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Week 9... First run down.

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Wow... that 30 minute run last night was a BEAST. I decided to take a different course and ran up to the famous tourist spot Vondelpark here in Amsterdam. I always find my first KM tricky, but this one was really hard. I think maybe it was because of the heat or maybe because I had to constantly dodge tourists, but either way, I got there (and in fact, according to my watch, I did it at a 5'40" pace which is nearly a minute faster than my normal pace). Made it to the park and did almost a full lap of the park before breaking out and heading for home.

One thing I loved about this run was the number of other runners doing the same course... so many of them were going faster than me, but I took the opportunity to watch their form and see if I could learn a thing or two.

By this point, I was about 20 minutes into the run as I headed out of the park and I was absolutely dripping with sweat. Luckily, I spotted a water fountain so I stopped for about ten seconds, took a few sips and soaked my face to help me cool, then got back to it.

As usual, I kept running past the designated end time and managed to complete the full 5k in just over 32 minutes which was a new record for me!

I really want to hit 5km in 30 minutes but I don't think I'll get there before I graduate. Still - it'll give me something to work towards before I start pushing myself onwards to the 8k race I have booked for October!

2 more runs to go... graduation here I come! (I feel a couple of very early or very late runs coming up!)

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Wow you are fast, well done. I’m a tortoise to your hare only running a 13 minute mile. Congrats, and in this heat too.

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Deals1Graduate in reply to Agelesslass

hi. I'm pretty slow too. I got overtook today. But one of my mates posted something the other day which I liked.... slow miles better that no miles!! :-) keep at it

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Wow. You are doing so well. Especially in the heat.

Your new route sounds beautiful (from what I remember from my visit to Amsterdam) and you are super fast.

I’m in week 8 and running just over 8 mins per km - aiming to graduate and then to stretch the time to hit 5k and then to speed up 😂

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Awww thanks both. I don't feel fast. I think I always had it in my mind that C25K was about running the distance of 5km when it's actually "run for 30 minutes" so my brain is saying "you must run 5km in 30 minutes or you are a horrible failure" :D

Still... it gives me something to aim for!

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well done, yeah I'd say fast too. don't think I'll ever get to 5k in 30 mins!

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Warb81Graduate in reply to Deals1

You absolutely can - it's all in your head, just keep on trucking and you'll get there. Maybe next week, maybe next year but you can absolutely do this!

Well done!! Nearly there! 🎓👍

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Great stuff. My simple plan was to run on beyond 30 mins to get to 5Km. What I then found was that over time ( I guess as I got a bit fitter), I got a bit fitter and the times came down without really pushing it. Got there injury free! Tot Ziens in Nederland. btw did the Rotterdam Urban trail this year which was great fun. I have never run in LIbrary before!

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