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Reposting of comments on depression and the gut. How to heal the gut naturally


The following has been copied from another thread and covers issues about the role of the gut in depression, and ACAC has such useful advice here about how to heal the gut that I have reposted it for people who missed that thread.

My husband has had depression and anxiety for quite a few years prior to diagnosis. He has been on fluoxetine then mirtazapine which have made him suicidal then drowsy and apathetic. We have changed diet eliminating all sugar, gluten, Deep fried and processed food, and eat much more Veges, nuts , seeds. We have been supplementing with vitamins b1, b multi, multi, magnesium, fish oil, d, k and he has been exercising with walking an hour most days, qigong, finger exercises, lsvt big. We have slowly weaned him off his depression drugs over 3 months and his depression has gone and anxiety comes and goes but no worse than on the drugs. The good thing is his apathy, lack of motivation and daytime sleepyness have disappeared too and his face has become less frozen. Not sure if they were PD or the depression drugs now! His gait and slow hands are still unchanged. He isn’t on PD drugs at all.

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Basih101in reply to LAJ12345

24 days ago

I certainly agree; my husband takes the above supplements plus Ashwagandha which is a big help. He is Italian so won't give up his gluten (pasta).

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ACACin reply to LAJ12345

19 days ago

For those struggling with devastating Clinical Depression / Apathy and weighing different treatment options, before deciding on pharmaceuticals for treatment, please consider researching the links between Leaky Gut and Depression. There is a lot of information on the Web about the Gut-Brain Connection: how improperly digested food molecules can cause inflammation in the brain, disrupt natural chemical balance in the brain, trigger Clinical Depression, etc. Many people now have very unhealthy gut flora, compared to generations ago, due to major Lifestyle changes in the past couple of decades. Healing the lining of the small intestine and rebalancing gut flora can go a long way to restoring some joy in Life and improving how we connect with loved ones.

1. Test for fungal (i.e. yeast) and bad bacteria infection in the small intestine: the URINARY Organic Acids Test is far more accurate and informative than any STOOL test for these infections, and some labs will offer a free phone consultation to discuss results - our Family uses Great Plains Laboratory , , but there are some other labs that also have a really good Organic Acids test.

2. Test stool for Ova & Parasites (our Family uses The Parasitology Center ).

3. Based on results, treat for any infections under the guidance of a Medical Doctor specializing in Functional Medicine or a Naturopath.

4. After treatment, do Post-Testing to ensure the infection has been eliminated.

If results show massive yeast infection (Candida), which is quite common now, Probiotic capsules alone are NOT powerful enough to heal a Leaky Gut, nor is just doing a "gluten-free" diet. The most powerful treatment I know of to starve off the yeast, heal the lining of the small intestine (i.e. heal the Leaky Gut), and restore good bacteria is the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), which goes further than just "gluten-free". This medical diet was designed by Dr. Sidney Haas several decades ago for Crohn's, colitis, and celiac patients. It is outlined in Elaine Gottschall's book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle", and there are many SCD communities on the Web that provide free support with this. is a website for Autism Families, and they do an excellent job of laying out the "Intro Diet" for SCD and the "Stages".

For someone with limited energy, the work of shifting onto the SCD can seem very daunting at first. However, once you've been on it for a few months, and through the Intro Stages, it is not as much work and food starts to taste amazing. It is such a high leverage treatment for helping to rebalance MANY systems in your body (i.e. not just Neurological, but also GI, Urological, Dermatological, Immune Systems, etc.), that it makes it so worth it. Huge bang for your Energy Buck once you've been on it for a few months. Having a family member or friend helping with food preparation in the early "Stages" would be a Godsend.

If results show Clostridium Difficile infection (bad bacteria) is causing the Leaky Gut, a Saccharomyces boulardii protocol, under a Naturopath's guidance, would be worth considering.

In the meantime, please also consider that some PwP stay indoors a lot, and that this lack of sunshine (lowered Vit D, serotonin...) can also greatly contribute to Depression and Apathy. People with Leaky Gut often do not absorb supplements very well (call it "Expensive Pee"). Getting a boost in Vit D/Serotonin from some regular sunshine a few times every week, in a healthy way (i.e. build up gradually, don't burn, don't go pink) can quickly make a world of difference, while you're trying to investigate healing your Leaky Gut.

