How to restore intestinal flora, and what happens if you don't?

Besides making passable stools, gut bacteria also synthesize vitamins B-7 (biotin), B-12, and K. The deficiency of these essential vitamins contributes to diabetes, obesity, hair loss, gray hair, eczema, seborrhea, anemia, internal bleedings, ulcers, strokes, cancers, degenerative disorders such as Parkinson and Alzheimer disease, and common gastrointestinal, respiratory, and autoimmune disorders.

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The increase of B-group vitamin concentrations in fermented/functional foods is possible through judicious selection of microbial species and cultivation conditions.

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  • Albert et al. (3) (1980) measured B12 production of bacteria in the small intestines of people in India using a Euglena gracilis Z assay. Results were confirmed by an Ochromonas malhamensis assay, which is thought to be specific for active B12. They determined that some active B12 was produced by members of the bacteria genera Klebsiella and Pseudomonas. Further confirmation using chromatography and bioautography showed a molecule with similar properties to cyanocobalamin.

    Yeah....guess Indian ppl know how to eat....more healthy habits in own country...Indians are known to use various spices..pickles...turmeric...cinnamon.. butter milk...and many healthy things which are virtually absent in western food.

    Once they migrate...habits change owing to non availability/cost prohibition of Indian spices and ingredients.

  • No they don't!

    Diabetes in India is HUGE and not ameliorated by culture.

    Are you kidding?

    We don't know 'Indians are known to use various spices..pickles...turmeric...cinnamon.. butter milk...and many healthy things which are virtually absent in western food'.

    Go down to your average curry house and ask them how many spices above are absent from the takeaway they just bought!

    Get real!

  • By and large without all those spices and ingredients you can not call it Indian food....

    By the way I strongly believe Diabetes is gift of greedy western culture.

  • '' DIABETES is gift of greedy western culture'' . So you can adapt that diet and get success with that diet .wish you all the best .not a satire ,truly

  • which diet exactly saswathy ???

  • Lchf

  • That's what you been following ------na

  • what is western in that??

  • High fat . In orient it had been a balanced DIet as far as my KNOWLEDGE GOES .WiTH ALL THE ADJECTIVES LIKE ''STUPID , NONSENSICAL , IDIOTIOTIC '' food from centuries IT had been the same. OUT OF TOTAL CALORIES 60% from fats had never BEEN heard of .For want of any other term , I used western food . I do not hate it . Just because we are defending our food , one can 't call us haters of that food . We just do not subscribe to that view .Any way I DON'T mean any offense when I referred to that food .

  • saswathy Are you saying that what westerners eat is LCHF?

  • No , But of late the movement picked up there too with Bernstein's case .

  • Mike

    Y0u are not aware about indian food style and cooking various recipe .you are sitting here to talk in negative mood

  • Don't know why he is here in Diabetes India....

    When there are many other forums on health unlocked... but out of his 174 posts....more than 95% of his posts are in Diabetes India....

    Total negative mind....

    May be he is being rejected at all other places....

  • good point

  • Try experimenting with a combo of pre and pro-biotics and not just pro-biotics as many say that pro-biotics in absence of pre only causes expensive poo.

  • Getting B12 through intestine bacteria is not a good idea...apart from B12 part I read this :

    Apart from this the author of grain brain says gut chemistry is responsible for many conditions related to brain from grave to mild including depression:

    This field is still evolving and we can get many surprising and simple solution through this ..

    Its better to ferment food and eat fresh fermented food without any modification to it to avoid disturbance to flora in food...fermented food are better idea to get B12

  • Nice links karch

    yesterday I was just joking with suramo ...but seems this is fact...

    link says they are going to apply for patent ....

    Hope we will get those tablets soon.....

    besides this there one more spice which is used here....we call it 'Dagadful'/Parmelia perlata

    here is link for the same... it is sort of algae.....

  • This pill will not come to market easily...or if comes ...may be not that know why??...the drug companies ...doctors all will go in loss...there must be many potent researches like this have been buried to make the profit ...diabetes sone ka anda dene wali murgi hai doctors k liye....medical community will not it go easily :) In todays world cancer is curable but diabetes not why...though diabetes is quite old disease...test strips are so costly ...while mobile got cheaper and cheaper...Many people must have cured diabetes stories on internet ...why ??

