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I am the modern caveman. In a man-made high tech world, I am ashamed to live…… Wait a second…On second thoughts……

My body is the result of billion years of evolutionary perfection. It can put any modern man and his technology to shame. No single Genome project can unravel ME completely.

A century ago, heart disease, cancer and diabetes were virtually non-existent except in rare cases. Now they are so rampant. Why is no one caring about this?

My ancestor, the original caveman was all natural, organic, and freshly breathing. He consumed water, nuts, vegetables, fruits, herbs, seeds, cereals--mostly uncooked-definitely NOT processed. Then 40,000 years back my recent ancestors started to cook food…

My present friends, along with me, consume sugar, sweets, biscuits, chocolates, coffee, tea, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, processed milk, refined and processed carbohydrates, with ZERO nutritional value. ( white rice, white flour, white sugar, pasta ,bread…the list is end less…).Some of the foods like milk come from animals fed with chemicals supplements and are processed. I am distressed, I am diseased.

My friends have categorized their health problems into specific diseases. They are looking for a single ”MAGIC BULLET”….to CURE them of their lifestyle disorders. They want a “QUICK-FIX”…. A one-pop-pill solution…

This is NOT what I need. I am challenged nutritionally and also lifestyle wise. So, I have decided … Enough is enough, I am going to move away from my contemporaries.


I am not fragile, My body is not fragile. I am the end result of thousands of generations , the pinnacle of evolutionary perfection.. A genetic champion. Let me regain my lost glory. I will break free NOW. Come, Join ME. I am on my onward journey through virgin paths in a dense forest. My Health is MY CONCERN…I do not need RDs to suggest this to me.

But first let me put down some thoughts on how this all came about and what are all the good things surrounding us.. First, there was the SUN and then there was vitamin D…..


Our skin naturally produces our body's supply of vitamin D from direct exposure to bright midday sun with a mere ten or fifteen minutes' exposure per day. Simple? NO..The devil is in the details. Please Read ON…

Many of my friends are modern day "cavemen." Even when the sun's rays are strong enough to provide people with adequate sun exposure, you may be unable to get the vitamin D you require because you're cooped up inside all day. Most people get very little sun exposure during the summer. Their reasons might include working an indoor job during all the peak sunlight hours, avoiding the heat of the day, or cultural dress codes.

For decades, we have been the target of a misinformation campaign from the media and conventional medicine that created a fear of sunshine. Therefore, most people either intentionally or unintentionally avoid the sun -- or smear on sunscreen that blocks the beneficial wavelengths that produce vitamin D in your skin. ( Sun’s ray has UV-A, -B and-C)(UV-A causes sunburn and tan, UV-B generates vitamin D, UV-C is what is used for killing all the germs and bacteria in your home-water purifiers.)

For people working office jobs—or used to slathering on SPF 30 sunscreen to block the sun’s rays—sunlight isn’t always enough. Even on the weekend, if it's rainy, you may miss sun exposure. If that's your situation, you probably don't receive the vitamin D you need.

And did you know that your car, home, and office windows block most of the sun's wavelengths that your skin needs to produce vitamin D? So don't count on getting it indoors -- or in your car.

Further, if you live in an industrial area with high-sulfur content air pollution (acid haze) blocking the sun's rays, your levels are likely low.

Your bare skin needs at least 10-15 minutes of exposure to direct sunlight ( Sun above 30 deg in the horizon) every day to produce the vitamin D you need. Just as with windows, jackets and long pants also block the sun's valuable wavelengths.

•Overweight people. Individuals who are overweight often have considerably higher needs for vitamin D because vitamin D is oil soluble and hidden in their fat.

•Pregnant women. New evidence suggests that vitamin D levels during pregnancy may be critically important for you and your baby.

•The elderly. As you age, your skin loses the ability to generate vitamin D. Plus, the elderly tend to spend more time indoors.

•Dark-skinned people. Darker-skinned people have higher melanin levels, which blocks UVB radiation and limits the body's ability to produce vitamin D3.

What's more, vitamin D is very rare in foods, and is only available in very limited quantities in eggs, liver and fatty fish.