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LAJ12345in reply to ACAC

19 days ago

Thanks for all that info!

I have posted the following on other threads a few days ago but will copy here again (sorry for being repetitive for those who have already read it) as I agree with you and I think it is an important step for people to take:

3 days ago

We have just got tests back which were ordered by the natural health doctor. My husband has had faeces test done for parasites and bacteria and yeast and he has no bifidobacterium and almost no lactobacillus which are bacteria common in most people. He also did a sibo test and it flatlined for hydrogen where normal guts' bacteria produce it after drinking the solution.He does have a strange bacteria at very high concentations called corynebacterium amycolatum which apparently is fairly resistent to a lot of antibiotics, and it feeds on mannitol! It is also common in PWP.

He has also had an organic acid test which shows biprodicts of yeast infections and bacteria. Also it has high readings in things that indicate fatty acids aren’t being processed properly, and others which are linked to diabetes and fatty liver though other blood tests etc done by the normal doctor didn’t indicate either of these.

He has also had DNA tests which show he would not process vitamins d, a, folate or b12 properly and that he should avoid all starches including wheat, potatoes and other grains, and dairy amongst other things.

I think his DNA has meant that on his previous diet which was pretty normal and healthier than the average person in New Zealand but included bread , potatoes , quite a bit of dairy, small amounts of sugar, meat and Veges he was susceptible to yeast and bacterial infections, he developed roceacea so the doctor put him on doxycycline which wiped out his good bacteria too. This exacerbated the problem in his DNA with the b vitamins and eventually led to depression as the neurotransmitters weren’t being produced and other strange biprodicts made him feel anxious. Then he was proscribed fluoxetine which made him suicidal (predictable according to his genes as he cannot process it properly) then mirtazapine which made him sleepy and apathetic so he wanted to sleep all day and wouldn’t exercise. Lack of exercise meant he piled on the weight, and was bordering on diabetes and fatty liver, which created oxidative processes damaging neutrons.

I think DNA analysis in his twenties and identifying metabolic process problems from his genes, this could have been predicted, then sticking to the correct diet would have prevented bacteria and yeast overgrowth, borderline obesity and PD.

Now we have to undo the whole mess! Vitamin supplements and mainly vegetable diet has made him lose lots of weight. His fungal toenail that he has had for years seems to be slightly better, the DNA tests say he needs b2 for metabolic processes that may get stuck, and the urine test says he needs b1, b3, b6, d, b5, ala, mg, berberine to support liver, allicin from garlic to kill bad bacteria and fungi then probiotics to replenish the missing ones.

I have now looked more thoroughly at the test results and they show high arabinose in the urine which indicates yeast or fungi but the faeces test for Candida has come back lower than average. What other things produce very high arabinose I wonder. He has very high aerobes to anaerobes ratio. Ie 18.06 compared to a normal range of 1-2. The naturopath says the corynebacterium feeds on mannose which he has been taking like a lot of people on the forum.

His DNA tests do say to avoid all starches including wheat, potatoes grain , plus dairy so now along with the berberine / allicin we have cut these foods out to try and starve it. He has been feeling quite ill this week on this regime. Now he is supposed to take the probiotic to replace good bacteria for for a week. Not sure if he needs to be taking some substrate like starch or milk for it to feed on or whether that will grow up the bad guys again. Can you advise?

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ACACin reply to LAJ12345

19 days ago

Oh my gosh LAJ! My heart is just going out to you and your husband. It sounds like you are extremely dedicated to supporting your husband, and he is very lucky to have you. I know that you and your husband have put tremendous work into this, and that together, through your diligence, he has already made significant gains. I have profound respect for that, so please do not take what I'm about to say as criticism, but I am going to be very blunt. Reading your last reply, my alarm bells are going off.

Please forgive me if I misunderstood, but it sounds like you and your husband recently have been advised, based on testing, to make a great many treatment changes at once, and that some of it might be getting more complicated than it needs to be.

