Not quite running - I hope you'll forgive me that!

Some of you know that in just over 3 weeks I am doing a novice triathlon to raise money for a cause very close to my heart. It was this that started me on my C25K journey. When I signed up to the triathlon my main exercise was swimming and that was my strongest discipline. I have completely and utterly neglected it in favour of running - and the running is the discipline that worries me the least now! What a turnaround thanks to this amazing programme! Anyway, deciding I'd better do some swimming ahead of an Aquathon (swimming and running, no cycling) this Saturday that I want to use to get some experience. Guess what? I can no longer do front crawl! I know it's anxiety related but suddenly my breathing has totally gone to pot.

Then, whilst I was standing at the end of the pool cursing the children who were not supposed to be in the pool, I remembered something my 5 year old nephew said to me on Saturday. I was taking him swimming and on a previous swimming trip I'd been showing him where I'd been running. He suggested that I run to a village two villages away - which is never going to happen. Anyway, he asked me on Saturday if I'd managed to run to this village he'd suggested. I said no, that it was too far for me. He, in his innocent wisdom said "Auntie Becca, just try the hardest you can, to be the best you can be".

I gave up trying do front crawl after that and did 200m breastroke in just over 5 minutes. I'll just do the breastroke instead!


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21 Replies

  • You'll be fine. It will all come back.

  • Front crawl.... hum three blind mice whilst under water... it works!!! Three blind mice, turn and breathe...three blind mice, turn and breathe..! It really sorts the breathing!

    Sorry.. my swimming instructor taught me that.. it is brilliant... Okay running...well. after this... no problem!!! :) xxxx

  • I will try that! It's 100% anxiety that's causing it because aerobically I'm so much stronger because of the running........No more triathlons for me after this - I want to be a runner now!

  • My trainer taught it to me because I had a real panic thing going on with the crawl... it really does work... I can, quite literally swim doing the crawl for ages... as long as I hum... :) I do know exactly how you feel...!

  • ... and now, you think I am really loopy! :)

  • No more loopy than me because I'll be trying it out on Saturday! Anyway, what's wrong with loopy - better that than to take ourselves too seriously!!

  • I agree.. totally! You will do this ! I have run with I will swim alongside you too!

  • You have no idea how amazing you are Oldfloss. Thank you x

  • I am totally going to try this!

  • How many areas of expertise do you actually possess?, Running, swimming, English and I am sure many more... if we were to ask you how to construct a submarine, you'd give us words of wisdom. I am awestruck at your mentoring...

  • Jack of all trades, master of none, me!

  • So not true I forgot Serbian

  • But my Serbian is appalling! ja volim

    trčatim. I love running - it doesn't get much more complex than that!

  • Cheeky!!! :)

    I am just ordinary... I am a joy, is our language, literature and all it encompasses... and the everything else... ? Years of teaching... an insatiable curiosity about all things... an urge to be the best me, that I can be... and a love of people, life and this whole wonderful world :)

    Now.. about the submarine... :) x

  • Sounds like you've got a plan, Rebecca! Best of luck with it.

  • What a lovely nephew. Good luck, I'm sure you will be fine on the day.

  • Oh he is. He's a very special little boy. The same day he made the running comment he asked why I wasn't parking where mummy parks (mummy, my sister, is disabled so has a blue badge). I told him only special people used those spaces to which he said "but you're, special Auntie Becca, you're special to me". He makes me cry!

  • Aaaaww!!!

  • Blimey he sounds lovely and a mini Mahatma Gandhi growing up by your side. With his wise words, you'll crack the triathlon and front crawl, no probs at all. And no doubt you'll get a special nephew cuddle afterwards. Gorgeous

  • Jan, he is the light of my life. We have a lot of fun. Never really wanted my own kids and why would I when I have him?!!! He is adored by his teachers at school - especially his head teacher who says that every single day he gives her a smile and a "good morning" as he walks into school. He costs my sister and brother in law a fortune because he's so popular and gets invited to all the birthday parties. He is kind and funny, has these gorgeous big blue eyes and always says please and thank you. I love being an auntie!

  • He sounds absolutely amazing and aren't you lucky to have him in your life? These are the gifts of life that have true meaning and value. What a lovely little boy and let's be honest his auntie is a very nice lady too.

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