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First run of week 9 - struck down with tendonitis :(

Hi all - this is a bit of a long one so apologies in advance. I started C25K on new years eve and for the first 5 weeks was flying - loved it, was cracking through the weeks and then suddenly (straight after the 20 min run) my motivation seemed to waver... Suddenly it seemed like an effort to get two runs done in a week and some weeks only managed one or none... so rather than it taking just over two months it's taken over four months to get to week 9. Having read some of the comments on here I wondered if it was because I didn't want the programme to end? Or maybe just got lazy?!!

Anyway - I'd had some pain around my ankle and heel and hadnt run for two weeks but thought I'd push myself to get out today - bit of a disaster - pain flared up pretty quickly and had to stop after 15 minutes. On the plus side it spurred me on to visit the GP - but she's said it's tendonitis and i have to stop running.... I can't believe how upset I feel. She's given me some exercises to do and suggested ibuprofen gel to use but given strict instructions not to run on it until it's back to normal. And she's suggested swimming - pah! Hate swimming... Anyway feeling a little sorry for myself and just wanted to share. Any similar experiences or advice or peptalks very welcome :)

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:-( Sending healing thoughts your way. Hopefully, you can eventually come back to running. I know you must be so at a loss over the news. Gayle


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