I respect that each person has decide for themselves what approach is going to work best for them. However, in case it can help with avoiding pitfalls, I am passing on what I have learned and experienced over 28 years as our family desperately sought treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Clostridium difficile infection, and now for our aunt with Parkinson's:

1. THE RULE OF "ONE TREATMENT AT A TIME": One of the most disruptive things that can happen to a person who is already experiencing serious "multi-system dysregulation" is to layer on more than one treatment change at a time - even with something as "simple" as natural supplements. If they have a reaction to one of the treatments, it can become very challenging to sort out which treatment caused it, and what needs to be done to adjust. This of course also can contribute significantly to stress, confusion and discouragement for both the PwP and their Caregiver. I am saying this because we've been there, did that, and learned the hard way not to do this. When we recently started working with my aunt with Parkinson's, we were very careful to layer in only ONE new treatment at a time, and then wait several weeks to observe her body's response, before adding in the next layer.

2. FOCUS ON ONLY A FEW VERY HIGH LEVERAGE TREATMENTS: For the very complex illnesses our family has dealt with, we had much greater success (i.e. "Moved Mountains") when we shifted our focus to just a few key, high leverage treatments. We chose treatments known to be safe and extremely effective, learning everything we could about them, and doing them well - again, introducing them one at a time. Simple, solid and straightforward gave us the most significant results. Our old way of trying to implement a very lengthy, VERY OVERWHELMING list of "add-all-of-these-supplements-add-all-of-these-treatments" from our early, very well-meaning doctors and advice givers ended up depleting us all - physically, emotionally, financially, and just made one big, confusing mess. WHEN THE BODY IS THAT SICK, IT CAN'T HANDLE COMPLICATED, MULTI-PRONGED TREATMENT ALL AT ONCE.

My suggestion is to learn everything you can about Parkinson's (from this excellent Forum, Conferences, books, Neurology appointments...), BUT keep an eye out for "tried and true": which specific treatments have proven over the past few years to be both SAFE (i.e. not too much side-effect risk) and HIGHLY effective? (i.e. what in the past several years, has shown truly to "Move Mountains" for people - NOT the Bandwagon-latest-craze stuff that isn't tried and true). The treatment should be a "Foundational" type treatment - i.e. a single thing that if completely focused on, can take a very big load off the body, so that the body can begin regulating itself again, the way it was designed to do, at least on some levels. Then choose only 2 or 3 of those type treatments to focus on over the next couple of years. Conserve your energy & resources for those alone, and don't worry about the rest for right now.

Before implementing them, learn everything you can about those treatments to be able to do them "right" (e.g. pitfalls to watch out for on that treatment, etc.).

After a couple of years, reassess. Hopefully the PwP has had significant improvement in quality of Life and functioning, and together you can then tease out what treatment addition would help bring them to the next level - again keeping your focus on SIMPLE AND VERY HIGH LEVERAGE.

3. ORAL SUPPLEMENTS/VITAMINS: No matter which specific illness a person has, if they have Leaky Gut, it is extremely likely that their body is going to have a very difficult time absorbing and making proper use of oral supplements. As well, many brands of vitamins and supplements contain fillers that feed yeast. So until the lining of the leaky Small Intestine is healed, with few exceptions, taking multiple oral supplements could be wasted effort on all kinds of levels. This is discussed in Elaine Gottschall's book about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" (please see my post above). The SCD is set up in stages to allow the most easily digestible foods first, building on that over the weeks to allow for more and more nourishing foods as the body can tolerate them. The SCD is tried and true, and very well balanced nutritionally with whole foods. As the lining of your Small Intestine heals and good bacteria is built up, your GI System (for the first time in a long time!) begins to function the way it was designed to function and absorbs more and more vitamins and minerals from your food. If you absolutely feel you need to have a multi vitamin in your first few months on the diet, Gottschall has simple recommendations for this in her book.