Current scientific research suggests that all cells and tissues in your body have vitamin D receptors (VDR)-- and further concludes that every cell and tissue needs vitamin D for its well-being. Vitamin D affects your DNA through these VDRs, which bind to specific locations of the human genome. Scientists have identified nearly 3,000 genes that are influenced by vitamin D levels, and vitamin D receptors have been found throughout the human body.

The serum level of 25(OH)-vitamin D must be at least 50 to 70 ng/mL. Sunlight, ingestion of vitamin D in milk or vitamin D supplements are the only three routes for getting vitamin D. UV-B cabins of West are kept out of this discussion since it is not yet relevant in India.

It has been shown, how by combining the science of measurement (of vitamin D levels) with the personal choice of taking action and, the value of education about individual measures that one can truly be in charge of their own health. It is never late to be wise. Another name for learning is LIFE….

Scientists believe that vitamin D appears to play a crucial role and serves a wide range of fundamental biological functions relating to many aspects of our health. Vitamin D engages in very complex metabolic processes within our body. But to do that it needs the help of many other nutrients and vitamins. Read ON …for a fascinating story of how man’s evolution under the SUN made him to utilize the sun’s rays to his benefit…


Reminder: The Best Form of Vitamin D Does Not Come in a Pill...

It's important to realize that the IDEAL way to optimize your vitamin D level is not by taking a pill, but rather allowing your body to do what it was designed to do — create vitamin D from sun exposure . Sunlight is better for a number of reasons:

•It is natural.

•When you expose your skin to the sun, your skin also synthesizes high amounts of cholesterol sulfate, which is very important for cardiovascular health. In fact, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, believes that high LDL and associated heart disease may in fact be a symptom of cholesterol sulfate deficiency. Sulfur deficiency, in fact, also promotes obesity and related health problems like diabetes. (More of this in later blogs)

•You cannot get overdosed.

The only way to determine whether you’re within the therapeutic range is to regularly test your vitamin D3 levels. If it is less than 50ng/mL, then you might have to go for D3 supplements.{ One of my friends ( F-age 32 yrs. Otherwise, extremely healthy) was diagnosed with ‘ Non- haemorrhagic focal infarct in left medial thalamus’ about 9 months back. Her D3 level was 5.06ng/mL. With vitamin D3 supplement her level is now 38.2 ng/mL.}.

Let us just digress for a moment here….For so long, we've been told to take calcium for osteoporosis... and vitamin D, which we know is helpful. But then, more studies are coming out showing that increased calcium intake is causing more heart attacks and strokes. That created a lot of confusion around whether calcium is safe or not. But that's the wrong question to be asking, because we'll never properly understand the health benefits of calcium or vitamin D, unless we take into consideration K2. That's what keeps the calcium in its right place."

So, what is this vitamin K and how does fit into our knowledge about vitamin D?

Vitamin K engages in a delicate dance with vitamin D; whereas vitamin D provides improved bone development by helping you absorb calcium, there is new evidence that vitamin K2 directs the calcium to your skeleton, while preventing it from being deposited where you don't want it -- i.e., your organs, joint spaces, and arteries. A large part of arterial plaque consists of calcium deposits (atherosclerosis), hence the term "hardening of the arteries."

Vitamin K mainly comes in two forms -- K1 or K2 -- and it is important to understand the differences between them.

1.Vitamin K1 : Found in green vegetables, K1 goes directly to your liver and helps you maintain a healthy blood clotting system & keeps your own blood vessels from calcifying, and helps your bones retain calcium.

2.Vitamin K2: Research published in Atherosclerosis found that high dietary intake of vitamin K2 is associated with reduced coronary calcification (hardening of the arteries), a result that should also lessen your risk of heart disease. It is present in fermented foods, particularly cheese and the Japanese food natto,( prepared from fermented soya) which is by far the richest source of K2.

3.Vitamin K3: Is synthetic and manmade.

Why Might Vitamin K2 be so Beneficial for Your Heart?

A recent meta-analysis ( this type of analysis, with all its drawbacks, is still a good attempt at arriving at truth.) looked at studies involving people taking calcium in isolation, without complementary nutrients like magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K2, showed that calcium can build up in coronary arteries and cause heart attacks. So if you are going to take calcium, you need to be sure you have balanced it with vitamin D and vitamin K.