    I know the spice you mentioned ...It smells quite nice...we put it in mushroom curry and lauki wali chana daal , because of nice aroma...i noticed when I eat mushroom my bs readings less...may be because of this spice :) and I thought because of mushroom :D :D

  • yes karch

    planted moles like MikePollard will try to sabotage and divert mind to some useless things...

  • Liver is said to be the lower brain and it is as important as the upper brain, if not more .Idlies , dosas , fermented cooked dals and sambars all supply the required probiotics , though certain loss of the same is inherent in the process of preparation . I think that could be a reason for not having diabetes or other diseases and for immunity from many diseases in the olden days .

  • Eggs ,meat ,fermented foods , some kinds of liquors , wines all are thamasic foods . I wonder as to what is the connection between diabetes and thamasic foods , the intake of which is good for getting rid of diabetes.

  • Guess diabetes is due to consumption of excess Rajas food.... to to nullify the effect you have to consume either tamasik or satvik food....

  • That's a funny observation .

  • :D are applying newtons third law here ...

  • here is one nice link about effect of spices used in Indian food...

    it says....

    The lichen,P. perlata also showed very significant and dose dependent reduction

    in blood glucose levels. The antihyperglycemic effect of P. perlata at a dose

    200 mg extract/kg rat body weight was also almost equaly comparable to gliclazide (1.6 mg/ kg rat body weight). Among the five plants,M. Malabarica showed

    very significant blood glucose lowering activity. At a concentration of 200 mg extract/kg rat body weight,M.Malabarica showed better antihyperglycemic activity than the commercially used sulfonylurea, gliclazide.The remaining two plants,

    I. verum and T. copticum demonstrated lowering of blood glucose as compared to diabetic control however the activity was not very significant.

  • means ....spicy food is good for diabetes overall tamsik food suits diabetics :D :D

  • I used to wonder why people who eat more spicy food , meat eggs are more healthier .and dont get diseases easily contrary to what ayurveda says I have started understanding

  • karch now I am getting to the answer..why Ayurveda prohibit curd to diabetic....

    May be curd is rich of certain bacteria which are not useful for diabetic gut flora.

    But now I strongly feel pickles should be good for diabetes...and better if it is Haldi ka achar.

  • @cure

    Can u elaborate on this curd for diabetes?


    Madhava nidan , an ancient text of 7th century has described causes of prameha which of course ultimately get converted to madhumeha or diabetes. Indulgence in different types of tastes, sleeping for late hours, use of curd, flesh of domestic, aquatic and marshy places, milk and its preparation, fresh grains, fresh water, puddings made of jaggery or sugar and all other factors which bring about similar effects bring about increase of kapha in the body are the causes of prameha .

    While discussing the causes of prameha , Charaka said excessive use of fresh grains, new legumes, meat of domesticated, marshy and aquatic animals, green vegetables, sesamum paste, preparation of flour, rice prepared in milk, preparation of rice cooked with pulses, paste like preparation of rice, sugarcane products, milk, fresh wine, immature curd and liquids, sweets and fresh substances, abstinence from cleanliness and physical exercise, indulgence in sleep, lying down and sitting continuously for long duration and other regimen producing kapha, fat and urine constitute way that lead to prameha or diabetes.

  • Now here Shashikantiyengar it says curd increases Kafa dosha....

    according to Ayurveda...all problems are due to imbalance of kafa-vata-and pitta.

    Now here curd is suppose to increase kafa when diabetes is due to pitta....curd may be helpful to balance the same??

    I don't know.... some one who knows further deep must comment on the same...

  • Pickles are good from fermentation point of view . But what about the excess salt added to pickles?

  • Our pickles are not fermented ..just preserved by adding oil and salt ...there is no live bacteria in pickles...anything which has live bacteria will keep on fermenting even though at slow speed sometimes...and it will go sour as time passes

    The pickles in India made are either preserved in oil , vingegar or sometimes in lemon juice ...those does not have live bacteria ....only paani wala achar which sindhis make , are the one which have live cultures....

    If any fermented beverage spend more time outside of friz...lactic acid bacteria die the lactic acid concentration is too much that it starts working as preservative which some other bacteria start to breed...not sure which kind of bacteria thrive at what time in fermented food...and which state of fermented food is healthiest for us ??

  • Yes.

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