4. TESTING and FOOD LISTS: Based on our family's experience, attendance at medical conferences, and all of the reading I have done, in my opinion, people with Depression/Apathy and known Leaky Gut do not need to worry about spending money on a DNA test or a whole bunch of other tests in order to make major progress. They only need to test to determine what type of Gut infection they have, because this determines treatment (please see my post above). In the case of Candida infection, the SCD treatment is extremely effective, and the allowable food list is pretty much the same for everyone, with only minor modifications if needed because of reactions or known, true food allergies. The book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" lays this out very well as do many of the SCD Community Websites. The website was designed for free support for Autism families on the SCD, but the information is so clearly laid out, it is very valuable for anyone doing the SCD to treat Candida infection. You and your husband have already modified your husband's diet very close to SCD, and would only need a few changes to bring it in line to completely rebalance gut flora to a healthy state. The important thing with SCD is that because Candida is tremendously feisty, in order to get the small intestine up and running again the way it was meant to, the SCD must be done 100% for a least a couple of years, not 99%. However there is incredible free support out there for how to do it 100%, and we know first hand that it is SO worth it. Doing 100% SCD moved mountains for us in healing Leaky Gut with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. When my aunt with Parkinson's went on just a Gluten-free diet, she did have some good improvement, but never actually fully healed her Leaky Gut - she chose not to do SCD, is back on gluten and currently is experiencing very debilitating GI issues. I am very sad about this, but absolutely respect her right to choose her own path.

"I have now looked more thoroughly at the test results and they show high arabinose in the urine which indicates yeast or fungi but the faeces test for Candida has come back lower than average. What other things produce very high arabinose I wonder."

If the urinary Organic Acid pre-test instructions were followed 100% (i.e. which foods not to eat because they can skew the results), then high Arabinose in the urine absolutely indicates Candida infection in the small intestine (arabinose is a marker for Candida). As I mentioned above, the stool (poop) tests for yeast and bad bacteria are very unreliable. When checking for YEAST and/or BAD BACTERIA infection in the small intestine, always go to the urinary Organic Acid Test results. Don't bother with the stool test. A specific stool test for OVA & PARASITES however is very helpful for checking for parasites.


"His DNA tests do say to avoid all starches including wheat, potatoes grain , plus dairy so now along with the berberine / we have cut these foods out to try and starve it. He has been feeling quite ill this week on this regime. Now he is supposed to take the probiotic to replace good bacteria for for a week. Not sure if he needs to be taking some substrate like starch or milk for it to feed on or whether that will grow up the bad guys again. Can you advise?"

This is all WAY TOO MANY different treatments to attack Candida at one time (Food changes, Berberine, Allicin from garlic, probiotics), and can trigger massive yeast Die-off which can be extremely debilitating, both physically and mentally! The body cannot handle this, especially someone who has had major Depression issues! No wonder your husband is feeling quite ill. If a doctor recommends doing this many anti-fungal treatments, they HAVE to be spread out over time, as each one causes some Die-off, and the body needs time to clear out the neuro-toxins that the yeast emit when they die off. I am flabbergasted that your natural health doctor would recommend such an aggressive attack all at once. I absolutely suggest speaking with a knowledgeable Naturopath immediately to mitigate this, and teach him how to do this in a much safer manner ASAP, or it could cause your husband a major setback.

When it is safe to begin again, the website also lays out very clearly how to spread out anti-fungal treatment (i.e. diet change layers, when and how to add in probiotics, when to add in other anti-fungals, like garlic..). They also offer great suggestions for how to handle die-off reactions along the way.

Very sorry for the length of this. Hope some of it is helpful.

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PDGal4in reply to ACAC

18 days ago


Thank you for your very thorough and informative post.

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LAJ12345in reply to ACAC

18 days ago

Yes, thanks so much for putting so much time into answering this it is a great help. I guess I had started all the diet changes about 5 months prior to seeing the natural doctor after doing some reading , and I and started him on the supplements then too.

The Parkinson’s specialist just told him to take sinemet and didn’t advise on any other action eg diet or exercise so I then decided to see if there was any natural remedies before starting on the drugs. Then I decided I wanted to get testing done to make sure the vitamins he was taking were sensible so I had to go to the natural doctor to be able to get the testing done.

She only prescribed the berberine allicin probiotic regime and the b2, the rest he had been doing for months with the diet. Are these two antifungals too powerful together? She was worried about the corynebacterium as it sound like it is quite resistant to antibiotics. He had been on doxycline for years too.

He has also been coming off the mirtazapine for 3 months so another big change overlaid and I think his current lousy feeling might be this too as he took the last dose last week (he was down to about 4 mg) .

The bit about starting on fluoxetine and mirtazapine and depression began 3-4 years ago and his PD diagnosis was in May this year.

So now after diet change 5 months ago and given he has just done the first week of anti fungal treatment is it a good idea to start the probiotic ?

