It has been found that 50% of the diabetics are indoor people who are not exposing them to the sun. Go to your best of the best friend sun after 1030 am and before 4 pm when sun is 50 degrees above the horizon for 30 minutes every third day dont go daily expose at least arms feet and face to sun. More area you expose lesser is duration required or more the benefit. It will give you sufficient vitamin D your real doctor for free. Vitamin d helps formation of insulin when peak demand is created for it. It helps reduce your diabetes. It helps fight autoimmune diseases like diabetes psoriasis arthrites and so on. It prevents cancers, arthrites ,is good for brain, eyes, body pains,general weakness ,spine, fight infections, bone strength and their health. In old age you may not be able to make vitamin d from sun so take it orally take sufficient ammout of vitamins and minerals through fruit or supplements. STAY AWAY FROM DIABETES.

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  • Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin - you can obtain it from natural fat wholefoods, not fruit.

  • Mushroom has VIT D. Mushrooms exposed to UV has higher VIT D.

  • you get here is very little

  • Any Vit D is not the answer. What is effectively used by body is sulphated form of Vit D. That is only possible with expose to sun with good amount of cholesterol in the body. The chemical structure of cholesterol and vit D are almost same.

    If not much cholesterol is available in body and still we expose to sun we see tanning of skin.

  • the information is good but language may lead to confusion

  • When your shadow is longer than your height then it's no point being in sun as then your body would be making least VIT D.

  • Leaving aside the many techical and medical issues apart, the main thing to be taken note of is going into the sun for some time(almost daily) -say for about 10to 15 minutres is a must.This is essential not only for diabetis but also for other purposes as well.,If this can not be done due to old age and immobility then the alternative has to be found in cunsultation with the doctor..

  • take orall supplement like calcirol at least once in a month in old age you body may not make d3

  • you are right but you should go in sun alternate day as the vitamind formed takes 48hrs to go down into body from skin and it also gets damaged after 45 minutes of exposure. If you apply soap or TAKE BATH IT MAY BE WASHED DOWN. In old age you may not form it from sun

  • In 1975 due to heat stroke my movements are affected. Drs advise me dont go in hotsun

  • dear sir vitamin d is very essential you can get it through supplements

  • thanks for yor response. I never questioned the essentiality of having D vit and therefore I suggested whenever some body finds it diifficulat to go into sun they may have to consult the doctor and find alternative,But for others I feel that it is a must

  • Dear ghbhuria! I have seen your valuable comment But I still insist on having sun exposure of not more than 15 minutes in case of ordinary people of average health. we need not be too technical on the matter if I am not otherwise wrong.

  • Dear my effort is to create awarenwss rest is upto your convenience so for as i have learnt vit d subject is very techenical unless u are very close to nature and use of modern things very minimal

  • thanks

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