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First run of Week 3

The rain down here Friday night/Saturday morning was absolutely torrential, I was woken several times by it hammering off the window. The ridiculous thing I find about this running lark is that instead of being annoyed at my kip being disturbed, all I could think of was my run being a sodden one. With that in mind I resolved to run with an umbrella as there's no way I'd be able to do 30 minutes soaked through. One of my Week 1 runs was in the rain but it was only a light drizzle and took the whole run to get wet, in this I'd be swimming before the warm up was done. I'd prefer the cold.

Anyway, as has become the norm on a Saturday, I didn't wait for the alarm and went out before 6.30. Although I feared the step up to running for three minutes, I went into it with a positive head on me and it went okay.


Laura eased me in gently (stop sniggering at the back, I'm sure she's not that kind of girl) and the 90 second run was grand, as was the first 3 minute run. So there I was, quite happy with myself and halfway through but trying not to get carried away. I was right too as although the following 90 was okay, the next 3 minuter did me up like a kipper.

Not all of it, just the bit after Laura told me I only had a minute to go. The Evil One struck again, just as I was considering giving her another chance, too. By feck lads, that minute seemed to last an eternity and were it not for her stern instructions to continue walking for the warm down, I swear I'd have dropped to my knees and praised the Lord!

And that from not so much a 'lapsed', as a completely abandoned and ran to feck away from, Catholic.

All in all though, I found it once again doable and think those who keep advising me on here that Laura only asks the reasonable have it right, it is fair comment. As I said last week, I now feel Week 3 is behind me as once I can do it the first time, I can do it again.

The rain? My timing was almost spot on as it only started to spit halfway through my warm down walk, then within seconds absolutely p*ssed down! I was delighted that after the session I was still able to break into a fast run for a minute to get in from it, a delight slightly taken back by the fact that it was all I could do to walk up the stairs after it! Ho hum.....

After a shower I went and checked out my local Parkrun, a really warm and friendly atmosphere and I think I know where to go once I've completed this thing, in fact I may even give it a lash before as I saw quite a few walking sections of it so don't feel any pressure to HAVE to run it all.

Oh and yes, I was joking about the brolly.

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Very funny! Keep going!


Great stuff, Fingalo! Good luck for the Park Run! :)


Beautiful, simply beautiful, Fingalo! How is it that that last minute always seems to be the one that could be the death of us???? :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



well done - did not read this to now after my first run of week 3 - I see what you mean about the second 3 minute run but hey - we did it! Park run ....go for it!


Cheers guys and well done Shaky.

I skipped a run this morning for the first time since I started, not my fault though, I didn't get up in time as I was the victim of an over zealous barman last night. Myself.

Ho hum, the alarm's set for 5.15 tomorrow instead.


It is the season of over zealous barmen - hope you enjoyed the lie in and the run will be even more enjoyable tomorrow!


Indeed. What's worse is I'm heading home for Christmas on Friday and will have to time my runs very well in order to avoid a repeat, what with it being illegal in Ireland not to drink every night of the week!


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