The vitamins he has been taking for months had seemed to be improving his mood and facial expressions but it was hard to tell what was the vitamins and what was due to reducing mirtazapine. As you say it is very hard to tell what is causing what!

Thanks so much for taking the time to help😊

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ACACin reply to LAJ12345

3 days ago

Hello LAJ,

SO sorry to take so long to reply. We were away, and then had a lot going on.

"She only prescribed the berberine allicin probiotic regime and the b2, the rest he had been doing for months with the diet. Are these two antifungals too powerful together? "

You are actually talking about three agents that kill off fungals:

1 Berberine

2 Allicin

3 Probiotic

For treating Candida (yeast) infection in the Small Intestine, you would only layer in ONE of these anti-fungal treatments at a time, so that you don't trigger more yeast die-off than the body can clear out at one time - sometimes waiting SEVERAL weeks between each layer, allowing the body time to adjust (again has excellent instructions for how to go about all this). Following SCD guidelines (links in my previous posts), we have always started with the diet, then add in Probiotic treatment (SCD homemade yogurt), then add in any other anti-fungals one at a time (we use a daily, RAW garlic [i.e. allicin] protocol).

"So now after diet change 5 months ago and given he has just done the first week of anti fungal treatment is it a good idea to start the probiotic ?"

I'm sorry, I don't know anything about treating for Corynebacterium amycolatum. However, if your husband's natural doctor is recommending loading on all of this treatment at once, you must be aware of the huge Candida die-off that can be triggered in a short time, which can be so hard on the body. Ask her for support in how to mitigate this die-off. I would also ask her if a good, daily Raw Garlic (allicin) protocol ALONE would kill off the C. amycolatum, since it kills off so many different types of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Also, how was the Corynebacterium amycolatum infection diagnosed? Is it possible this is actually just a case of specimen collection contamination? Were two separate rounds of blood cultures taken to double check results? Please see interesting article:

It is so great to hear your husband has been able to wean off his anti-depressants. This is a massive step in the right direction, and not easy to go through. There are so many better ways to resolve Depression (e.g. heal Leaky Gut), that do not have the horrible side-effects of anti-depressant medication, and also address other medical issues at the same time. Your husband might also want to ask his natural doctor about building in some gradually increased sunshine exposure [no burning], right away, to give him a much needed boost right now, while you are transitioning his treatment approach.

Also very glad to hear he was WEANED OFF the anti-depressant, under the care of a medical professional. No one should EVER go off anti-depressants cold-turkey, or without medical supervision - since this can trigger a horrific withdrawal reaction that no one would ever want to experience.

Overall, it sounds like you two are in the process of "turning the treatment truck around", and on your way to much safer and more effective treatment (healing the Leaky Gut being a major component). It's a huge job, but you've come a long way. Hang in there!

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LAJ12345in reply to ACAC

3 days ago

Thanks again, that is a very interesting article on corynebacterium. He has had a faeces sample taken, only the one. I wonder if the sample was contaminated when he collected it if it was on his skin. I didn’t know you could test the blood for it.

At the moment he is still feeling ill and weird so I will incorporate some of those dieback remedies to see if they help at all. He is on the second probiotic round so has has 2 rounds of the berberine and allicin and this is the second probiotic round. I am not sure that it is strong enough to kill the corynebacterium as it sounds like it is antibiotic resistant and the naturapath has not been able to find any reference to killing it in her reading. She is in another city so we have to communicate by email or Skype and she seems to have gone silent on us.

My husband is very resistant at the moment to further testing as part of his condition is anxiety which includes money so he worries about wasting money on tests. I don’t feel it is wasting money and if it is helping it is money well spent but I don’t think he will agree to redo the test.

Do you ever resort to normal pharmaceutical antibiotics when you het a resistant strain or do herbals work on these too? I can’t find anything on this particular one.

I will try and incorporate the complete scd diet. Should he carry on with the probiotics at the same time. I wonder if this far down the track a lot of die back may have occurred already. I know now what I should have done if I started from scratch, but is it too late to start at the beginning now?

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ACACin reply to LAJ12345

2 days ago

First off, big apologies to garlickgriffin - seems like we have hijacked your post! I wonder if we should be redirected elsewhere - e.g. start new thread on topic of Depression & Leaky Gut Connection?