While the ideal or optimal ratios between vitamin D and vitamin K2 have yet to be elucidated, Rheume-Bleue suggests about 150-200 micrograms of K2 will meet the need for the "average" healthy person.

Vitamin K2 not only helps to prevent hardening of your arteries, which is a common factor in coronary artery disease and heart failure, it also is an nutritional intervention for improving bone density, and for varicose veins. People with the highest intakes of vitamin K2 from their diet had a 20 percent lower risk of diabetes compared with those with the lowest intakes, according to the latest research from University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands. Past studies have also shown vitamin K to help reduce the progression of insulin resistance

As for dietary sources, eating lots of green vegetables, especially kale, spinach, collard greens, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, will increase your vitamin K1 levels naturally. For vitamin K2, cheese is an excellent source, the only other source being natto, ( A Japanese and Korean delicacy made from fermented soya). Most yoghurts have almost no vitamin K2. Fermented vegetables, which are one of my new passions, primarily for supplying beneficial bacteria back into our gut, can be a great source of vitamin K if you ferment your own using the proper starter culture. Samples of high-quality fermented organic vegetables made with specific starter culture when tested, showed that a typical serving of about two to three ounces contain about 10 trillion beneficial bacteria, but it also contained 500 mcg of vitamin K2. There's no way to test for vitamin K2 deficiency.

The Importance of Magnesium

As mentioned previously, magnesium is another important player to allow for proper function of calcium. Vitamin K2 and magnesium complement each other, as magnesium helps lower blood pressure, which is an important component of heart disease.

Vegetables and whole grains are good dietary sources of magnesium. However, grains MUST be prepared properly to remove phytates and anti-nutrients that can otherwise block your absorption of magnesium.

The Role of Vitamins D and K in Diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes develops due to malfunctioning of the immune system. Mounting scientific evidence indicates that vitamin D plays a vital role in the normal functioning of the immune system and vitamin D deficiency can lead to the malfunctioning of the immune system

Life-style factors that are well known to cause Type 2 diabetes include obesity, old age and physical inactivity. It’s interesting to note that all of these factors also cause vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is important for normal glucose metabolism. In recent years, researchers have linked low vitamin D levels to insulin resistance and diabetes. Overcoming insulin resistance, in particular, could be a way to head off type 2 diabetes before it sets in. Over driving the beta cells by the use of sulphonylureas in the treatment of diabetes should a get a recall.

1. Vitamin D acts through several mechanisms on glucose metabolism:

2. Vitamin D directly acts on the muscle and fat cells to improve insulin action by reducing insulin resistance. In a study in the U.S., researchers found that vitamin D and calcium supplementation were able to reduce progression from pre-diabetes to diabetes. This protective effect of vitamin D was similar to other interventions such as a weight reducing diet, intense exercise and use of the drug, metformin. Evidence from interventional trials suggests that combined vitamin D and calcium supplementation may help prevent type 2 DM in only some populations at high risk for diabetes

3. Vitamin D indirectly improves insulin production and it’s action by improving the level of calcium inside the cells. For calcium to be directed to cells we need vitamin K2.

The researchers have found that people who had higher level of vitamin D were less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. Thus vitamin D appears to have a protective effect against the development of Type 2 diabetes. Intuitively, to tell vitamin D deficiency can lead to diabetes is at the time, far fetched though there are numerous scientific studies which indicate the same.

Vitamin D is not a drug. There is no glory or huge profits in simply telling people to take enough vitamin D.

A Return to Common Sense

All in all, what most well-performed research is ultimately showing is that the rules of health are actually fairly simple and straightforward. Your health is a direct reflection of your total lifestyle, with diet being the predominant factor.

The primary factor of “a healthy diet” is wholesome food, grown in a natural way, without genetic tinkering and toxic chemicals. Food that is sprayed with agricultural chemicals, genetically altered, processed, pasteurized and irradiated, and then reformulated with added synthetic nutrients, additives and fillers, simply cannot take the place of real food. You cannot eat trash and supplement your way to radiant health. THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLET….

