratio 3.4 and Haemoglobin 13.2. My WBC Count 18400 and Platelets Count 8.8 Lakhs. That is why I am taking Hydrea500 Ecosprin 150. Is there any side effects in using these medicines. Pl clarify.

  • Better to go strictly by the doctor's advise because he would have multiple considerations before prescribing any medicine.

  • May try water therapy ( drink room temperature water first thing in the morning without brushing. Do not eat solids for 45 minutes after drinking water, may drink tea or liquids). Secondly, keep your legs warm by wearing leg warmers. These things have helped me to some extent. In addition, doctor advised me to take one capsule of vitamin D per week. Whatever change you adopt , first consult your physician.

  • What is the purpose of wearing leg warmers in this season. Please explain

  • You may try the 'Living Well' course offered by the Art of Living foundation.

  • omsri:R U ON ALPHA LIPOIC ACID ALSO?i shudder to add any other query/comment!!!! too

    many cooks spoil the BROTH.suggest looking to the totality of ur circumstances & facilities at

    your command pl do prioritywise analysis 2 MAKE the right choice.am a little cautious about WATERTREATMENT-OR HYDROTHERAPY at this stage to avoid loss of minerals- a natural outcome when one is on hydrotherapy.shall be collecting experience of PARTICIPANTS about 'living well course'when I visit Mumbai.A RELOOK in your diet intake seems indicated.my 25 yrs' personal physician says ' don't tinker with INSULIN intake'.pl make the right CHOICE BY MONITORING your plasma glucose levels more precisely.'WITH DIET CONTROL MEDICINES R SUPERFLOUS-WITHOUT DIET CONTROL MEDICINES R USELESS ! A GENERAL STATEMENT IN A BOOK 'health&diet' by swami shivananda a.

    a medical practitioner PRIOR 2 embracing sainthood.wish U well.kailadiyer.identical medical condition.

  • OMSRI medifree has given valid suggestions.pl follow as per your CHOICE,kailadiyer.

  • Dear Sir Happy morning !

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  • How the Noni juice will help improve sugar control. Will it not interfere with the English medicine which precisely control the blood sugar? Pl explain in depth.

  • Do u want to get rid of Medicines and insulin? Contect- Arvind Barnawal (9839972033)

  • I am diabetic from past 5 years. I am not taking any medicines. My sugar level regular 226 and fasting 145. Can u please send me a sample and pl give me the details regarding when to take and what it has got...My name is VMKumar, 9845620624. can u please provide me the details. My mail id is madan_kumarv@yahoo.com.

  • You need to do a little more fine tuning. Having the yolk along with the egg white is much better for you; the biotin in egg white alone can cause vitamin absorption problems, it's always better to have the whole food.

    Indeed, you don't seem to be having too much protein; two whole eggs is considered a portion by the UK NHS.

    I would also suggest you eat more fat to replace a little more of the carbohydrate that still seems to be in most of what you eat. Your body could end up breaking down your muscle, because you may not be eating enough to sustain yourself.

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