LAJ, I'm sorry I don't know if my thoughts on this would be very helpful or not, because I have never had to research Corynebacterium amycolatum, and I don't know how reliable a stool test is for this bacteria. I wonder if someone with experience with this could chime in?

Just googling it though, if your husband does indeed have this infection (i.e. if it is not just a result of specimen contamination), it sounds like quite a serious infection that can involve the heart.

I completely empathise with your husband about the costs of testing. I think it is a very valid concern. When we were first starting out with "multi-system" illnesses in our Family, our doctors advised us to get MANY different tests. We ended up spending thousands of dollars. In the end, only a very few of those tests were extremely helpful to us in guiding recovery treatment (please see my post above).

However, being that there now is a question about your husband possibly having a serious bacterial infection, I don't think you mess around with that. If it were me, I would want to determine for certain weather or not I had this infection. I would book an appointment with a competent, local Medical Doctor, not a Naturopath, and bring in my test results. I am not a big fan of all kinds of testing, but in this case, if he or she suggested more testing to get to the bottom of this (couple rounds of blood cultures??), I would just do it so that I would know one way or the other what I am dealing with.

Here is one document I found about the infection:

As for treatment, if it was confirmed that I had the infection, I would do a ton of research on whether or not a daily, RAW, organic garlic protocol would kill this off (NOT garlic/allicin CAPSULES, which are often found to have very little potency). Daily, fresh Garlic kills a lot of things. If so, then I would discuss this garlic treatment with my doctor. If the doctor insisted that a particular antibiotic is shown to be much more effective, then I would take the antibiotic, followed up with Probiotics.

If it turned out I didn't actually have the infection, and it was just a case of specimen contamination, I would discuss with a competent, local Naturopath or Functional Medicine Doctor, temporarily stopping all of the anti-fungal treatment to give my body a break (i.e. see if symptoms settle down), and then restarting the whole anti-fungal/Gut Healing treatment following the SCD guidelines 100%, right from the beginning (i.e. starting with their "Intro Diet", and then building up through the "Stages" listed on This anti-fungal protocol has been tried and tested for decades (70 years?). Going right back to the beginning of the Protocol ensures the BEST CHANCE of getting that gut lining healed up. Then in a couple of years, redo the OAT test to see if Arabinose is down to normal range, which would indicate the Candida infection has been eradicated. Of course by then I would also have major symptom improvement on all kinds of levels!

Before even starting the SCD Protocol, it is best to learn everything you can about it (read "Breaking the Vicious Cycle", by Elaine Gottschall, scour, so that you know ahead of time, what pitfalls to watch out for, what symptoms indicate "adjustments needed", etc. before you embark on this extremely effective treatment. The good news is that the SCD Protocol is actually very straightforward, and very clearly laid out, step by step. For your family, the first stages of it wouldn't be that daunting because you have already made a lot of these shifts in your food preparation. For families new to all of this, it can seem very daunting at first, but take heart, once you've worked through the first few months of the Protocol, and have adjusted your grocery shopping and food prep habits, it all becomes more routine and not so overwhelming. It's just getting through those first few months.

One of the bonuses is that you no longer spend time and money in health food stores on boxes of "gluten free" stuff, because a lot of those preparations contain ingredients that feed yeast!

One thought that occurred to me yesterday: Is your husband dealing with Constipation issues right now? If so, that can seriously intensify die-off reaction when on anti-fungal treatment, since things get "backed up" in the body, rather than cleared out. Sometimes a cup of super strong coffee (organic) and several cups of gently warmed water, over a few hours, does the trick. With serious constipation issues, our Family follows Dr. Campbell-McBride's instructions for enema in her "Constipation" chapter in the book "Gut and Psychology Syndrome" (once you've done it once it's not so bad, and sure gives INSTANT relief!). We never use over the counter preparations because of how this can create "dependency".

I know it can be extremely overwhelming to go through a set back and uncertainty like this. At times like this, it can be so hard to see all the progress you've actually made with all your efforts in the past year. You two have come a long way in turning around your treatment approach!! Hang in there. You'll get through this set back, and then be on to the benefits of effective treatment with less side effects.

For me, when going through set backs like this, have to say, the thing that absolutely helped the most was remembering to put it in God's hands - then incredible breakthroughs started to happen.

Take care!

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