It’s also inadvisable to get too hung up on individual nutrients, as virtually all nutrients are dependent on other dietary factors for optimal function. Food supplement (XXX, sorry, YYY will CURE disease ZZZ…). Such statements do not have a place.) Aggressive supplementation can sometimes add to the problem by worsening nutritional deficiencies. This problem can largely be circumvented by eating a varied whole food diet, and in the case of vitamin D, you can expose large amounts of your skin to sunshine regularly. {Recommended is 40 % of your body to 20 minutes of sun’s rays ( above 30 deg horizon)}

It’s really not rocket science, and I would recommend placing a little less stock in those who insist that every single nutrient must be scientifically proven beneficial in order to validate a sensible whole food diet over processed alternatives. You cannot fool nature. And you can only fool your body for so long.


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I am honoured by your gesture of taking some time to write your thoughts on my blog and also elucidate your approach to heal the body and NOT heal the disease.

I appreciate your good gesture.

I agree, my blogs sometimes (or may be many times) are longish, If I shorten and give just points without giving reasons an intelligent reader will quest for more. Still I will try to trim my blogs. I take your advice in the right sense.

Thank you,



thank you. very good information. god bless you


A very valuable article! Such topics will not be of interest to pharma industry unfortunately. A few references can be given for further reading. Finally a simple list of action points will summarize the suggestions.

Thanks again.


I can give references to my articles. That will make the typo still longer..

Your second suggestion is very much needed in the fast pace of our life.

In my future blogs I will try to summarise and maybe highlight some of the actions that can be taken. ( This has a negative side to it. Recently one reader wrote , referring to my blog that " such blogs should be authenticated by doctors)

I am not averse to critical comments. On the contrary I would welcome. I strongly believe that there are always points and counter points. But, when medical issues are concerned there are FACTS. How we arrive at Facts is Learning.


You are very true in all your logic. However in the professional world you know along with a detailed report/proposal there will be an Executive Summary. This is very essential even though it misses many points/logical arguments and surely not a substitute of the details... Both are required.



I am aware , I had years of exposure to writing such ES.

( It is for our bosses to read in airports and during their flight... Just joking)

I will certainly add it to my future blogs..




That's fine but what do you say about the diminishing ozone layer due to the rapid industrialization,


You have raised a question and answered yourself. I have nothing left to answer.

But since my profession earlier was environment I would one day write about that.

Not very sure of the context, though.....


exllent article! keep sharing some more info.....




Dear KK MM SS! I have seen your narration and in the first place I am under the obligation to offer my note of appreciation for the effort taken by you for keeping the health conscious people informed of the basic requirements of care to be taken. On my part I never relish moving away from the surroundings of nature. Hence I never shy away to keep myself aloof from the sun's rays. I always try to keep myself nearer to the nature with in the constraints imposed by the present way of life. Because whether you like it or not you cannot keep yourself completely away from closed chambers and houses with some artificial man made environment. While accepting this man made situation to a limited extent we shall try to live a natural way of life and that is by being nearer to the nature. I allow myself to be in Sun (wherever the occasion comes) and why even I would strive to remain in the open sky and in the relentless blowing of winds. Why? Because of Lord Buddha's well defined saying. Lord Buddha once said to his disciples-"When the Sun shines you won't come out because it is hot. When the sky rains then also you would not come out . Because you get drenched. And when there is snow fall again you would not come out. Because you would be facing chilliness. Then how and when would you lead your life?" Now I feel you might not have touched two things if I am other wise not wrong. What are they?

1) certain deceases may attack us due to original frame work of genes and in such cases the occurrence of decease may be of inevitable nature, In this case we may not be wipe it off by merely making ourselves accessible to the natural surroundings. We can only reduce it's impact. Could this be possible by reducing artificial chemical medicines and by taking natural ingredients only? Let us analyse.

2)State of bodily health is inter linked with state of the mind. In fact the impact of the mind would be much more deeper on overall health.. I feel unless we reach certain level of stability of mind and achieve a genuine sense of well being at the depth of our heart it may not be able for us to reach our goal of genuine state of health. To achieve this state of mind we shall possess genuine sense of concern for the well being of our fellow beings. Not only this. we shall as far as possible try to renounce unwanted comforts and we shall also try to reduce our unlimited dependence on machines (including vehicles) for every call of our need.


I agree some times we are bound bu circumstances to become the modern caveman..

But it is left us to BREAK FREE.

As my niece( Ayurveda doctor) suggested " You allot yourself 30 minutes per day to YOURSELF, when you do NOT do any thing. No Paper, No talking, NO TV, No mobile, NO chat session, No Facebook. NO NOTHING.

What do you during this 1800 seconds? DO NOTHING....

Lie down and APPRECIATE your body through YOUR MIND.

Call it by what ever name you want. You call it meditation, yoga ( though yogasanas are different).

Coming to your two suggestions: I have NOT touched those for the time being.. I am gathering material for addressing these two issues. Homework is a MUST.

You will see my blogs on both topics in a month's time....


Dear Friends

I have following comments/suggestions to keep diabeties under control and live happily:

1. Keep worries apart by doing yoga/ pranayama/bhastika/ Mandook aashana/sit on Vajra aashana after food. If possible sing and laugh in group or lonely. I works as tension buster.

2. Take right amount of food u like pererably more pulses less carbohydrates. Use garlic/spinach/ onion in plenty in food cooking

3. Walk normal or brisk as you could do easiliy continuously 40-45 minutes:

4. Make daily routine for sleeping 7hrs.

5. Follow Dr. advice in case of emergency. Do not derive your conclusion on disease unless it is diagnosed by Dr. Always take 2nd or 3rd opinion.

The above may take 2-3 hrs time daily for health. But worth to live healthy.

All the best

F Singh


A wonderful presentation and an informative one. All should read this to gain an exposure.


You r letter is so informative , you need to accept the fact that CHANGE is inevitable.So your message is also the part of the change [of yourself ] to current scenario.KEEP IN MIND this proverb, ONE TIME UP - ONE TIME DOWN - THE CIRCLE IS COMPLETED - healingheartstveli


YES Of course The ONLY thing which is CONSTANT is CHANGE.

It is HOW WE respond to it separates humans from lower animals.


i do above from last 7 yrs but i digonised Diabetes just before 2 yrs back , i do yoga daily , if it is not tolerated by this when i had no health problem . why i started this as i have family history of diabetes . but couidnt skip . now i believe only follow the doctors instruction and set life style only the best way to control sugar level .


I appreciate your sentiments.

" I believe only follow the doctors instruction...."

You become the Captain of your ship and master of your destiny then where is the need for doctors, at least in the context of controlling your sugar which is basically a LIfe style and nutrition problem. ( I am a great devotee of individual doctors but may have strong view on Pharma world; But this is NOT the forum for our personal sentiments.

You have highlighted " Luife style change to control your blood sugar" Exactly..

To borrow the words....." Yes.. YOU CAN "


I do admit that the best way to avoid many a decreases is to follow nature , but is it possible in the present day situations?


It is YOUR LIFE.. YOUR Health... If YOU do not make it posssible then who will.

Your mind has a very good positive feedback system.

If you start thinking negatively on a particular day you will decend to melancholy and depression at the end of day

If you start the day with some positive thinking , You will be re-energised at the end of the day.

IT IS YOU and NOT the situations however in surmountable it looks.

BREAK FREE... Stop being the frog in a kettle which is being warmed slowly. Enjoying life for the moment... But tommorrow,.... ?

Please.. This is not a lecture to you. I was loudly thinking...


Dear kkmmss

very knowledgeable - you are!

Let me tell you that diabetes is 100% curable through acupuncture / acupressure by way of using Biji Meridians! visit: bijimeridians.webs.com/ and BIJI MERIDIANS a closed group on facebook.com


1. avoid bad fat

2. do some exercise / yogasanas

3. consume fiber (sprouted gram, moong, and methi say 100gm+ 50gm + 50 gm )

3 months continuous practice can cure type 2

In many cases type 1 can too be cured


Thanks for the link

It was timely as I am now reading about energy fields, mudras, meditation, acupuncture and acupressure.

I will first try to understand the essence of all these methods

They unify only at one point.



Thanks again


it is a very useful articile


keep sharing Caveman1951


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